Cast for Once Upon a Wintertime

  • Joe as Emily
  • Jenny as Thomas
  • Rabbits as Lady and Olivia

Cast for Bumble Boogie

  • Bee as Emily

Cast for Little Toot

  • Little Toot as Rosie
  • Big Toot as Emily
  • Whitey as Old Slow Coach
  • Police Tugboats as Annie and Clarabel

Cast for Trees

  • Trees as Emily

Cast for Blame it the Samba

  • Donald Duck as Belle
  • Panchito as Elizabeth
  • The Aracun Bird as Henrietta

Cast for Pecos Bill

  • Pecos Bill as Emily
  • Sluefoot Sue as Thomas
  • Pecos Bill's Horse as Caroline
  • Bull Horse as Daisy
  • Vultures as Coaches

Cast for Live Actions

  • Ethel Smith as Herself
  • Roy Rogers as Himself
  • and more
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