• Captain Marvel as Mrs. Frizzle
  • Goose as Liz
  • Black Panther as Arnold
  • Hawkeye as Ralphie
  • Pepper Potts as Wanda
  • Storm as Keesha
  • Invisible Woman as Dorothy Ann
  • Spider-Man as Carlos
  • Falcon as Tim
  • Mary Jane as Phoebe
  • Shuri as Janet


  • The episodes "Works Out" and "Makes a Stink" have been cut.

Voice actors

  • Jennifer Hale as Captain Marvel
  • James C. Mathis III as Black Panther
  • John Reilly as Hawkeye
  • Anna Cummer as Pepper Potts
  • Iona Morris as Storm
  • Lori Alan as Invisible Woman
  • Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man
  • Deven Mack as Falcon
  • Sara Ballentine as Mary Jane
  • Daisy Lightfoot as Shuri
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