Marcie Emily Taylor Sweet
PublisherSmoking Cat Productions
First appearanceThe Belch Dimension Comics #6
Created byJonathan M. Sweet
Specieshuman female, from Earth
The Sweet family
PartnershipsDeWayne "Scragg" Scraggins, boyfriend

Marcie Sweet is a fictional woman in the Belch Dimension universe. She is the eldest of the Sweet family, and sister to Jonathan, Benjamin, and Timmy Sweet. She is most readily identifiable by her distinctive upswooped bangs and violet eyes.

Marcie is the only immediate member of the Sweet family lacking a real-life counterpart. She was created to be a "bridge" between the child/teen characters and the parents, who seldom appear and whose faces are unseen when they do. In an early story she was discovered, along with her sister Hazel, on a deserted island during one of the gang's adventures, and adopted into the family. This origin was retconned away before the series even officially began, making her a full-blooded sibling to Jon.

Fictional character biography

Her name was actually supposed to be "Emily Marie", but a tyopographical error on her birth certificate transposed her first and middle names, plus the loop in the i was poorly defined, looking like a lowercase c.

Marcie, 25, attended Jigaboo Junction County Community College for one semester.[1] Her dream is to one day sing professionally. She once tried out for a spot with The Replacements, mistakenly thinking it was the similarly-named alternative rock group.

She has been kidnapped three times in the series. Following the first incident, she sought psychotherapy. [2] Hiss Hole was responsible for the first two abductions, and the third was by aliens. That incident, however, has been written out of the time stream, and she seems to have no memories of it.

She has her own apartment a few miles from her parents' house, but frequently visits home. Often she spends the night in her old room, in the ground-floor bedroom facing the carport.

"Sometimes I find things in the upstairs toilet I had no idea could come from a human butt."
                                 --Marcie on her brothers' bathroom habits

She and Jon are close, as siblings go. Although she frequently takes him up on his poor personal habits and his unhygenic, ill-behaved dog, the two are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. It was Marcie who recommended her doctor when Jon was tormented with guilt over killing Hiss Hole; the Teen of Titanium had not been unaware his sister had been to see psychiatric help. Marcie has a boyfriend named Scragg, whom she seems to be exclusive with, though possibly not serious.

She takes a ladies' self-defense class, likely as precaution against her many abductions.[3]


  • Marcie's birthday may be in April, as she was given a diamond pin for her high-school graduation ("Zapped!") This would make her either an Ares or a Taurus.
  • Marcie requires glasses to read. ("Mystic Pizza")
  • Like her brother, she frequently wears the color yellow. This is partly an homage to her inspiration, April O'Neill of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who wore a form-fitting yellow jumpsuit.
  • Marcie used to be an irresponsible, hard-drinking party girl in college ("Mr. and Mrs. Sweet"), which may explain why she lasted there less than a year.


April v. Marcie

Model sheet poses of 1987 April and c. 1992 Marcie for comparison

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