For the Belch Dimension character, see Marcie. For the Peanuts character, see Marcie.


Marcie is a German pirate and the elder sister of Wolfram. She has tied blonde hair, a fake eyepatch, bright green eyes and pale skin. Marcie likes to wear green clothes. She is flat-chested and is tomboyish. Marcie loves to make fun of Pur because the latter is part Japanese and part catgirl.

Obviously, one can see that Marcie thinks all catgirls are strumpets (pirate slang for prostitute). She is just a normal human. She is one of the villians in L'espion Gitane.

Marcie is more fortunate than Pur in terms of family background. Marcie came from a long standing family of nobles while Pur's mother was a prostitute and her father a prince of a dying nobility. Although she rarely mentions her last name, it is the word 'Leucrota' which means 'Hyena sire Lion dam'.

If traced back carefully, Marcie and Pur are actually long lost cousins through their ancestors, who were cousins as well.

Her hideousness stems from her huge grin, a trait of all Leucrotas. She is the elder of two siblings, but smaller in build than her brother Wolfram.

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