Kinjada's List of working maps!

This is a list of currently working maps with OpenArena.
The majority of these maps are fully functional with exceptions only being some textures (mainly water and SOME entity textures like teleporter objects and such).

1. 17+ctf : The Even Longer Yard - 17+ctf.pk3

2. bal3dm2 : Golconda, by Stodeur - bal3dm2.pk3

3. bubctf1 : The Vast and Furious by ButterB - bubctf1.pk3

4. charon3dm10 : Inextremis, by Charon - map-charon3dm10.pk3

5. charon3dm11v2 : liquid carbon v2, by Charon - map-charon3dm11v2.pk3

6. coldwarctf : Cold War CTF by Sedric! - coldwarctf.pk3

7. cpm1a : Wicked by FXR|Jude (Decker Remix) - cpm1a.pk3

8. ik3dm2 : Twice The Tentacles - ik3dm2.pk3

9. jaxdm8 : Iron and Stone by Jax-Gator - jaxdm8.pk3

10. jaxdm10 : Dead of Winter by Jax-Gator - jaxdm10_jaxtourney3.pk3

11. lastarena : THE LAST ARENA, by Grudge - map-lastarena.pk3

12. q3diffdm2 : Enjoy the Silence, by diffuze - q3diffdm2.pk3

13. qfraggel3 : Swiss Cheese Trickster by q-Fraggel - qfraggel3.pk3

14. czest1dm : Monastery at Night by Czestmyr - czest1dm.pk3

You can get most of these maps from the following link:

Pez***Viper*** Quake 3

This is by far not a definitive list, but for those who are running servers this should help boost your map list a bit!

I will be testing more maps over the next few days/weeks so you can expect this list to grow considerably very soon.



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