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Kein Schnaps für Tamara

About This Wiki

The Kein Schnaps für Tamara mini wiki was a project of the Wawasee High School German class to learn how to work collaboratively with technology. Students voluntarily added information to this site. Although the book is in German, this site was written in English for several reasons:

  1. If you can read and understand the book, you don't need the information in English.
  2. We started this project at the end of the school year. Doing the same project in German would have required a lot more time than we had left.
  3. My goal was to have them focus on learning this technology and not on the German.

If you are reading Kein Schnaps für Tamara enjoy our project. Hopefully it will help you understand the book better.

Kein Schnaps für Tamara is originally a German novella written by Hansjörg Martin in 1966. The abridged version discussed in this site has become a popular reader for students learning German. It has a more comprehensible vocabulary and fewer details than Martin's original story.


The main character in the story is Hans Obuch, a business man who can't close a deal with the owner of the Schnaps factory in the small city of Endwarden. On the train ride home Obuch finds a dead woman whom he's seen before but can't remember where. This takes place in chapter one. The rest of the book deals with Hans Obuch sticking his nose into the lives of the people in Endwarden to find out what happened to the dead woman. Read more about the plot in the Kein Schnaps chapter summaries.


The characters in the book include:



Anybody feel like testing their own knowledge on this book? If so, here are some questions about the story!