Joshua Lee Cline
PublisherSmoking Cat Productions
First appearanceThe Belch Dimension Comics #1
Created by
Specieshuman, from Earth
The Treehouse Warriors, The Trio of Trouble
AbilitiesNear-genius skills in engineering, chemistry, and mechanics

Joshua Cline is a fictional character in Smoking Cat Productions' Belch Dimension comic books. Josh is a student at Carbuncle High School in Jigaboo Junction. He is Jonathan Sweet's best friend and right-hand man, and co-founder of the Treehouse Warriors along with him and Angela. A self-taught 15-year-old mechanical whiz, he builds all the weapons, devices, and battle vehicles the team uses.

Fictional character biography

Josh and Jon have known each other since early childhood. They first met the day Josh moved into the neighborhood, three houses up the street from Jon. The first Belch Dimension trade paperback Secrets of a Teeenage Superhero gives Josh's address as 419 Dutch Street. The Warriors' headquarters, the scene of many pivotal events in the series--including Jon getting his powers from an explosion of chemicals--is located in a heavily-fortified tree in Josh's yard.

Josh builds an array of devices for the team, often from little more than junk and spare parts, which fuction with varying degrees of success. Though most of Josh's inventions work fairly well, some have outright backfired, malfunctioned, or exploded due to misuse, errors, or defects. However, his mechanical skills are much-respected and frequently called upon by the other members of the team.

He serves as the straightman in the Trio of Trouble stories and in the "Joshua Cline's Experiment File" shorts, where one of his malfunctioning gadgets often sets up a joke at Ben's expense.

Josh is the elder brother of Billy and the cousin of Jason T. Gibbon. No other family has been seen in the series, though Josh and Billy's mother has been mentioned in passing.

During a mission to New Flung, Josh became separated from the rest of the team and was shot down while attempting to escape an elite royal guard known as the "peace enforcers" in a stolen cruiser. Left for dead in a abandoned section of the city populated only by scavenging desert-dwellers, he was taken in by them and nursed back to health. Over the next few months he lived in the rebels' village, helping the mostly-elderly population to do chores, farm the unforgiving soil, and make repairs. He also fell in love with the leader's daughter, Um-Blaigh Val'a-ri. Josh, while he enjoyed the slow quiet pace of the village, yearned for home, friends, and family; Valerie, the child of a soldier who had given his life for his world, understood. When Josh felt well enough to travel, he and Valerie made a perilous journey to the capital to face Lord Merdre. However, they learned upon arriving that the entire village had been wiped out when the river was redirected into the valley, and all the women, children, and aged of the settlement perished. However, the benevolent Pan-Li Smintheus--who had bonded with Marcie--intervened, offering a chance to set things right. Vala could have her family back, and Jon would have his sister alive and back home again; however, it would mean the couple could no longer be together, because he would have never come to New Flung. Josh, along with the others, was returned to Earth with no memories of the love he and Vala shared.


Josh is a loyal friend, if sometimes quick-tempered and rash in his dealings, and his mechanical genius is second-to-none, except perhaps Jon himself. Often the two will engage in long conversations punctuated with jargon, leading someone--usually Angela--to complain in annoyance that the two are incomprehensible. Josh is also slightly ethically questionable at times, such as being willing to use excessive force on suspects and even showing kleptomaniacal tendencies from time to time (such as stealing Ichabod P. Freely's pocketwatch).[1]

List of inventions

Another invention (mentioned but not seen) was a "battery-operated butt-wiper" that consisted of an electric motor, battery power source and a rotating shaft to hold the paper. He mentions they sell well in San Francisco "for some reason", and that he receives a royalty for each one sold.

Notable quotes and catchphrases

  • "Great fagots afire!"
  • "What now, fearless leader?"
  • "What's the plan, man?"
  • "This isn't a toy. ...Well, it was before I rebuilt it."
  • "So maybe I miscalculated a tiny bit."


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