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If you are 12 years old or less, forget about Second Life and grow up.
If you are 13 to 17 years old, don't even try this. Please go to Join Teen Second Life.
Please read first Join Second Life from Same IP Address, if there's a whole group trying to create an account.
Read and study this page. Prepare yourself, before attempting to create an account.
Email Address
A valid email address is required to activate your account. To prevent abuse and unauthorized use of Second Life, after a successful account creation, you will be sent an email allowing you to advance to step 2 Confirm Email Address.
I live in [Country]
Select your country of residence.
In order to provide a level of service that meet the needs of [Linden Lab] global customer base, you are asked to accurately provide your country location.
I was born [Month] [Day] [Year]
In order to make Second Life a safe and secure online environment enjoyable for all users over the age of 13, [Linden Lab requires] an accurate date of birth. By entering your date of birth, you are agreeing that you are 13 years of age or older. Linden Lab reserves all rights to vigorously pursue legal action against all persons who misrepresent personal information or are otherwise untruthful about their identity, and to suspend or cancel accounts registered with inaccurate or incomplete information.
See also
Age Verification
I am (Male) (Female)
Please select your (real life) gender.
Your real life gender does not determine the gender of your avatar. The gender of your avatar is initially determined by the default avatar you select in the registration process. Once you log in, you can change the gender of your avatar as often as you like. You can even have no gender at all, if you so desire, being a dragon, an alien, or a ball of light - in other words, you can [be] pretty much anything you can imagine.
Create a First Name
Length: 2–31 characters. Letters or numbers only. Case matters. More ...
Make a list of your choices for a first name.
You should choose something that is more along the lines of a name rather than a handle (Choosing First Names, Conklin, 2007, pp. 6-7).
You are also advised not to choose the same name as your real world email username, for privacy reasons. You should be advised to remember at all times that you will be chatting with strangers. You should be aware that putting any personal information into your avatar profile is viewable by other avatars.
You should choose a first name that does not resemble your email username so that it is harder for a stranger to find your "real name" based on your avatar name.
Select a Last Name
Choosing a last name may not be easy. You might be less than thrilled with the list provided. Although much has been said and written about it (see below), I wonder if anybody at Linden Lab knows what teens and non-English speakers really like for their avatars names.
If you don't see a last name that your avatar can live with, chose another first name. You might be given some different alternatives for a last name. Be quick about it and create you account in one full sweep. By the time you try again, that first name - last name combination, most likely will no longer be available.
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Registration FAQ
Registration Questions
How do names work in Second Life?
Can I create my own first name?
Do I have to choose a last name from the list provided?
Will I be able to change my name later?
Alternate Account
What's in a name?
How to choose a Second Life avatar name: 10 tips |
How Cool Is Your Avatar's Name?
'Second Life' to begin selling real names - second life last name statistics, e-mail alerts, research
Passwords must be between 6-16 characters long.
Your password can be anything you want, as long at it is between 6-16 characters in length. To optimize the security of your account, [it is recommended that you choose] a password that includes numbers, upper and lower case letters as well as non-alphanumeric characters.
Confirm Password
Please retype your password.
Choose a starting look
Don't worry. Pick the one you like the most, or, better yet, pick the one you dislike the least. Second Life gives you these crummy choices to discourage the riff-raff from joining. Second Life and Teen Second Life (if you are 13 to 17 years old) developed by Linden Research a.k.a. Linden Lab is not a charitable organization. The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. (What is Second Life?, 2008). You're bound to find something you really like once you are inworld. Read on.
More ... :
About Your Avatar
You will always be able to change the look of your avatar either by using the avatar customization tools in Second Life, or by making or buying the items you need to make your avatar unique.
You can change your clothes, your skin, your hair, your shape and even your gender. You might even choose to make your avatar something nonhuman such as a fish, a robot, or maybe even a potted flower. The only limit is your imagination.
Security Question
Please select a security question.
The security question is important in case you ever forget your Second Life name or password. [Linden Lab] will need to confirm your identity using the answer you provide in the Security Question field.
Security Answer
Your answer must be at least 4 characters long.
Verify you are not a robot
Enter the words provided by the CAPTCHA. Separate the words with a space.
Terms of Service
I have read and accept the Terms of Service Agreement.

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