Jetix/High School Musical is Pikachufreak's idea.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Troy Bolton (Sarah Natochenny)
  2. Fox McCloud as Ryan Evans (Yuri Lowenthal)
  3. Ikki Tenryou as Chad Danforth (Samantha Reynolds)
  4. Sakura Avalon as Gabriella Montez (Carly McKillip)
  5. Lucinda Rochester as Sharpay Evans (Tara Jayne)
  6. Carla Manson as Taylor McKessie (Philece Sampler)
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???


  1. Start of Something New
  2. Get'cha Head in the Game
  3. What I've Been Looking For
  4. Stick to the Status Quo
  5. When There Was Me and You
  6. Bop to the Top
  7. Breaking Free
  8. We're All in This Together
  9. I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  10. Get'cha Head in The Game
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