Jello Brain is a fictional supervillain in the Belch Dimension Comics universe. He is a member of the Cobra Clan, the primary adversaries of the Treehouse Warriors.


Artist Jonathan M. Sweet based the character's physical look and voice on Mantenna, a minor baddie from She-Ra, Princess of Power. Mantenna was more of a comic relief character (though in the mini-comics he appeared to be fairly competent and bright, if his talents were somewhat limited), with extendable eyes that could fire lasers. Jello Brain, however, lacks even this to distinguish him, hence his few appearances.


The diminutive mutant "Ears" first appeared in #3 of the series, "A Fair Fight", and that was his largest appearance. Even there he was not a major player. He is seen taking tickets to a ride, with a fishing hat pulled over part of his face as a disguise. Joshua Cline muses upon meeting the odd little man that he's heard "that peculiar stammer" before, but quickly dismisses it. Later, he is seen a couple of times standing next to Slobber Face and Noodle Nozzle during the climactic battle, though contributing nothing.

The character doesn't seem to have any useful skills and, thus, isn't used much--thus earning the nickname "the lost mutant". Scenes with Ears were included in the storyboards of "Dizzy Doctors", where he was to impersonate a surgeon called "DePinna", but they were edited out.

Physically Jello Brain/Ears rather resembles a wingless bat, with two-toed feet, large floppy ears and bright pink skin. He wears a mustard-colored sweatshirt and brown pants. The sobriquet "Jello Brain" is never used in the series, only on scripts and model sheets; it refers to his noticable distinctive whining stammer. He was never given a backstory or a real name in the series, but according to Sweet, it is "Ted Farr".


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