Jason Voorhees is the main fictional character from the Friday the 13th series of slasher films. A vicious serial killer and mass murderer, he has a presence in all of the films, even when he is not the killer. With his trademark hockey goalie mask and machete, he is arguably among the most recognizable villains from any slasher film. Throughout the series, Jason has never spoken aside from when he drowned as a child, and from occasional mumbles, grunts, and groans, and a few words in the eighth and ninth film of the series, the latter when he possessed another man's body. Jason is credited as having been created by Victor Miller, the screenwriter of the first Friday the 13th film, in spite of the fact that he barely appeared in that film and much controversy exists about his creation, with Ron Kurz and Tom Savini both arguing they deserve some of the credit. For his part, Miller has gone on record as saying he has avoided watching the sequel films and that he has great reservations about how Jason has been handled.

Character biography

Childhood and drowning

Little about Jason's life prior to his drowning at Camp Crystal Lake has been explored in the films. It is established that he was born June 13, 1946 to Pamela Voorhees. Most other details have been left untouched by the film series, the gaps filled in by the novelizations of the early films (particularly for Part 2). The canonical nature of these novels are unclear, but a few details have been incorporated into later films, such as Elias Voorhees being the name of Jason's father. Outside of the Jason Lives novelization, Elias has not been depicted in any media; his ties to Jason's back-story are left unclear in the series, although he was mentioned by name in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Jason's mental abilities and possible retardation have not been officially addressed, and have been depicted with conflicting evidence by both the films and outside sources. Jason's deformed look and hydrocephalic features are also unclear when taking other sources into consideration. The novelizations are explicit that Jason was born physically normal, having developed the deformation seen onscreen through a "regeneration ability" that manifested itself when he had been at the bottom of Crystal Lake. Adding to this is that Victor Miller has stated that Jason was originally conceived of as a normal child akin to the novelizations.

However a flash back of Jason drowning in the original film clearly shows a deformed head; this combined with his mother saying "Jason should have been watched, every minute, every second. He was-" and then pausing to add "he wasn't a very good swimmer" hints that Jason's mother was about to admit that Jason was retarded or her son before catching herself and correcting herself. It was Tom Savini who designed the deformed look seen in the film. Supporting this scenerio is the fact that in Jason Takes Manhattan Jason's visage appears frequently to one of the main characters, his appearance growing from normal to deformed with each appearance. Later films, specifically Jason X, have taken the concept of Jason possessing a regenerative ability. Despite this, there has yet to be anything surrounding Jason's drowning directly addressed in the film series. The closest thing that refutes the novels' explanation is in Freddy vs. Jason, the more recent of the films, in which a dream sequence from Jason's own mind depicts him as a young child at the camp with his characteristic deformities. However, the canonical importance of this perspective is left to debate.

The only established facts retained through the films' continuity are that Jason supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957, his body never found. This incident drives his mother to take revenge on those she feels were responsible. After the camp is closed due to the murder of two counselors she had killed, Mrs. Voorhees goes to great lengths to keep the camp from reopening. Her final attempt is a killing spree that ends with her own decapitation in the sole survivor's act of self-defense. It has also been said that the camp counselors were, instead of saving Jason from drowning, having sex, therefore causing Jason's mother to kill them. Although it was not explained that if Jason did survive the drowning and managed to become a full grown man (albeit with a warped mind), why he did not try and seek out his mother to inform her of his survival remains unexplained. Apparently, however, just as Pamela felt she needed to seek revenge for Jason's apparent death, Jason felt the need for revenge when he witnessed his mother's death from afar.


Based on the information given in the films, it's presumed that Jason acts out his first murder on Alice Hardy, the woman responsible for his mother's death just two months earlier. It's further suggested that soon after he retreats to the deserted grounds of Camp Crystal Lake and makes his home in a crudely built shack with his mother's severed head in his possession. It is not until five years later does Jason begin a seemingly unstoppable killing spree when two counselors in the adjacent training center sneak onto the closed off area. This event triggers Jason to leave the grounds to kill over thirty victims during the course of a few days as depicted in the second, third, and fourth films in the series. During his spree there are attempts to stop Jason by the few survivors, but none are entirely successful until a young Tommy Jarvis drives a machete deep into his skull and then repeatedly strikes him again and again. This evidently ends Jason's reign of terror, but the cost is Tommy's own mental health and he spends several years in various psychiatric hospitals. It is during this time that Jason has been buried. According to the Jason Lives novelization and screenplay, Jason's father intervened to keep his son from being cremated by paying for a proper burial.

Return from the grave

As made clear in A New Beginning, in which copycat killer Roy Burns assumes Jason's identity to exact revenge for the death of his son, Tommy Jarvis is still haunted years later by his encounter with Jason. Jason Lives begins with Tommy taking a friend to help him dig up and cremate Jason to make sure that he will not return. However, seeing Jason again stirs memories and Tommy, mirroring his mad attack at the climax of The Final Chapter, stabs the rotting corpse repeatedly with a metal rod. Soon the rod attracts lightning and the burst of electricity brings Jason back to life in a fashion modeled after Frankenstein. With a stronger and more invulnerable Jason roaming back to the Crystal Lake (renamed Forest Green as part of the town's efforts to distance itself from Crystal Lake's violent history), Tommy devises a plan. Luring him onto the middle of the lake, returning Jason to where he drowned, and chains him to the bottom of the lake. Tommy assumes Jason is "home" and is never seen in any of the subsequent films.

When The New Blood begins Jason's body remains chained in lake's waters some years later after the events of the previous film. His dormant body is resurrected again via the psychokinesis ability of a young woman who had accidentally killed her father with the same powers in the same lake. After using these powers once again she somehow uses her abilities to revive her father, who leaps out of the lake and pulls Jason back into the lake. Jason is brought back again at unspecified time later in the eighth film, Jason Takes Manhattan. Brought to life once more with electricity, he boards a cruise ship named Lazarus and kills several high school graduates on their way to New York, and continues to hunt the few survivors of the sunken ship onto the city's streets. In the climax of the film, Jason is caught up in a flood of toxic waste that is pumped in Manhattan's sewer system. The fate of Jason in this event remains debated as the only evidence of him when the waste clears is a young Jason, free of any deformities. As the film depicts one of the characters seeing flashes of Jason, it is possible that this is a mere psychic illusion and not a physical representation of Jason. The confusion of this ending is furthered by Jason Goes To Hell which begins with Jason already alive, never explaining how he escaped the waste in New York.

To Hell and clash with Freddy Krueger

Regardless of how he had survived and made his way back to Crystal Lake, the ninth film opens with Jason caught in the sights of the FBI. He is overpowered and quickly blown apart. It is established in the film that though Jason's body has been destroyed, his spirit lies in his untouched heart. It is this physical manifestation of his soul that passes from host-to-host in a quest to find another Voorhees, the only means by which he can be reincarnated into his familiar form; but a Voorhees also possesses the only power to destroy him. Once reborn through his sister's body, his niece takes up a special dagger empowered by her bloodline, and uses it against Jason, sending him to Hell. Afterwards his mask is on the ground when a clawed glove bursts out from the ground and drags it down.

When Freddy vs. Jason begins Jason is living out previous murders while in Hell. During this he is provoked by his mother to "wake up", which results in a physical resurrection. However, it turns out that Jason was brought back not by his mother, but by Freddy Krueger, the supernatural serial killer of the A Nightmare on Elm Street films who can manipulate dreams. Freddy's objective is to use Jason as a mere tool to kill the children of Springwood so they will be attributed to Krueger and thus produce enough fear to restore his powers. However, Jason turns out to be too much for Freddy to control and Freddy resorts to his renewed powers to bring Jason into his world. The battle ultimately spills out from the dream world into the real world. Though Lori Campbell tries to help Jason in defeating Freddy, both Jason and Freddy fall into the water and die; Jason from massive wounds and Freddy by Jason impaling him with Freddy's own arm before being beheaded by Lori with Jason's machete.

Jason is later seen leaving the lake with Freddy's severed head in tow. Because the head is seen winking, the nature of who won remains ambiguous.

The future

The tenth film establishes that in the relatively near-future, Jason is being held as a prisoner in the Crystal Lake Research Facility (presumably built on the site of what was once Camp Crystal Lake). After several failed attempts to execute Voorhees, it is decided that he shall be held in cryonic suspension. Jason briefly escapes when the military attempts to take him away (presumably for use as a weapon) but is eventually trapped in a freezing chamber. Over four hundred years later, after Earth has become uninhabitable and its populace relocated to "Earth Two", Jason is found, still frozen, by a ship populated by students and soldiers. After being brought on board, and assumed dead, he thaws and begins killing as usual until he is effectively stopped by an android who destroys large portions of his body. His remains are abandoned on a bed used to help regenerate tissue via nanotechnology. Using the metal around them, the nanotechnology helps to rebuild Jason with an armored body, providing him more strength and seeming invulnerability, this new Jason is referred to as "Über-Jason" in the credits of the movie. The remaining survivors of the ship exhaust every effort to hold him back and eventually escape, leaving Über-Jason on a doomed space vessel. Jason apparently survives the vacuum of space to attempt an attack on the rescue ship but is tackled into Earth Two's atmosphere by a surviving soldier in a space-suit.

Jason is shown then burning-up upon entering Earth Two's atmosphere, although his hockey mask at least is shown to have survived the crash, ending its descent at the bottom of a body of water. Jason's fate after this incident has so far only been addressed in comics and novels, which are not necessarily canon. However, even if he is alive (and in one piece) it will take some time for even Jason to recuperate (even based upon his argued "recuperating abilities").



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(EXO) • Dac Mac • Dacre Montgomery • Dahlia Sin • Dahyun (TWICE) • Daniel Mac • Daniel Nguyen • Dao Mac • Darienne Lake • Darlene Mac • Dave Grohl • David Harbour • David Ramirez • David Toropov • David Wong • Dax Exclamationpoint • Dean DeLeo • Dejah Murphy • Delta WorkDenali Foxx • Dennis Mac • Derrick BarryDetox IcuntDida Ritz • Dien Mac • Dilan Mac • Doan Mac • Don Nguyen • Dung Mac • Dustin Tran • Dusty Ray BottomsElena "Shing Ying" Shieh • Elijah Garcia • Elizabeth Smart • Elizabeth Soto • Elliott with 2 Ts • Elmer Nunez • Elsie Fisher • Elvis Dinh • Elyse Astorga • Emily Dang • Emily Kim • Emily Marshall • Eric Kretz • Eric Le • Eric RollinsEstuardo AlvizuresEureka O'Hara • Ezekiel Jasso • Farrah Le • Farrah Moan • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) • Finn Wolfhard • FordFrances DomondFrancesco TenaFrisbee Jenkins/Sasha BelleFujimoto (Fujiwara) • Gabby Gibson • Garrett DiBonaGia GunnGigi Goode • Gina DeJesus • Ginger MinjGottmikHaranishi/Cure Gorilla • Harold Le • Haruka FukuharaHaruka TomatsuHeidi N Closet • Helen Pham • Helen Saint • Hillary Huynh • Honey DavenportHoney Mahogany • Hong Nguyen • Iain Armitage • Ian Chen • India Ferrah • Irene (Red Velvet) • Iris Lanuza • Ivy Winters • J-Hope (BTS) • Jack Dylan Grazer • Jack Le • Jackie Cox • Jacob Tremblay • Jada Bocage • Jade JolieJade Sotomayor • Jaeden Martell • Jaida Essence HallJaidynn Diore FierceJan SportJasmine Masters • Javier Cervantes • Jayme Closs • Jaymes Mansfield • JD McCrary • Jeff Gutt • Jenna Ortega • Jennie (Blackpink) • Jeongyeon (TWICE) • Jeremy Ray Taylor • Jerry Cantrell • Jessica "Jessie" OgungbaderoJessica Wild • Jesus Trejo • Jiggly Caliente • Jihyo (TWICE) • Jimin (BTS) • Jin (BTS) • Jinkx Monsoon • Jisoo (Blackpink) • Joe Ford • Joe Keery • Joey Jay • John Walsh • Joseph Le • Josephine Truong • Joshua Chavarria • Joslyn Fox • Joy (Red Velvet) • Joycelyn MacJujubee (drag queen) • Julia Butters • Juliane Koepcke • Jungkook (BTS) • Justin Lam • Jyoti Amge • Kahanna MontreseKahmora Hall • Kai (EXO) • Kaleigh CroninKalorie Karbdashian-WilliamsKameron MichaelsKanako MiyamotoKandy HoKandy Muse • Katelyn Hua • Katherine Le • Katya Zamolodchikova • Kayla Truong • Keiko YoshidaKelly Mantle • Kelly Tran • Ken Bui • Kennedy DavenportKenny Yates • Kent Dang • Kenya MichaelsKevin "Buzz" Barrette • Kevin Kridlo • Khoa Nguyen • Kim Chi • Kimberly Villanueva • Kimora BlacKira YamaguchiKortney Sumner • Krist Novoselic • Kristyanna Phan • Kryz Reid • Kurea MasudaKyle Larrow • Kyle Nguyen • Laganja EstranjaLaila McQueen • Laila Shadabadi • LaLa Ri • Lance Le • Lashauwn BeyondLatrice Royale • Lay (EXO) • Lien Hua • Liliana Mumy • Lily Nguyen • Lineysha Sparx • Lisa (Blackpink) • Lizzo • Los Angeles Police Department • Luis Santos • Lynese Browder • Mac De • Madame LaQueer • Madonna • Magnolia CrawfordManila Luzon • Manuel • Mariah Paris Balenciaga • Marisol Munez • Markus Douglas • Marlene Cabrera • Marsai Martin • Martin KrattMatthew "Matt" GornsteinMax Malanaphy • Maxwell Jenkins • Maya Hawke • Maya MoralesMayhem MillerMayu KudouMayu Watanabe • Mckenna Grace • Mercedes Iman DiamondMichael "Mike" Hansen • Michelle Knight • Michelle Tran • Michelle Trieu • Mike Inez • mikeROCK247 • Milan (drag queen) • Miles Brown • Milk (drag queen) • Millicent Simmonds • Millie Bobby Brown • Mimi Imfurst • Mina (TWICE) • Minami HishidaMisaki TsuruyaMiss FameMiyu WatanabeMiz Cracker • Momo (TWICE) • Momoka SumitaniMonica Beverly HillzMonique HeartMonét X ChangeMorgan McMichaelsMrs. Kasha Davis • Mukithar Singh • Mystique Summers Madison • Nam Vu • Naomi Smalls • Natalia Dyer • Nathan Medel • National Health Service (NHS) • Nayeon (TWICE) • Naysha Lopez • Nicholas Gomez • Nick HenryNicky DollNicole Paige BrooksNina Bo'nina BrownNina FlowersNina West • Noah Schnapp • Noreen Raja • Oakes Fegley • Oliver Sanchez • Olivia Lux • Omar Valenzuela • Ongina (drag queen) • Pablo Velez, Jr.Pandora Boxx • Patrick Nguyen • Patrick Pöhl • Pearl LiaisonPenny TrationPeppermint (drag queen) • Peyton Elizabeth Lee • Phi Phi O'HaraPhoenix (drag queen) • Phuong Mac • Plastique Tiara • Priah Ferguson • Quang Huynh • Quang Le • Queen Elizabeth II • Ra'Jah Davenport O'HaraRachel ReddRaja GeminiRan Ishii • Randy Tieu • Ratchet55 • Raven (drag queen) • Ray MacMore • Raymond Swift • Raymund Baraquil • Rebecca Glasscock • Richard Nguyen • Rina Yamaguchi • RM (BTS) • Robbie Turner • Robert DeLeo • Rock M. Sakura • Rohan Chand • Ron Knight • Rosemary Trinh • Rosé (Blackpink) • Rosé (drag queen) • Roxxxy Andrews • Ruben Bernal Gonzalez • RuPaul • Russell Manalo • Sadie Sink • Samantha Franco • Sana (TWICE) • Sasha VelourScarlet Envy • Sean Kinney • Sehun (EXO) • Serena ChaCha • Seulgi (Red Velvet) • Shanara Castillo Bernal • Shangela Laquifa WadleyShannel (drag queen) • Sharon NeedlesShea CouleéSherry PieShuga Cain • Shyann Hoang • Silky Nutmeg Ganache • Simun Kutlesa • Skai Jackson • Soju (drag queen) • Soledad Roa • Son Ye-jin • Sonique (drag queen) • Sophia Lillis • Stacy Layne Matthews • Stephan Jenkins • Stephanie Zapata • Steven Le • Storm Reid • Suga (BTS) • Suho (EXO) • Symone (drag queen) • T-Boz • Tamisha ImanTammie Brown • Tammy Sam • Tara Strong • Tatianna (drag queen) • Taylor GarronTempest DuJourThe Princess (drag queen) • The Vixen (drag queen) • Thien Vo • Thien Vu • Thorgy Thor • Thu Thuy • Thuy Nguyen • Timothy Truong • Tina Burner • Tina Duong • Toa Harada • Toan Vu • Todrick Hall • Tommy Ngo • Tracy Chau • Tracy Le • Trinity K. BonetTrinity The TuckTrixie MattelTyra Sanchez • Tzuyu (TWICE) • United Nations • Uriel Carrera • Utica Queen • V (BTS) • Valentina (drag queen) • Vallene Tran • Vanessa Vanjie MateoVenus D-Lite • Victoria Lam • Victoria Parker • Victoria Vo • Vince Doan • Vincent Trinh • Violet Chachki • Viridiana Reyes • Vivacious (drag queen) • Vivienne Pinay • Vy Xuan Nguyen • Wendy (Red Velvet) • Wendy Wong • Widow Von'DuWillam Belli • William DuVall • Winona Ryder • Winston Le • Wyatt Oleff • Xiumin (EXO) • Yada Pak • Yara Sofia • Yeri (Red Velvet) • Yesmin Romero • Youka OgawaYuhua HamasakiYui YamashitaYuzuha OdaYvie OddlyZachary Rich • Zienna Crescini • Zoe Costello

State Man Heroes

AlaskaArizona/ArizonaYes DelawareNo's dadArizona/ArizonaYes DelawareNo's momArizona/Marcos Valentine/ArizonaYes DelawareNoArkansas/Henri/ArkansasComedian2012California/Miguel/NewSpainYes NewEnglandNoColoradoEvil Massachusetts/Simon/Evil MAComedian2012Georgia's dadGeorgia's momGeorgia/James StrawHawaiiIdahoIllinois/Louis/IllinoisFTW VirginiaFTLMaine/FerdinandoMassachusetts/MAComedian2012's dadMassachusetts/MAComedian2012's momMinnesota/PierreMontanaNevada's dadNew Hampshire/JohnNew MexicoTexasUtahWashington/MichaelWisconsin/JeanWyoming

Favorite Characters

$teezy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • 'Olu Mel18-Volt (WarioWare, Inc.) • 24K D.J.5-Volt (WarioWare, Inc.) • 80's B.B.80's Hog80s Bunny9-Volt (WarioWare, Inc.) • A.L.O.E. DroneAang (Avatar: The Last Airbender) • Aaron DavisAbbey BominableAbby (Cubix: Robots For Everyone) • Abby CadabbyAbu (Aladdin) • Accord (Puyo Puyo) • Ace Fender BenderAdam AppleAdeleine (Kirby) • Adora/She-RaAdorabat (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart) • Adorbs (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Adrianne AppleAdrien Agreste/Cat NoirAdventurer CookieAeon/Uncanny ValleyAgatha (Dark Deception) • Agatha JonesAgent 00LAgent BabyAgent BlueAgent D the Duck (Phineas and Ferb) • Agent F the Frog (Phineas and Ferb) • Agent KittyAgent OlympiaAgent OonaAgent OtisAgent PurrAgent RedAgent XeroAgent YellowAggretsuko (Sanrio) • Agnes GruAgnes Johnson (The Loud House) • Aguri Madoka/Cure AceAhri (League of Legends) • Ai (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Ai (Puyo Puyo) • Ai HidakaAi MiyashitaAiko SenooAiko TakamoriAine YūkiAir ConditionerAira HaruneAira NanahoshiAiri AmemiyaAiri KiraraAiri SonodaAiri TotokiAisha (Winx Club) • Ajimi KikiAkali (League of Legends) • Akane Hino (The Idolmaster) • Akane Hino/Cure SunnyAkane MimoriAkane NonoharaAkari (Papa Louie) • Akari MizunashiAkari SakuraAkari ShiratoriAkari TaiyouAkari ŌzoraAkarun (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Aki MomoiAki TachiishiAki YamatoAkiza IzinskiAko SaotomeAko Shirabe/Cure MuseAko UdagawaAkubī (Yes! PreCure 5) • Al FoilAlan PowersAlana Alarm ClockAlastor (Hazbin Hotel) • Albert (The Loud House) • Alberto (Papa Louie) • Alchemist CookieAlex (Puyo Puyo) • Alex (Totally Spies!) • Alex HeartAlex TigerAlexandra KurisuAlexandra OrnamentAlfred JonesAli Apple PieAlice (Alice in Wonderland) • Alice (Pop'n Music) • Alice CarolAlice Fruit SaladAlice in LalaloopsylandAlice PeperoncinoAlice Yotsuba/Cure RosettaAlicia CharlotteAliens/Little Green MenAlina GrayAlix Kubdel/BunnyxAllegra Leaps 'N' BoundsAlley CatAllie (Where's My Water?) • Allira AmethystAllister (Pokemon) • Ally (Puyo Puyo) • Alm (Miracle Tunes!) • Almond CookieAloalo (HappinessCharge PreCure!) • Aloe CookieAloe TailAlpha SoupALT (Pop'n Music) • Alt GrrrlAlto (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Alvin SevilleAlya Césaire/Rena Rouge/Rena FurtiveAlyssa (Webkinz) • Ama EbiAmalthea/The Last UnicornAmana OsakiAmanda Grape JellyAmanda O'NeillAmanda PandaAmane NishikiAmaya RaineAmaya/OwletteAmbear BowAmber AppleAmber Sugar CookieAmehiko KuzunohaAmethyst (Steven Universe) • Ami (True Tail) • Ami AvocadoAmi FutamiAmi Gido/Blue PrincessAmi Mizuno/Sailor MercuryAmi OnukiAmigo BurritoAmigo/Phantomi QueenAmitie (Puyo Puyo) • Amity BlightAmu HinamoriAmy RoseAmy WongAn YuAna (WarioWare, Inc.) • Anabella (Doki) • Anais WattersonAnanas Dragon CookieAnastasia (The Idolmaster) • Ancient MeowAndre AvalancheAndrew HanbridgeAndroid 18Andy Baker/FuryAndy BandyAndy CandyAndy DavisAngel (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Angel BubbleAngel Cake (Num Noms) • Angel Cake (Shopkins) • Angel CookieAngel DustAngel FoodieAngel LightstickAngel WingsAngela (Jewelpet) • Angela (Oh Yeah! Cartoons) • Angelique StarAnger (Inside Out) • Angie Ankle BootAngie AppleAngie YonagaAngles (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Angry OnionAnji MitoAnju ShiratoriAnju YukiAnko (Sanrio) • Ann FukuharaAnn Kurimu/AnnAnna (Frozen) • Anna (Yogurting) • Anna AkagiAnna Canada HeelsAnna Double ScoopsAnna Mel CookiesAnna MochizukiAnna PajamasAnnaBelle MooosheAnne ActionAnne BoonchuyAnnie AppleAnnie HamiltonAnnie OrangeAnnie OrnamentAnnie RingtailAnthony WiggleAntique BookmarkAnzu FutabaAo KasaneAoi ArisugawaAoi AsahinaAoi KiriyaAoi Tategami/Cure GelatoAomimiusa (Sugarbunnies) • Aousa (Sugarbunnies) • Aphrodite (Suite PreCure) • Apple BlossomApple CookieApple IcyApple JackApple PieApple Pie AliceApple Pie RideApple PopApple RabbitApple Rock Light-UpApple Tart JellyApple WhiteApplejack (My Little Pony) • Applemobile (Shopkins) • April (Donald Duck) • April ApricotApril SunsplashAqua (Kingdom Hearts) • Aqua (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Aquarius (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Arabella (Shimmer and Shine) • Arakune/Lotte CarmineArchan (Puyo Puyo) • Ari HauntingtonAri JinAria FutabaAriel (The Little Mermaid) • Ariel Valtiel WestcottAries (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Arisa IchigayaArisa MatsudaArisa MizukoshiArisa NarumiArisa SakamotoArisu HanazonoArisu TachibanaArizona (Azur Lane) • Arizona (Them's Fightin' Herds) • Arizona GoofArizona RobbinsArle NadjaArmadylan (PJ Masks) • Arnold PerlsteinAroma (Go! Princess PreCure) • Aroma FluttersAroma KurosuArte FactArtemis (Sailor Moon) • Arthur AsparagusArthur Curry/AquamanArthur ReadArtichoke CookieArtie ChokeArturo SombreroArty Party HatAs If BabyAsahi KasumiAsahi MinamikawaAsahi MitakaAsahi MiuraAsahi SerizawaAsami HimuroAsbury RaspberryAsh (Sing) • Ash KetchumAsher (Hairdorables) • Ashley (WarioWare, Inc.) • Ashlynn EllaAspara-Gus (Shopkins) • Aspen FluffAsriel DreemurrAsselin BB IIAssistant (Tetris Plus) • Asuka NinomiyaAsuka Takizawa/Cure FlamingoAsumi Fuurin/Cure EarthAT&TAtsuko KagariAtsumi MunakataAubrey HeartAudrey (The Lorax) • Audrey SmithAudrey Strawberry MilkAuggie MatthewsAugustus GloopAunete/Cure OasisAunt ArcticAunt BlushAunt Ester EggAunt Wihelmina WaferAunt'e ClaireAuntie CornAuntie SepticAuriana (LoliRock) • Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) • Autumn CreamAutumn Spice (Lalaloopsy) • Autumn Spice (Num Noms) • Ava AppleAvery StylesAviva CorcovadoAvocado CookieAvocatapult (Cookie Run) • AWOL CrackerAxl LowAya HoshinoAya MaruyamaAyame HamaguchiAyame KajouAyami OoruriAyano KannagiAye AyeAyumi NaruseAyumi Sakagami/Cure EchoAyumi Tsukishiro/Q-pitAyumu MaihamaAyumu UeharaAzarashin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Azrael (BlazBlue) • Azuki (Sanrio) • Azukina (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Azusa MiuraAzusa NakanoB (Total Drama) • B'Anchor (Shopkins) • B-Day BeanB-Day BitesB-Day CandleB-Day DipB-Day Gummy Stamp-ItB-Day JellyB-Day LayersB-Day Meringue Gloss-UpB-Day NanerB-Day Polish-ItB-day SprinkledB-Day SprinklesB-Day TwinsB-Day WaffleB-Gurl (L.O.L. Surprise!) • B-Raz CloudB-Raz SquareB. Berry CloverB. Berry FlakeyB. Berry JellyB. Berry MallowB. Berry Polish-ItB. Berry PoofB. Berry SwirlsB. Gum PopB. Mine ValentineB. Nana SplitB. Razz BearB. Razz SweetsB. Razz-OB. Razzy Gloss-UpB. Razzy Polish-ItB. Razzy RoundsB.B. BabyB.B. BakeB.B. BearB.B. BopB.B. BunnyB.B. CreamB.B. KnotsB.B. PupB.B. ScoopsB.B. ShredsB.B. StickB.B. SurpriseB.B. TrioB.B. WheatB.B.O. (Num Noms) • B.L.T. (Num Noms) • B3-4R (Cookie Run) • Ba-Dum RayBabe in the WoodsBabette BaguetteBabo (Uglydolls) • Babs BunnyBaby 'MatoBaby BearBaby BlueberryBaby Bow ClipBaby BrownsBaby BrusselBaby BuggyBaby BulbBaby CabbageBaby CarrotBaby CatBaby Cotton BallBaby DaisyBaby DogBaby DotsBaby Dough BroBaby GrandBaby GummyBaby Lemon DropBaby LuigiBaby MapleBaby MarioBaby Next DoorBaby PeachBaby Pin FlynnBaby PodBaby PrankstaBaby PuffBaby RosalinaBaby Sparkle DropBaby SpotsBaby Sugar DropBaby SwipesBaby SyrupBaby ToothBabydoll (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Baci GelatiBackpacky (Cookie Run) • Bacon CookieBactery (Cookie Run) • Bad DogBad PepperBadgerclops (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart) • Badtz-Maru (Sanrio) • Bae WheelsBagel BeeperBagel BillyBah-nilla CurlBaiken (Guilty Gear) • Bailey Baseball GloveBailey BiscottiBailey BubblegumBaldi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) • Baley Sticks N. StrawsBallet CoupeBalletta SlippersBalletusa (Sugarbunnies) • Ballinda (Shopkins) • Ballora (Five Nights at Freddy's) • Balthazar CavendishBanana BooBanana BumperBanana CookieBanana CrumblesBanana Go-GoBanana Split TripBanana SplittyBang ShishigamiBangle B.B.Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie) • Bantamweight (Dragon Quest) • Barb B QueBarbara Gordon/BatgirlBarbara Keynes/KnightowlBarbara Minerva/CheetahBarbie Breakfast MuffinBarbie RobertsBarkk (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Barley LightfootBarney BunBarry (Num Noms) • Barry Allen/The FlashBarry DonutBarry SlushBart BeansBart SimpsonBashful (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) • Bashful Q.T.Basil of Baker StreetBat-CatBaymax (Big Hero 6) • Bayonetta (Bayonetta) • BB BatteryBBCute PringleBea (Pokemon) • Bea Spells-a-LotBeach BoiBeachly BasketBean Drop DuoBeanie MachineBear-Nana (Num Noms) • Beary BiscuitsBeary BowtieBeary ChocoBeary FluffyBeary HoneyBeary LouBeary Mint TwinsBeast BoyBeatnik BabeBeats (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Beauty BlossomBeauty FairestBeauty VanBebe GroovyBebe PepperoniBebé BonitaBecca BaconBecca BunnyBecky (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Becky BackpackBecky BalloonBecky BananaBecky Beauty BasketBecky Birthday CakeBecky Botsford/WordGirlBecky BuckaneerBeefy FrankBeepy BirthdayBeet CookieBeetster (Cookie Run) • Bek BackpackBel (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Belinda BlenderBell Pepper CookieBell RenjojiBella (Hairdorables) • Bella BasilBella BasketBella BlissBella BowBella BubblegumBella La BallBella MozzarellaBella ParkerBellafly (Shopkins) • Belldandy (Oh My Goddess!) • Belle (Beauty and the Beast) • Bellflower CookieBellinda (Shopkins) • Bellinda SweaterBello (Jelly Jamm) • Belly Curly TailBen HanscomBen HiggenbottomBender Bending RodriguezBendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine) • Bengal Tiger (Webkinz) • Benson (Regular Show) • Bentley RaccoonBerecca (Ninjala) • Beriberin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Berlioz (The Aristocats) • Bernard (The Rescuers) • Bernice BerryBerremy (Shopkins) • Berri CakesBerri D'lishBerribelle (Shopkins) • BerriBlu (Shopkins) • Berries N CremeBerry (Cinnamoroll) • Berry BakeBerry BellaBerry Berry SwirlBerry Big SisterBerry BlizzardBerry BlueBerry BreadBerry BreyersBerry Bunny SnapBerry Cake RollBerry CakesBerry CaneBerry CheesecakeBerry ChurroBerry Cookie Gloss-UpBerry Créme Gloss-UpBerry CubBerry Cute SnacksBerry DelightfulBerry DropBerry Fast CroissantBerry French ToastBerry FroyoBerry GlazedBerry Gloss-UpBerry Gum GumBerry Gummy Stamp-ItBerry Jars 'N' JamBerry Jelly RollBerry Lea LouisBerry Light-UpBerry Meringue Gloss-UpBerry Nice PancakesBerry O'TwinsBerry Polish-ItBerry PopBerry Pop TartBerry PuffsBerry PupBerry RoundsBerry ScoopBerry SherbetBerry Shirayuki/Mew BerryBerry ShiverBerry Shortcake ShakeBerry SlushieBerry SmoothBerry SmoothieBerry SquaresBerry Stamp-ItBerry SunBerry Sweet LollyBerry Sweet PancakesBerry SwirlsBerry TripletsBerry TubsBerry TwinsBerry TwirlBerry Vanilla Gloss-UpBerry WafflesBerry-O CatBerrylicious Gloss-UpBert (Mary Poppins) • Bert (Sesame Street) • Bert RaccoonBertha BathBessie BowlBessie BrushBessie HiggenbottomBessy BaseballBeth BunchesBethany BlueBethany BroccoliBetsy BubblegumBetsy ButterBetsy ButtercupBettina BagBetty B-DayBetty BaguetteBetty BearBetty BerryBetty BlowoutBetty BootBetty BouquetBetty BubblesBetty CassetteBev GilturtleBeverley HeelsBeverly MarshBhad GurlBhaddie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Bhaddie Bro/ChaosBhaddie MonkeyBia (Sea Princesses) • Bianca BananaBianca BengalBianca BerryBianca Boater HatBig BirdBig City B.B.Big Daddy LooBig PaulyBig Sis SammylBig ToppingBig WigBig-mouthed AvocadoBijou Treasure TroveBill CipherBill DenbroughBilly BananaBilly BandageBilly BellBing BongBinky BumperBird BrainBirdo (Mario) • Birdy Blossom CakeBirthday BernadetteBirthday BettyBirthday BlizzBirthday BunnyBirthday Cake CookieBirthday CakeyBirthday Polish-ItBirthday ShakeBitsy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Bitty PopBitzy BiscuitBlack Bean PattyBlack Cat (Webkinz) • Black Raspberry BreyersBlack StripeBlack TieBlackarachnia (Beast Wars: Transformers) • Blackbelt (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Blackberry CookieBlades (Transformers: Rescue Bots) • Blaire ÉclairBlake BelladonnaBlake Forest CakeBlanket FeatherbedBlanky (The Brave Little Toaster) • Blast (Club Penguin) • Blaze the CatBling QueenBling Unicorn RingBlingy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Blizzard BerryBlock Party B.B.Block Party BroBlock Party K.T.Blockey (Shopkins) • Blocky (Shopkins) • Blocky Ice CubeBlondie ChipBlondie LockesBloomicorn (Shopkins) • Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) • Blossom ApplesBlossom BearBlossom BerryBlossom BuggyBlossom FlowerpotBlow-Anne (Shopkins) • Blu (Rio) • Blu RazzyBlue (HappinessCharge PreCure!) • Blue BarryBlue C.C. ShredsBlue Cure (Bomber Girls Pretty Cure) • Blue DropBlue Knight Ozaki/Blue Knight BlueBlue Lip Gloss NomBlue Razz Gloss-UpBlue Razz Polish-ItBlue Razz PopBlue Razz Rock Light-UpBlue RazzbunnyBlue Razzy Gum DropBlue-Beary RainbowBluebell DewdropBlueberry Becca CrepeBlueberry CarrieBlueberry FreezeBlueberry Gem Light-UpBlueberry Gloss-UpBlueberry JellyBlueberry Light-UpBlueberry Mint SmoothieBlueberry OatsBlueberry PieBlueberry Pie CookieBlueberry Polish-ItBlueberry PopBlueberry Rock Light-UpBlueberry SquareBlueberry Stamp-ItBlueberry StarBlueberry Swirl Gloss-UpBlueberry WaffleBluegrass QueenBluey RoundsBlufadoodle (Webkinz) • Blush Pink PastryBlushing BabyBlushy BrushBo MonkeyBo PeepBoatswain AnchorBob Parr/Mr. IncredibleBob StoneBob the MinionBobby (Animaniacs) • Bobby (Inside Out) • Bobby Bubble GumBobby GogglesBobby SantiagoBobby SockBodi (Rock Dog) • Boho FeathersBold B.B.Bolly BanglesBomb (Angry Birds) • Bon BonBon Bon HamBon Bon MeowBonbon BirdyBonbonribbon (Sanrio) • Bondi Bathing BoxBone-adette (Shopkins) • Bonetta CupcakeBoni BonsaiBonita BasketBonita BurritoBonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's) • Bonnie (Toy Story) • Bonnie BananaBonnie BeretBonnie BlueberryBonnie Boom BoxBonnie BunBoo Hoo BandageBoo Scaredy CatBoo-Hoo OnionBooger (Webkinz) • Boogie BabeBoogie KittyBoomer (Papa Louie) • Boomerang BroBoost MobileBooster MunchapperBoot Scootin' SmoothieBop TopBoss BabyBoss PoochBoss QueenBoston MarketBotley (JumpStart) • Bottle PopBoulder (Transformers: Rescue Bots) • Bouncer (Club Penguin) • Bouncer Fluffy TailBow (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Bow Bah PeepBow Tie BottleBow Wow Q.T.Bowdie BearBowl O' BananasBowl-inda PopcornBowla FruitsBowser (Mario) • Bowser Jr.Boy Next DoorBoyfriend (Friday Night Funkin') • Brad CarbunkleBrain (Inspector Gadget) • Branch (Trolls) • Brandy BerryBrass KittyBraven (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Bread CrumbsBread HeadBreaky CrunchBreaky HeartBree Birthday CakeBree FreshnerBreeze E. SkyBrenda BananaBrenda BlenderBrenda BroochBrenda BrushBrian GriffinBriana Banana SmoothieBriana BiscuitBriar BeautyBrick (Total Drama) • Bridget (Guilty Gear) • Bridget BananaBridgette BagdotBridie (Shopkins) • Bridie BasilBrief (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) • Brimmy (Shopkins) • Brit (Hairdorables) • British BenBritney (Totally Spies!) • Britney BagBritney SparklesBrittany (Gnome Alone) • Brittany SevilleBrittlestar (Lalaloopsy) • Brittney BrownieBro CheerBro ChipBrock (Pokemon) • Broo (The Raccoons) • Brooke BubblesBrooklyn BlueBrown BalloonBruce Banner/HulkBruce Wayne/BatmanBrutus IronclawBryce (Shopkins) • Bryce Cookie SliceBryce Diced TomatoBryony BrushBu-Ling Huang/Mew PuddingBub-Lea (Shopkins) • Bubba BathbombBubba BubblesBubba BunBubble CloverBubble CrunchBubble CupcakeBubble DuchessBubble Gem Light-UpBubble Gum BlancheBubble Gum SweetheartBubble Gumdrop TwinsBubble GummyBubble Polish-ItBubble TubsBubble UnisBubblegum SlushyBubbleisha (Shopkins) • Bubbles (Angry Birds) • Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls) • Bubbles (Shopkins) • Bubbles Smack 'N' PopBubbles TwistBubblicious (Shopkins) • Bubbly BridgetteBubbly Drop Gloss-UpBubbly FoamBubbly Gloss-UpBubbly Go-GoBubbly JellyBubbly Light-UpBubbly MerinqueBubbly PopBubbly Pop (Num Noms: Mystery Sweet Treats) • Bubbly PuffsBubbly Snow Cone Light-UpBubbly Swirl Gloss-UpBubbly UnicornBubby BeepsBuchiusa (Sugarbunnies) • Buck DollarBucket O'BillBuddy (The Secret Life of Pets) • Buddy BoneBugs BunnyBuhdeuce (Breadwinners) • Bullet (BlazBlue) • Bullseye (Toy Story) • Bumblebee (Transformers) • Bumper BalloonsBumper PiñataBumpy BurgerBun Bun SlipperBun Bun Sticky IcingBun E.D.M.Bun-fetti (Num Noms) • Buncho BananasBundles Snuggle StuffBunilla WaferBunny 'ZaBunny (Kirakira Pretty Cure a la Mode) • Bunny (Toy Story) • Bunny BiscuitBunny BowBunny BunBunny CarrotBunny ChampBunny ChildrenBunny HunBunny Hun (L.O.L. Surprise! Pets) • Bunny in the WoodsBunny SammichBunny TartBunny WishesBurner ManBurr (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Burt HouseBurton (Ninjala) • Buruberiusa (Sugarbunnies) • Burun (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Buster BaxterBuster BunnyBuster MoonBusy B.B.Busy BlenderButter BobButter HotcakeButter Pretzel CookieButtercup (Powerpuff Girls) • Buttercup (Shopkins) • Buttercup PancakesButterscotch BridgetButterscotch BuddiesButterscotch Go-GoButtery Go-GoButton MushroomButtons (Animaniacs) • Buzz LightyearBuzz-Saw LouieByakuya TogamiBye Bye BoiByleth (Fire Emblem) • Bēreon (Yes! PreCure 5) • C.C CandyC.C Sugar GummyC.C. (Code Geass) • C.C. Bon Bon Gloss-UpC.C. CrunchC.C. FlandersC.C. FluffC.C. Gloss-UpC.C. MarbleC.C. NanerC.C. Polish-ItC.C. PuffsC.C. RainbowC.C. SlurpC.C. SpiralsC.C. SplitsC.C. StacksC.C. StarC.C. SugarC.C. TreatC.H.Z. (Num Noms) • C.Salt (Shopkins) • Caddy CutieCadence (Club Penguin) • Cadet (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cady HeronCafé CruzCaitlyn KetchupCake BearCake Dunk 'N' CrumbleCake PopCaketrina (Shopkins) • Calamity CoyoteCalamity LuxeCaleb CrustCaleb LightpawCali (PAW Patrol) • Cali RollCaline BustierCalista CakeCallie (Splatoon) • Callie TorresCalvin CupcakeCalvin JoynerCalvin the CatCam CameraCam CorderCameron (Total Drama) • Camila Corn ChipCamile Cream CookieCamilla Cat StandCamilla Hombee/VictoryCamp CutieCampfire CrunchCan Do BabyCan Do KittyCan-Can CroissantCancer (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Cancún CupcakeCandace FlynnCandi CoconutCandi CombiCandi CottonCandicake (Shopkins) • Candice CandleCandie CloudCandie PuffsCandle Slice O' CakeCandles a la CrèmeCandy AppleCandy BlueCandy BowlCandy BroomsticksCandy C. HornCandy CakesCandy Cane Swirl Gloss-UpCandy CatCandy ClopsCandy CookieCandy Corn SmoothieCandy Créme Gloss-UpCandy Drop Gloss-UpCandy Gummy Stamp-ItCandy Heart CarCandy HeartsCandy KarmaCandy KissesCandy O'CottonCandy ShredsCandy Sparkle SnowCandy SquaresCandy Stripe PopCandy SweetsCandy Waffle TwinsCandy WrapperCandy/Royale CandyCandylicious (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Canuck CocoaCape Riding HoodCappella CupcakeCappy (Mario) • Capricorn (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Captain B.B.Captain CoriCaptain FalconCaptain FeatherswordCaptain Ice CookieCaptain KittyCaptain Q.B.Captain ZoomCara CaramelCara Carrot CakeCara CookieCara CrunchCara Crystal PendantCara MellieCara-O-Mel (Num Noms) • Cara-Sparkles ToastyCaramel CreamCaramel CroissantCaramel LionCaramel ShredsCaramel SquareCaramel Stamp-ItCaramelly Go-GoCaramelly ShineCarat CakeCarats (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Carbuncle (Puyo Puyo) • Carissa (LoliRock) • Carl CloverCarl JohnsonCarl KarlCarl the MinionCarla ConeCarla CrimsonCarlo Coffee PotCarlos RamonCarly CakeCarly CupcakeCarmapple BearCarmel SauceCarmel ToppingCarmen Le CrèmeCarmen LindaCarmen SandiegoCarol Candy CaneCarol CookieCarol CrackerCarol Ferris/Star SapphireCarol KernelsCarol PingreyCarole CakeCarriage CruiserCarrie BackpackCarrie BagCarrie Carrot CakeCarrie CaseCarrie ClutchCarrie CornCarrie OkiCarrie WhiteCarrot Cake RabbitCarrot CookieCarrot Long EarsCarrotta CakeCasper CapCassandra (Friday Night Funkin') • Cassandra (Tangled) • Cassidy CameraCassie Caster SugarCassie ColaCassie LassiCastanets (Cookie Run) • Castaspella (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Cat (Kirakira Pretty Cure a la Mode) • Cat CrunchCaterina (Shopkins) • Caterina HatCaterina the KittyCaterpea (Cookie Run) • Caterpillar (Webkinz) • Catra (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Cedric Sidney SneerCeeCee (Hairdorables) • Celeste Rainbow DressCeleste Zest CakeCelestia LudenbergCelestial StarCelia Strawberry SpreadCelica Ayatsuki MercuryCelina CrepeCeline Cupcake ShoeCenter StageCereCere/Sailor CeresChae KyoungChai (Sanrio) • Chai (Shopkins) • Chandelia (Shopkins) • Chandler (Shopkins) • Chanko NabeshimaChantel ShoeChap-Elli (Shopkins) • Charizard (Pokemon) • Charles CornflakeCharli ChocblockCharlie (Hairdorables) • Charlie BurnsCharlie CharredCharlie CheeseCharlie ChocCharlie CreamiesCharlie Hot ChocCharlotte CharadesCharlotte ChocoCharlotte Heart CakeCharlotte MagneCharlotte ShadesCharmin' ChocolatesCharmmy KittyCharms Seven CaratCharmy BeeCharon (Jewelpet) • Charotte (Jewelpet) • Chase (PAW Patrol) • Chase (Transformers: Rescue Bots) • Chase CookieChatter (Shopkins) • Chaz (The Loud House) • Checkers (Lalaloopsy) • Cheddar (Shopkins) • Cheddar PringleChee ZeeCheeky BabeCheeky CherriesCheeky ChirpyCheeky ChocolateCheeky HedgehogCheer CaptainCheer-Rara (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cheery CherieCheery ChurroCheese (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cheese E. ChipCheese Grater GabriellaCheese KateCheese LouiseCheeseburger ChaserCheesecake CookieCheesey MacCheesy BubCheesy BurritoCheesy ChompCheesy ChristyCheesy Go-GoCheesy RiderCheesy TwinziesCheesy TwirlCheesy TwistCheetor (Beast Wars: Transformers) • Cheez ItCheezey BChef GazpachoChef HatchetCheffie BunChelsea CharmChelsea CheeseburgerChelsea CheezChelsea ChocoChelsea RobertsCher CandiedCheretzle (Num Noms) • Cheri Choc Chip BreadCheri ChocolateCheri CrispCheri Grape JuiceCherie CandyCherie GummyCherie Prim 'N' ProperCherie TomatoeCherry (Cinnamoroll) • Cherry (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cherry AnnCherry BerryCherry Blossom CookieCherry CakeCherry CheesecakeCherry ChillCherry ChipCherry ChocoCherry CloverCherry CookieCherry Crisp CrustCherry FreezieCherry Gem Light-UpCherry Gloss-UpCherry Go-GoCherry Gummy Light-UpCherry Gummy Stamp-ItCherry HamCherry HeartCherry Jelly Go-GoCherry Light-UpCherry Nice CupcakeCherry Polish-ItCherry Pop TartCherry RideCherry RoundsCherry ScoopCherry SlushyCherry TartCherry TripletsCherry Vanilla BreyersCherry Vanilla Gloss-UpCherry-Anne (Shopkins) • Cherry-Pie ChaserChester CheddarChester CheesecakeChet (Total Drama) • Chewy ChocoChiari TsukikageChibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon/Sailor CosmosChibimaru (Sanrio) • Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi MoonChica (Five Nights at Freddy's) • Chica ChicaChick-A-Dee (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Chicken BooChico (Puyo Puyo) • Chico AmigoChico ChilliChico PyramidChidi-Maru (Sanrio) • Chido ChillsChie SasakiChief O'HaraChief QuimbyChieri OgataChieri/Past Cure FloraChiffon (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Chiffon (Sanrio) • Chifi-Maru (Sanrio) • Chihana MasumiChiharu HiroeChihaya KisaragiChihiro FujisakiChika TakamiChikurun (Witchy PreCure!) • Chili Go-GoChili PeppaChili Pepper CookieChill (Club Penguin) • Chillax (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Chilli MommaChilli-anne Ice CreamChilly (Doc McStuffins) • Chilly (Shopkins) • Chilly ChocoChilly ShadesChilly The KidChino (Shopkins) • Chip (Beauty and the Beast) • Chip (Chip 'n' Dale) • Chip (Sanrio) • Chip ChocChip Gloss-UpChip/Light GaiaChipp ZanuffChipper ChocChipChippi (Sanrio) • Chiri TsukikawaChirp (Club Penguin) • Chisato ArashiChisato ShionChisato ShirasagiChise HatoriChitose KurosakiChiyo ShirayukiChiyoko SonodaChiyu Sawaizumi/Cure FontaineChiyu TamadeChiyuki KuwayamaChizuru NikaidoChloe (The Secret Life of Pets) • Chloe Clown ShoeChloe ColaChloe CombChloe Cupcake BagChloe CurdChloe FlowerChloé Bourgeois/Queen BeeChoc BudsChoc ChadChoc Chip RacerChoc ChipsChoc E. TubsChoc FrostChoc KissChoc Mint BreyersChoc Mint CharlieChoc N' ChipChoc PieChoc TopChoc-Cherry WheelsChoc-Kate SundaeChoc-O TwinsChocky BoxChocky CroissantChoco A La ModeChoco Banana CookieChoco BerryChoco ChipChoco Chip WaffleChoco Cookie Gloss-UpChoco CreamChoco CrepeChoco CroissantChoco DropChoco DunkChoco FortuneChoco GlazeChoco Go-GoChoco HeartChoco LavaChoco le ChouxChoco MushroomChoco NanaChoco NillaChoco S'Mores Gloss-UpChoco SprinklesChoco SquareChoco SwirlChoco Swirl CrepeChoco TacoChoco WaffleChoco WheatChoco Whirl SwirlChoco-Mint FroyoChoco-Razz Gloss-UpChocoberry PieChococat (Sanrio) • Chocolate Bonbon CookieChocolate Cake JakeChocolate MaChocolate RoxyChocolate TwinsChocolatey CocoaChopped CornChoppy (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Choromatsu (Mr. Osomatsu) • Chourou (Kirakira Pretty Cure a la Mode) • Chris (Oh Yeah! Cartoons) • Chris CornyChris KoronChris P CrackersChrissie Carol DressChrissy CreamChrissy PresentChrissy PuffsChristina CandyChristopher RobinChristy CandyChrom (Fire Emblem) • Chubby TomatoChucho Chilli SauceChuchu (Show by Rock!!) • Chuck (Angry Birds) • Chuck (Papa Louie) • Chucky ChipChucky ChunkChun-Li (Street Fighter) • Chunky ChocoChunpī (Yes! PreCure 5) • Churaffle (Num Noms) • Churro SparkleChypre (HeartCatch PreCure!) • Ciara CreamyCici ScienceCiel (Puyo Puyo) • Ciel Kirahoshi/Kirarin/Cure ParfaitCinder SlippersCinderella (Cinderella) • Cindy BonCindy CenterpieceCindy CerealCindy CinnamonCindy CitrusCindy GlowCindy PopsCindy SweetsCinna ChurroCinna CreamCinna SnapCinna ToastiesCinnamon BunnyCinnamon CindiCinnamon CookieCinnamon SallyCinnamoroll (Sanrio) • Cir-CUT (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Citrus Bean TwinsCitrus BerryCitrus BlizzardCitrus GlazedCitrus PopCity BoiCity SlickerCJ (JumpStart) • CJ CuddlesClaire ChairClaire CherryClaire StraightenerClaire ÉclairClanosuke (Miracle Tunes!) • Clara a la CrèmeClara CandyClara CluckClara CocoClarabelle CowClarice (Chip 'n' Dale) • Clarity Glitter GazerClark Kent/SupermanClassic KlondikeClaudia CakeClawdeen WolfClaws (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cleats (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Cleo Cookie CakeCleo de NileClicky MouseClint Barton/HawkeyeCloe (Bratz) • Cloud E. SkyCloud PelicanCloud StrifeClover (Papa Louie) • Clover (Totally Spies!) • Clover CookieClover CupcakeClown Fish (Webkinz) • Clutch (Shopkins) • Clyde McBrideCobalt (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Coby CombCocker Spaniel (Webkinz) • Coco (Mermaid Melody) • Coco AnnaCoco BearCoco Bun BunCoco CaliCoco CookieCoco CupcakeCoco CustardCoco GanacheCoco GlazeCoco HammyCoCo Knot TwinsCoco Le SipsCoco MintCoco NuttyCoco PupCoco SammichCoco SwirlCoco Toasty TwinsCoco Von SparkleCoco/Koji KokodaCocoa (Sugarbunnies) • Cocoa CookieCocoa MallowCocoa RollCocolette (Shopkins) • Coconut CarCoconut Cream CookieCoconut Q.T.Coconutta DonutCody BurnsCody CocoCoffee Berry CookieCoffee DripCoffret (HeartCatch PreCure!) • Cogsworth (Beauty and the Beast) • Coin ScaleCola Gloss-UpCola WalrusColleen CurlyCologne (HeartCatch PreCure!) • Color CakeColorful ClutchColorissa (Shopkins) • Comet (Hairdorables) • Comet StarlightComfy ChairComfy CushionCommissioner GoldstarConductor TrifleConed VineConey (Shopkins) • Confetti CarnivaleConfetti CookieConfetti JellyConfetti KittyConnie CashConnie Coin BagConnie ConfettiConnie ConsoleConnor (Cubix: Robots For Everyone) • Connor (Papa Louie) • Connor/CatboyConstable WhiskersConstance HatchawayConstanze Amalie von Braunschbank-AlbrechtsbergerCony BalloonCoo (Kirby) • Coo BirdCookie Cake RollCookie Cream BreyersCookie Dough BreyersCookie GlazeCookie MonsterCookie NutCookie S'moresCookie Sue FlayCookieAnn (Duffy and Friends) • Cookiedroid (Cookie Run) • Cookies 'n' CreamCool CatCool CubeCool LevCool Mint Polish-ItCool ScribblerCoolie CucumberCoolio (Shopkins) • Copper (The Fox and the Hound) • Cora CottonCoral CupcakeCoral Sea ShellsCoralee (Shopkins) • Coreen CroissantCorey CompactCorey Cookie BagCorey CupcakeCorinne CrackersCornelia Ice CreamCornelia PopcornCornell MustardCornie CheckersCorniella (Shopkins) • Corny BunnyCorny CobCorny ShredsCorocorokuririn (Sanrio) • Corrin (Fire Emblem) • Cory CustardCory MatthewsCosmic NovaCosmic QueenCosmic RiderCosmo (Sonic) • Cosmo (The Fairly OddParents) • Cosmo HojoCosmos GearCotton Candice DressCotton CandiedCotton Candy BirdCotton Candy CookieCotton Candy DonutCotton Candy EraserCotton Candy Gem Light-UpCotton Candy Gloss-UpCotton Candy JellyCotton Candy Polish-ItCotton Candy ShakeCotton CookieCotton Créme Gloss-UpCotton HoppalongCotton JellyCotton KittyCotton Kitty BeanCotton KnotsCotton Rock Light-UpCotton SquaresCotton Top CakeCottontail Q.T.Cottony CakesCottony CreamyCount von CountCountess (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Countess KeyiaCountry CowCountry CritterCoupe/Mysterious GuyCourage (Courage the Cowardly Dog) • Court ChampCourtney CakeCourtney CandyCourtney CarrotCousin CoolCowabelle CowolineCowardly KittyCozy BabeCozy BunnyCozy KittyCranky (Where's My Water?) • Crash BandicootCream Berry JellyCream E CookieCream E. CustardCream Puff CookieCream the RabbitCream Unicorn CookieCreamy BiscuitCreamy Bun-BunCreamy ClassicCreamy Cookie CupcakeCreamy CutieCreamy NanersCreamy PopCrepe SuzzaneCrescendo (Suite PreCure) • Crescent CrownCrimson (Shopkins) • Crispy ChipCroissant d'OrCroissant/Timekeeper CookieCronella DonutCrong (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Crown JulesCruella de VilCruisey CapCruisy CroissantCrumbs Sugar CookieCrumpet HeartsCrunch (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Crunch BandicootCrunchy CocoCrunchy CornCrunchy MunchCrying SaucerCrystal Blue (Crystal Wishes Journey) • Crystal BunnyCrystal DropCrystal Green (Crystal Wishes Journey) • Crystal LizaCrystal QuartzCrystal QueenCrystal Red (Crystal Wishes Journey) • Crystal SnowCrystal SnowflakeCrystal StarCrystal W. BerryCrystal WingsCuatro (Ferdinand) • Cucumber Gloss-UpCucumber Melon Gloss-UpCuddle CakeCuddles Snow BootCuervo BonitoCumquat (Shopkins) • Cupcake BubCupcake ChicCupcake CruiserCupcake CrumblesCupcake FashionistaCupcake MallowCupcake PetalCupcake PrincessCupcake QueenCupcake QueenieCuphead (Cuphead) • Cupicorn (Shopkins) • Cuppa CocoaCuppa Cocoa CarlCure Ange (HeartCatch PreCure!) • Cure ContinentalCure EarlCure Echo-lookalikeCure EmpressCure GonnaCure JungleCure KatyushaCure MagicianCure MatadorCure NileCure PantaloniCure PriestessCure ShellyCure Southern CrossCurious HammyCurious Q.T.Curls 'N' LocksCurly (Shopkins) • Curly FriesCustard Cookie IIICute BootCute Fruit JelloCutecumber SandwichCutie CarrotCutie ClutchCutie CompactCutie CottonCutie CreamCutie Crush CookieCutie CrustCutie O'sCutie PoopCutiecorn (Shopkins) • Cyan HijirikawaCyborg (Teen Titans) • Cyborg CookieCygnus HyogaCynthia CeleryCyrus CitrusD'lish DeliveryD'lish DonutD.J. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • D.J. BounceD.J. HammyD.J. K9D.J.K.T. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • D.W. ReadDa BossDa FreshDabyi (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Dachōn (Yes! PreCure 5) • Dad-tan (Flint the Time Detective) • Dadda DairyDaddy CakesDaddy CandyDaddy Choc BlockDaddy O'PopDaddy SweetsDaffy DuckDahlia (Angry Birds Stella) • Daigo KabutoDainty DoughDaisy (Aikatsu Stars!) • Daisy (Hairdorables) • Daisy (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Daisy (The Secret Life of Pets) • Daisy DoeDaisy DonutDaisy DuckDaisy PetalsDaisy the BunnyDaizzi (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Dakota (Total Drama) • Dale (Chip 'n' Dale) • Damian (Mean Girls) • Dan PancakeDana (The Loud House) • Dana BarrettDana Dance TrophyDana DonutDancebot (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Danger MouseDanica DressDaniella DressDanni DanishDanny PhantomDaphne BlakeDapper (Shopkins) • Darby (My Friends Tigger & Pooh) • Darci DiaryDaria DuckieDaring DivaDaring DoggieDark Cacao CookieDark Choco CookieDark Spirit HelmetDarkwing Duck/Drake MallardDarling (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Darling BrightsideDarling DropDaroach (Kirby) • Darth VaderDarwin (Club Penguin) • Darwin WattersonDash ParrDave (Inside Out) • Dave the MinionDavid ReadDawn (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dawn (Pokemon) • Dawn (Total Drama) • Dawn PoochDazzle 'N' GleamDazzle (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dean Gate/DoormanDear DanielDeath (Final Destination) • Death (Tarot card) • Debbie DragonDecaf (Shopkins) • Dee DeeDee LightfulDee-Dee (Dexter's Laboratory) • Deery-Lou (Sanrio) • Deidre (Shopkins) • Deimos (Sailor Moon) • Delish DestinyDella DuckDen DenDennis BallDennis BatDenzel CrockerDeputy PeckDerek BluntDeviled EggDewey DuckDex DangerousDHX MediaDi Mond RingDi MonteDia (Shugo Chara!) • Dia KurosawaDia NijinosakiDiamantè DriveDiamond DonutsDiamond TiaraDiamonty (Shopkins) • Diana (Sailor Moon) • Diana CavendishDiana DiamondDiana DressDiana Prince/Wonder WomanDib MembraneDiced DixieDiddy KongDiDi DiamondDigit (Cyberchase) • Dillon (Hairdorables) • Dinah the DachshundDinky DrinkDino EggDino-Sour CookieDio BrandoDip N DunkDip ShoestringsDippy AvocadoDippy DonutDippy Donut (Shopkins Family Mini Packs) • Dipsy RazzDisco DoggieDisco QueenDiscord (My Little Pony) • Discordeon (Cookie Run) • Discovery FamilyDisgust (Inside Out) • Dishy LiquidDiva (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Diva Designer BagDiva StripesDixie KongDizzy (Guilty Gear) • Dizzy DevilDJ (Total Drama) • DJ BeatsDJ CookieDo-Si-Dude (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Doc (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) • Doc GreeneDoc HudsonDodger (Oliver & Company) • Dodory (Suite PreCure) • Doggie StardustDoggy BowlDoh-Li LingDoki (character) • Doll-Hammy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Doll-Kitten (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dollface (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dollie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dollmatian (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dollop CottonwichDollop Light 'N' FluffyDollops (Shopkins) • Dolly DonutDolly Donut (Shopkins Season 5) • Dolores DressDonald (Thomas & Friends) • Donald DuckDonatina (Shopkins) • Donguri GaeruDonkey (Shrek) • Donkey KongDonna DonutDonnie DonutDonut D'luxeDonut DaddaDonut ExpressDonut Stamp-ItDonutella TreeDoom SlayerDopey (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) • Doraemon (Doraemon) • Doremi HarukazeDorothy AnnDorothy the DinosaurDorothy WestDory (Suite PreCure) • Dos (Ferdinand) • Dot (Club Penguin) • Dot (Scribble Hero) • Dot PolkaDot StarlightDot WarnerDottie CakesDottie DeMilDottie McStuffinsDotty Gale WindsDottyback (Lalaloopsy) • Double BubbleDouble ConeDouble TroubleDoug the DogDouglas (Thomas & Friends) • Downtown B.B.Downtown DollDowntown HopDr. CrygorDr. Daniel Caine/The OozeDr. FlugDr. FoxDr. HachisukaDr. Heinz DoofenshmirtzDr. NefarioDr. QuackDr. Reginald BushrootDr. Sara BellumDr. Wasabi CookieDraco CentaurosDraculaura (Monster High) • Drag RacerDragon (Puyo Puyo) • Dragon DragsterDragon FruitlingDragon ShiryuDragon's TailDream E. WishesDream GhostDreamcatcher (Cookie Run) • Dreamer (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dreamin' B.B.Dreamy DudeDreamy HopsDressica (Shopkins) • Dribble (WarioWare, Inc.) • Dribbles (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dribbles (Shopkins) • Drifter GiftDrip DropDrips (Shopkins) • Dru GruDry BonesDry-anne (Shopkins) • Duchess (The Aristocats) • Duck HuntDuck the Great Western EngineDuck/Princess TutuDucky (Toy Story) • Ducky (Where's My Water?) • Dudley PuppyDuffa (Shopkins) • Duffy the Disney BearDuke (The Secret Life of Pets) • Duke CaboomDuleena DuneedaDum Mee MeeDumbbell TwinsDumbo (Dumbo) • Duncan (Shopkins) • Duncan (Total Drama) • Dunk ShoestringsDurian IDusk (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Dusk (Scooby-Doo) • Dusk RavenDustin HendersonDusty CocoaDusty PanDwayne (Total Drama) • Dylan HornDyna MightE.D.M. ScratchE.D.M.B.B. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Earl Grey CookieEarring TwinsEartha (Mysticons) • Earthy B.B.Eau De SplattersEclipsa ButterflyEd (Ed, Edd n Eddy) • Eda MamaEdd (Ed, Edd n Eddy) • Edd (Eddsworld) • Eddie KaspbrakEddy (Ed, Edd n Eddy) • Eddy (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Edgar EggcupEdgar Valden/PainterEdie Von KeetEdith GruEdward (Camp Lazlo) • Edward ElricEdward Nigma/The RiddlerEdward the Blue EngineEerie AnglerfishEevee (Pokemon) • Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) • Egg CartEggbert TamagoEggchic (Shopkins) • Eggie EdEggnog CookieEggo WaffleEggspress VanEgon SpenglerEijiro KirishimaEinhart StratosEl (Shugo Chara!) • Elain-Bow ShoeEleanor (JumpStart) • Eleanor SevilleElectric BeatElectric CritterElectro LemonElena (Jewelpet) • Elena Amamiya/Cure SoleilElena ShimabaraEli AyaseElias (Panel de Pon) • Elias AinsworthElisa CeljskaElizabeth EarringElla EggoElla Powder PuffElla RainElla SparkleElla Tower CakeElla WeenElle (Puyo Puyo) • Elle CakeEllen MelonEllerina SlippersEllody (Total Drama) • Elly AlbumElmer FuddElmo (Sesame Street) • Elphelt ValentineElsa (Frozen) • Elza ForteEma HinataEma ShinjoEmber Flicker FlameEmber McLainEmerald BabeEmerald GoldenbraidEmerald GolemEmi NambaEmily (Arthur) • Emily (Hairdorables) • Emily (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Emily StewartEmily the Emerald EngineEmiru Aisaki/Cure MacherieEmma (Hairdorables) • Emma (Ninjala) • Emma (Total Drama) • Emma EggplantEmma EmeraldEmma RossEmma VerdeEmma WiggleEmmet BrickowskiEmo MoegiEnEn (Pretty Cure All Stars) • Energy ScaleEnglish RoseEntrapta (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Erena TodoEri AizawaEri MizutaniEric (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Erica EraserErica SinclairErika J.J.Erin EarringEris (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) • Ernest PenfoldErnie (Sesame Street) • Es (BlazBlue) • Espeon (Pokemon) • Espio the ChameleonEspresso CookieEss (Puyo Puyo) • Eternalun (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Etia ViscontiEungsim (Banzi's Secret Diary) • Eunice Unicorn DressEve KagayakiEve WakamiyaEvelynn (League of Legends) • Everest (Abominable) • Ex (Puyo Puyo) • Ezreal (League of Legends) • Fab FungiFabulous FrankFagin (Oliver & Company) • Fairy Cone CruiserFairy CrumbsFairy DaffodilFairy FernFairy Godmother (Cinderella) • Fairy LilacFairy TulipFairycake RacerFaith FeathersFaith FrostingFalala•A•Larm (PriPara) • Falco (Power Instinct) • Falco LombardiFalkner (Pokemon) • Fame QueenFami (Ojamajo Doremi) • Fan Boy/AtomicFancy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Fancy C.C.Fancy FascinatorFancy FeatherFancy Frost 'N' GlazeFancy Haute DogFancy PeepFanime (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Far OutFarkle MinkusFaruru (PriPara) • Fary (Suite PreCure) • Fast FlakesFast FriesFasta PastaFate TestarossaFauna (Sleeping Beauty) • Faust/Dr. BaldheadFear (Inside Out) • Feather Tell-a-TaleFeathers (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Fei FeiFei Wu/LadydragonFeli (Puyo Puyo) • Felicia (Darkstalkers) • Felicia FondueFelicia MitsukiFelicity FieldmouseFelonious GruFerb FletcherFerdie FieldmouseFern WaltersFerocious (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Festive B.B.Fi Fi FlourFico (Doki) • Fiddler PigFierce (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Fierce MeowFiesta FlanFievel MousekewitzFifer PigFifi (Beauty and The Beast) • Fifi Fruit TartFifi La FumeFifi Le'FluffFifi the PekeFig CookieFigaro (Pinocchio) • Figure 8Finn (Adventure Time) • Fiona Fairy SkirtFiona FeathersFiona FlipoverFiona FrenchyFiona FriesFire Spirit CookieFirecracker CookieFirecracker PopsicleFirestarter (Cookie Run) • Fish Flake JakeFishtix (Shopkins) • Fishurī (Yes! PreCure 5) • Fix-it Felix Jr.Fizzy FireworksFizzy SodaFizzy Soda (Shopkins World Vacation) • Flakey FrancesFlakey FridaFlamberge (Kirby) • Flame PrincessFlantasy BerryFlap JackieFlap JacquesFlappy (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Flappy CapFlare (Club Penguin) • Flare (Panel de Pon) • Flareon (Pokemon) • Flash CameraFlash SentryFlashy FashionstaFlat (Sanrio) • Flava AvaFleur FlourFleur MingoFlicker (Shopkins) • Flicker CandleFlicky (Flicky) • Flip (Little Nemo) • Flip Fairy SlipperFlippa FlopsFlipper BeanFlippy (Shopkins) • Flipside (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Flit (Club Penguin) • Flitter PurseFloppy (Shopkins) • Floppy HatFloppy SandalFlora (Sleeping Beauty) • Flora (Winx Club) • Flora (Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!) • Flora Floral BouquetFlora HoneyFlora KiwiFlossy DonutFlounder (The Little Mermaid) • Flower ChildFlower DoodleFlower KidFlower TortillaFlowercopter (Cookie Run) • Flubby (Ghostforce) • Fluff (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Fluff (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Fluff KnotsFluffington St. BernardFluffy BreadFluffy BrushyFluffy Buffy ShoesFluffy Buffy SneakerFluffy Cheese CatFluffy Pouncy PawsFluffy SlipperFluffy Snow BallFluffy SouffleFlushes (Shopkins) • Flutter CakeFlutter FrostingFluttershy (My Little Pony) • Flutterwings (Lalaloopsy) • Foghorn LeghornFoodini (Papa Louie) • Foop (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Ford PinesForest EvergreenForest Ranger DanForgotten StockingForky (Toy Story) • Forrest BlackForte (True Tail) • Fortune StellaFour (Battle for Dream Island) • Fox BeadFox McCloudFoxie (Shopkins) • Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's) • Foxy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Foxy FlyerFoxy LemonsFran Fruit HatFran PancakeFrances FluffFrancine FrenskyFrancis "Major" MonogramFrancis FrancFrancisca (Kirby) • Francisca FanFrancisco (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Francisco (The Loud House) • Frank (Inside Out) • Frank FurterFrank G. Castle/PunisherFrank GivingsFrankie (JumpStart) • Frankie GreeneFrankie SteinFranky (Club Penguin) • Frappe (Sanrio) • Freakazoid (Freakazoid!) • Fred (Big Hero 6) • Fred JonesFred RoverFreda FernFreda FrostingFreddy FazbearFreddy Fish 'n' ChipsFreddy Fried ChickenFreddy Fried RiceFreddy KruegerFrederica MiyamotoFreestyle (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Freezy BitesFreezy PeazyFrench Toast CoasterFrenchie CurlsFrenchie FriesFrenchy PerfumeFrenchy TowerFresh (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Fresh FelineFria FroyoFrieda FryFries Curls 'N' CrinklesFrilly KittyFrilly TutuFrogurt (Shopkins) • Fronk (WarioWare, Inc.) • Frost I.C. ConeFrost Queen CookieFrost T FridgeFrosta (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Frosted CaramelFrosted FlakesFrosted FlakeyFrosted Pink-AdeFrosty ChocoFrosty S. BerryFrosty Shaved IceFrosty UnicornFrozen Fran BananaFrozen YocartFruit DoeFruit LoopsyFruity SliceFruity StripFruity ZoomerFrusha SaladFrying VanFudgey (Shopkins) • Fudgey StripesFudgy SquareFuka ReventonFuka TachibanaFuka ToyokawaFumika MoriFumika SagisawaFun DrumFunk BunnyFunky KatFunky KongFunky Q.T.Furball PupFurrball (Tiny Toon Adventures) • Furry Grrs-a-LotFurry TreasureFuwa (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Fuwari MidorikazeFuwatorin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Fuyuko MayuzumiFuzzy FanFyre (L.O.L. Surprise!) • G (Kuu Kuu Harajuku) • G BillyGa Ga GourmetGaaruru (PriPara) • Gabby GamerGabby GrapeGabi (Doki) • Gabriel (Gabriel DropOut) • Gabriella GrapeGaby GoodyGadget HackwrenchGail GarlicGala Q.T.Galala•S•Leep (PriPara) • Galaxy PopGale ScalesGanta (Sanrio) • Gapugapū (Yes! PreCure 5) • Garcello (Friday Night Funkin') • Garlic RoseGarnet (Jewelpet) • Garnet (Steven Universe) • Garth BravebarkGary GumdropGary the Gadget GuyGaz MembraneGear Guy/TitaniumGelatoni (Duffy and Friends) • Gelton JohnGemicorn (Shopkins) • Gemini (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Gemma (Hairdorables) • Gemma BottleGemma StoneGemma Stone (Shopkins) • Genbu KuronoGene Le'CreamGeneral Alissa CyanGeneral Jujube CookieGeneral WarthogGenie (Aladdin) • Genie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Genie MachineGenshi (Flint the Time Detective) • Geoff (Total Drama) • George BeardGeorgia PeachGeorgie DenbroughGeorgito (Papa Louie) • Gerry (Total Drama) • Gertie RaccoonGerty Waffle CupGhost ButlerGhurty (Shopkins) • Gi-chan (Six Hearts Princess) • Giant NeoGidget (The Secret Life of Pets) • Giffany (Gravity Falls) • Giggle McDimplesGiggly Fruit DropsGigi GelatoGigi GiftGilberto GuitarGinger ClausGinger FredGinger-Bear (Num Noms) • GingerBrave (Cookie Run) • Gingerbread Go-GoGinka ShirokaneGino GelatiGinseng CookieGiovanna (Guilty Gear) • GIR (Invader Zim) • Girlfriend (Friday Night Funkin') • Giselle (Enchanted) • Gizmoduck/Fenton CrackshellGlaceon (Pokemon) • Gladstone GanderGlama LlamaGlamour QueenGlamstronaut (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Glasan (HappinessCharge PreCure!) • Glaze (Num Noms) • Glazed ConeGlenn Grape JuiceGlimmer (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Glimmer (Shopkins) • Glitch (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Glitter (Num Noms) • Glitter BerryGlitter GramsGlitter PoodleGlitter QueenGlitter Surprise Gloss-UpGlittery Berry Go-GoGloria (Pokemon) • Gloria GramsGlossie (Shopkins Happy Places) • Glossie (Shopkins) • Glow (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Glow GrrrlGo Go TomagoGo-Go BirdieGo-Go DonutGo-Go GurlGobble Gobblin' ChestGoblin CookieGodzilla (Godzilla) • Gogo DodoGold DropGolden B.B.Golden Cheese CookieGolden GleamGolden HarpGolden OxGolden RaisinGolden Retriever (Webkinz) • Goldie BowGoldie CakeGoldie FishbowlGoldie LuxeGoldie SyrupGoldie Wedding BandGoldlewis DickinsonGoo Goo EggGoo-Goo Mew-MewGoo-Goo QueenGoober (Webkinz) • Good Night GownGoodie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Goodie LuckGooey (Kirby) • Goofy (Mickey Mouse) • Googy (Shopkins) • Goomo (Jelly Jamm) • Goose (Captain Marvel) • Gopher (Winnie the Pooh) • Gordon (Sesame Street) • Gordon the Big EngineGoro (Badtz-Maru) • Gosalyn MallardGrace Baseball BatGrace GramsGrace Grape PopsicleGracie Birthday CakeGracie FeathersGracie GiftsGracie GrapeGracie Grape (Num Noms: Series 3 Lights) • Graham BurnsGraham GalsGran GrapefruitGran JamGrandma DuckGrape FreezieGrape Gem Light-UpGrape Gloss-UpGrape GoodyGrape GummyGrape JellyGrape Jelly Go-GoGrape Light-UpGrape Polish-ItGrape RocksGrape Soda PopGrape-O-Licious SlushieGrapefruit CookieGrapevine StripesGrapey JuicyGrapple Gloss-UpGrapy GretchenGrassy (Cookie Run) • Green Army MenGreen Cure (Wonderful Net Pretty Cure) • Greg (Hairdorables) • Greg (Papa Louie) • Greg WiggleGreg/GekkoGremmie (Papa Louie) • Grenade ManGreninja (Pokemon) • Greta SweaterGretta GumGretti SpaghettiGrey Arabian (Webkinz) • Grey O' BrienGrey Owl (Webkinz) • Grift (Shopkins) • Grim (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) • Grim GloomGrizz (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Grizzly (We Bare Bears) • Grizzly GrapeGroovy BabeGroovy GlassesGrover (Sesame Street) • Grr MajestyGrumpy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) • Grunge GrrrlGrunge SkunnnkGudetama (Sanrio) • Gumball GabbyGumball Go-CartGumball WattersonGumby (Gumby) • Gumi (Vocaloid) • Gummy Drop TwinsGunter (Sing) • Guppy (Aikatsu!) • Gureru (Pretty Cure All Stars) • Gus (Cinderella) • Gus GooseGus MustardGuttobatton (Yes! PreCure 5) • Gwen (Total Drama) • Gwen Stacy/Spider-WomanGyoniku (Sanrio) • Gyro GearlooseGōremun (Yes! PreCure 5) • Ha-chan/Kotoha Hanami/Cure FeliceHachette Book GroupHades: IzanamiHagumi KitazawaHagumi Nono/Hugtan/Cure TomorrowHagumu AzumiHai LanternHajime FujiwaraHajime HinataHakase (Nichijou) • Hakumen (BlazBlue) • Hal (Angry Birds) • Hal Jordan/Green LanternHal the DogHaley GalaxyHaley Hot DogHaley Sweet HeartHamm (Toy Story) • Hammer BroHammy BurgerHammy TideHamton J. PigHana MakihatayamaHana Nono/Cure YellHana-Maru (Sanrio) • Hanamaru KunikidaHanausa (Sugarbunnies) • Hanayo KoizumiHanazuki (Hanazuki: Full of Treasures) • Hand of LikerHandbag HarrietHangyodon (Sanrio) • Hank (Papa Louie) • Hannah FlanaHannah Hash BrownHannah HibiscusHanon HoshoHans AccordionHanta SeroHapinen (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Happy (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) • Happy B. SUVHappy Daisy CrownHariham HarryHarleen Quinzel/Harley QuinnHarlequin GirlHarley HeadphonesHarlow (Hairdorables) • Harmonin (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Harmony (Hairdorables) • Harmony (Shopkins) • Harmony B. SharpHarold McBrideHarold the HelicopterHarper FinchHarriet HairdryerHarry (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Harry HamsterballHarry HotdogHarry Warden/The MinerHartmann (Puyo Puyo) • Haru YuukiHaruhito SugiyamaHaruka AmamiHaruka Hani/Pink PrincessHaruka Haruno/Cure FloraHaruka KanadeHaruka Tenou/Sailor UranusHaruka☆Ruka (Aikatsu Stars!) • Haruna (Pretty Cure All Stars) • Haruna KamijoHaruna WakazatoHarvey HoneycombHat of SantaHatrod (Shopkins) • Hatsune MikuHattie HatHavana Blue CupcakeHayate HisakawaHayate YagamiHayato AkiyamaHayley HopsHazama (BlazBlue) • Hazelnut (Lalaloopsy) • Hazuki AranadaHazuki FujiwaraHBOHeadphone SloaneHeart (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Heart BarkerHeart BerryHeart BrakerHeart Candy MonkeyHeart LightsHeart-Berry CheckersHeartbreaker (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Heartly (Shopkins) • Hearts CookieHearty SpaghettiHeather HeartsHeather's fatherHeatwave (Transformers: Rescue Bots) • Heavenly FroyoHeavy (Team Fortress 2) • Hed (Puyo Puyo) • Hedgehug (Shopkins) • Heel (Shopkins) • Heelina FrostingHeels (Shopkins) • Heely (Shopkins) • Heidi HandbagHeidi Handbag (Shopkins World Vacation) • Heidi HibiscusHeimdall (Thor) • Helen HelmetHelen HugsHelen MelonHelen Parr/ElastigirlHello KittyHelmsman WillHelp-R (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Henri de la PossumHenri FromageHenri Wakamiya/Cure InfiniHenry the Green EngineHenry the OctopusHer Lil MajestyHer MajestyHerappun (Yes! PreCure 5) • Herb CookieHerb L. TeabagHerb PowellHerb TeapotHerbert (Shopkins) • Herman Zechariah StrollHermes ConradHermione GrangerHero (Dragon Quest) • Hero CookieHi (Shopkins) • Hibiki GanahaHibiki Hojo/Cure MelodyHibiki KohakuHibiki ShikyoinHibiki TenshōHibiki ToudouHidarin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Hidden HermitHideo AkunoHigh Tea HelenHighness HeelsHikari Kujou/Shiny LuminousHikari MinowaHikari ShiratoriHikaru Hoshina/Cure StarHikaru KirariHikaru NanjoHilary HiggenbottomHildy GloomHillary HarpHimalayan Cat (Webkinz) • Himari Arisugawa/Cure CustardHimari UeharaHimawari (Rilu Rilu Fairilu) • Hime ShiratoriHime Shirayuki/Cure PrincessHimena AikaHimiko YumenoHina ArakiHina HikawaHinaki ShinjōHinako KitaHinako NijikkiHinana IchikawaHinata (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Hinata AsakaHinata Hiramitsu/Cure SparkleHinata KinoshitaHiori KazanoHip Hip HamsterHiro HamadaHiro HayamiHiromi SekiHis Royal High-NeyHitagi SenjougaharaHokuto IjuuinHolidaze (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Hollie WoodHolly Brolly CupcakeHolly Cupcake OrnamentHolly De'ViousHolly HeartHolly SleighbellsHolly WreathHollyberry CookieHomare Kagayaki/Cure EtoileHomer SimpsonHomura AkemiHoneeey (Shopkins) • Honey BoiHoney BunHoney HeartsHoney Kisaragi/Cutie HoneyHoney LemonHoney Pot TopHoney PotsHoney SliceHoneycomb (Lalaloopsy) • Honeylicious (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Honker MuddlefootHonoka KosakaHonoka Yukishiro/Cure WhiteHoops D.O.G.G.Hoops MVPHootie CutieHop HeartHop HopHop Hop SprintsHop Pop PlantarHoppy SliceHops (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Hops Kit-TeaHopsalot (JumpStart) • Horace HorsecollarHordak (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Horned ConchHorpun (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Hoshikawa SeiraHoshirabon (Yes! PreCure 5) • Hot Apple PieHot ChocHot ChoccoHot Dog RollerHot DoggieHot Pot BucklerHot TotHotaru ShiragikuHotaru Tomoe/Sailor SaturnHotdog HotrodHottie ChocolateHours (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Howard McBrideHoward PowerboardHowla (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Howleen WolfHowler (PJ Masks) • Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) • Huey DuckHug 'n' Snug MittensHuggy FaceHula HipsHumble BumbleHummingmint (Sanrio) • Hummy (Suite PreCure) • Humphrey the BearHumpty DumplingHuntara (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Hurricane (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Hye InI-No (Guilty Gear) • Ian LightfootIC SandwichIce (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Ice (Shopkins) • Ice BarkerIce BearIce BirdIce Candy CookieIce Cream CupIce Cream DreamIce Cream Dream CarIce Cream KateIce Cream MachineIce Cream QueenIce Cream SammyIce Ice B.B.Ice Ice Boi BoiIce Ice HuskyIce Pop PeeweeIce RiderIce Sk8erIce-cream DreamIceman (Webkinz) • Ichigo HoshimiyaIchigo Momomiya/Mew IchigoIchika IchiharaIchika Usami/Cure WhipIchimatsu (Mr. Osomatsu) • Icy Berry Go-GoIcy Cool KidsIcy Peach Go-GoIcy Piña Go-GoIcy RollerIcy-Bowl (Shopkins) • Ida Icing BagIddybiddy DonutIggy KoopaIgor (Count Duckula) • Ika MusumeIke (Fire Emblem) • Ikkakun (Yes! PreCure 5) • Iku NakataniIkuto TsukiyomiIl (Shugo Chara!) • In SyncIna ReeIncineroar (Pokemon) • Independent DudeIndependent MeowIndependent QueenIndie Ice CreamInez (Cyberchase) • Infinity Queen/StarlingInfinity SilhouetteIngrid IronInkling (Splatoon) • Inktopus (Cookie Run) • Inori Yamabuki/Cure PineInspector GadgetInstabunny (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Instagold (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Inteligen (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Inuyasha (Inuyasha) • Ion Cookie RobotIona Hikawa/Cure FortuneIori MinaseIris (LoliRock) • Iris EyeshadowIris Icing SugarIrma Ice Cream CakeIroha TamakiIsabell (Shopkins) • Isabella Garcia ShapiroIsabella Ice CreamIsabelle (Animal Crossing) • Isadora Ice CreamIsla HibiscusIsuzu Bando/BebeliSweep (L.O.L. Surprise!) • It/Pennywise the Dancing ClownIto SuzunoItsuki HaruneItsuki Myoudouin/Cure SunshineItsuki TendoItty Bitty CandyIvan BruelIvory Ice CrystalsIvy (Papa Louie) • Ivysaur (Pokemon) • Izayoi (BlazBlue) • Izuku MidoriyaIzzy (Total Drama) • Izzy InviteIzzy IslandJ. Audubon WoodloreJacinda JuiceJack Russell Terrier (Webkinz) • Jack-Jack ParrJack-O' ValentineJackie (Cyberchase) • Jackie (The Loud House) • Jackie Lynn ThomasJade (Bratz) • Jade CatkinJade HunterJade SpadeJae EunJake (Adventure Time) • Jake (Angry Birds) • Jake LongJam KuradoberiJamberry (Lalaloopsy) • James (Papa Louie) • James P. SullivanJames the Red EngineJammin' (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Jammin' Berry Go-GoJammin' Razzy Go-GoJammy JamJan Jam-FilledJan PancakeJan-illa CremeJana Yarn BallJane (Ninjala) • Jane FosterJane FrameJane PorterJane ReadJanice (PriPara) • Janine MelnitzJanis IanJanna (League of Legends) • Jaq (Cinderella) • Jascenta (Shopkins) • Jasmine (Aladdin) • Jasmine (Total Drama) • Jasmine RiceJasmine TJasminka AntonenkoJason VoorheesJasper (Jewelpet) • Jax (Mortal Kombat) • Jay (Angry Birds • Jay (Puyo Puyo) • Jay (Total Drama) • Jazzy JamJazzy RazzwichJazzy RazzyJC Juicy PopJeanette SevilleJeanie BeanieJeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) • Jeff the KillerJeff WiggleJefferson DavisJellica (Shopkins) • Jellie BeanJelly BJelly Bean MachineJelly BunJelly JamJelly JellyfishJelly JoyrideJelly ScaleJelly SnakeJelly Wiggle JiggleJelly-A-Gogo (Shopkins) • Jellybean BuggyJellyco CubeJemima Cake TimerJemma JulesJen (Total Drama) • Jen JugJen YenJennel JaguarJenni Jelly SliceJenni LanternJennifer RayneJennifer Susan Walters/She-HulkJenny FoxworthJenny PennyJenny WakemanJeremy HopsJerry CherryJerry StrawberryJerry the MinionJersey JugJess JetJess Jet StampJessica Cruz/Green LanternJessica Jelly-FilledJessica Keynes/Sparrow/EagleJessica RabbitJessicake (Shopkins) • Jessie (Toy Story) • Jessie Dressing GownJessie PrescottJet Set Hop HopJet SetterJet-Set Q.T.JetBlueJett DawsonJewel (Rio) • Jewel E. CrownJewel SparklesJewelia GemJeweliana (Shopkins) • Jewlie/JewluluJiggly JellyJigglypuff (Pokemon) • Jilly JamJilly Jam RollJilly JellyJim (Angry Birds) • Jimmy (Ape Escape) • Jimmy FalconeJimmy TJimmy ZJin KisaragiJingle (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Jingle DeerJingle PurseJingles Gift BagJinx (League of Legends) • Jiro YamashitaJitter CritterJitterbug (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Jivin' KatJo (Total Drama) • Jo MitchellJoanie DonutJodie Glow SticksJodie Juice BoxJoe OkadaJohnny (Guilty Gear) • Johnny (Papa Louie) • Johnny (Sing) • Joker (DC Comics) • Joker (Persona) • Jolteon (Pokemon) • Jonathan ByersJonathan JoestarJoni SavageJordan (Inside Out) • Jose CariocaJourney (Hairdorables) • Joy (Inside Out) • JP Pop TartJr Prom PrincessJubilee (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Judge Dredd • Judgement (Tarot card) • Judy Fruit CakeJudy JugJudy JumperJuice TumblerJuicy DriverJuicy GummyJuicy OrangeJukebot (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Juleka Couffaine/Purple TigressJules (Shopkins Happy Places) • Jules (Shopkins) • Juli JoyfulJuli LisztJulia (Sesame Street) • Julia (The Idolmaster) • Julie (The Raccoons) • Julie HinikawaJulius the CatJun FuyumiJun HiiragiJune (Donald Duck) • June BalloonJune SeashoreJunior (Total Drama) • Junior Sleuth TedJunJun/Sailor JunoJunko KonnoJunna TokuraJunon (PriPara) • Juné AmouJupiter (Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls) • Juri KurebayashiJuri ObaJuri SaijoJustice (Helltaker) • Justice (Tarot card) • Jyushimatsu (Mr. Osomatsu) • K.L. CakeK1-B0 (Danganronpa) • Kaalki (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Kade BurnsKaede AkamatsuKaede AkinoKaede IchinoseKaede TakagakiKagami HiiragiKagami Tsurugi/RyukoKagamine LenKagamine RinKagari HinataKagome HigurashiKagome SatoriKagura MutsukiKaguya ShirayuriKaho KomiyaKahuna (Papa Louie) • Kai'Sa (League of Legends) • Kaila KeyboardKairi (Kingdom Hearts) • Kaito (Vocaloid) • Kakeru KogureKakeru OzoraKako TakafujiKali (Hairdorables) • Kalimba TikiKamaitan (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kana YabukiKanade Chidori/Purple PrincessKanade HayamiKanade Minamino/Cure RhythmKanagi IzumiKanako MimuraKaname AmamiyaKanan MatsuuraKanata KiraKanata KonoeKandy AppleKane SugarKanga (Winnie the Pooh) • Kanikama (Sanrio) • Kanikus (True Tail) • Kanon (PriPara) • Kanon HimenoKanon IchinoseKanon MatsubaraKanon MizushiroKanon NakagawaKanon ShibuyaKanon ToudouKansas K9Kansas Q.T.Kaori SakuramoriKaoru (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Kaoru KiryuuKaoru MakiKaoru RyuzakiKaoru SakurabaKaoru SetaKaoruko Hanasaki/Cure FlowerKappa RumbaKappei (Ninjala) • Kapuchinousa (Sugarbunnies) • Kara Danvers/SupergirlKaramatsu (Mr. Osomatsu) • Karbunkle (Biker Mice from Mars) • Karen (Mermaid Melody) • Karen (Time Bokan) • Karen AraragiKaren Beecher-Duncan/BumblebeeKaren BeverlyKaren CarrotKaren HanamuraKaren HojoKaren KamishiroKaren Minazuki/Cure AquaKaren ShinomiyaKarin AsakaKarin DomyojiKarin MisonoKarin ShijimiKarl (Where's My Water?) • Karl KiwiKarlee Candy JarKarma NicholsKasey CuisineKasha (Mysticons) • Kashimochī (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kasumi NakasuKasumi ToyamaKat (Gravity Rush) • Kat (Hairdorables) • Kat (WarioWare, Inc.) • Kat Jungle RoarKatara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) • Kate (Kit and Kate) • Kate ReadKatherine WhiskersKatie (The Secret Life of Pets) • Katie (Total Drama) • Katie ClaspKatie Ka-BoomKatie PopsKatie SkateboardKatrina KetchupKatty KatswellKaty KicksKaty PetalsKawaii GuyKawaii QueenKay CupcakeKaz (Shimmer and Shine) • Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) • Kazuki NishinaKazuki TsukumoKazuma YagamiKazumi SubaruKeen BunniesKeesha FranklinKei (Ape Escape) • Kei TsuzukiKeiichi HiiragiKeiko CupcakeKeith WayneKeke TangKelly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) • Kelly (Total Drama) • Kelly CalculatorKelly JellyKelly KernelsKelsey CompactKen (Street Fighter) • Ken CarsonKendra KiwiKenji BanKermit the FrogKerobah (Sanrio) • Kerojee (Sanrio) • Keroleen (Sanrio) • Keroma (Sanrio) • Keroppa (Sanrio) • Keroppe (Sanrio) • Keroppi (Sanrio) • Keroro (Keroro Gunso) • Keswick (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Ketchup CrinklesKetchup Go-GoKetchup To MeKetchup TotKevin (PJ Masks) • Kevin the MinionKey Lime IcyKey Lime JellyKey Lime RollKeys Sharps 'N' FlatsKhia BoardKia HartKiawe (Pokemon) • Kicks (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Kid (Kid Chameleon) • Kid KandyKida NedakhKiddie CrackerKiichi Furano/Slow Life YellowKiki (Fresh Beat Band of Spies) • Kiki (Little Twin Stars) • Kiki CoconutKiki CrèmeKiki KiwiKiki Lime PieKikimora (Puyo Puyo) • Kimberly CapKimmy CameraKine (Kirby) • King BeeKing BooKing Choco DropKing ConeKing DededeKing DoughnutsKing K. RoolKing MontblancKing TritonKingsley (Papa Louie) • Kingsley CrownKipper FlippaKiracCHU (Kiratto Pri☆Chan) • Kirara Amanogawa/Cure TwinkleKirara ApricotKirara HanazonoKirara HoshizukiKirari MoriKirari MoroboshiKirari TsukishimaKirby (Kirby) • Kirby (The Brave Little Toaster) • Kirika KureKiriko YukokuKirimichan. (Sanrio) • Kirio NekoyanagiKirstea (Shopkins) • Kirun (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Kiseki (Shugo Chara!) • Kisha (JumpStart) • Kissandra CapKisstina PolishKissy BooKissy CabKissy KicksKit (Kit and Kate) • Kit SprinklesKit StrawbzKitty (Uglydolls) • Kitty 500Kitty B. BraveKitty CatbedKitty CrispKitty CrumblesKitty FlatsKitty KKitty KatswellKitty KittyKitty PopsKitty QueenKitty S'MoresKitty SliceKitty WedgeKittydoll (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Kiwi BirdKiwi CookieKiwi CutieKiwi FreezieKiwi Gloss-UpKiwi JellyKiwi Light-UpKiwi Tiki WikiKlondike Mini'sKnight CookieKnuckles the EchidnaKoala (Webkinz) • Kogane TsukiokaKohana Aose/Lovepat BlueKoharu NanakuraKoito FukumaruKokekkon (Yes! PreCure 5) • Koki (Wild Kratts) • Kokichi OumaKokomi Sakurai/Phantomi HeartKokone Fuwa/Cure SpicyKokone KurisuKokonoe MercuryKokonut (Shopkins) • Kokoro MomoiKokoro TsurumakiKomachi Akimoto/Cure MintKomaki AsakoKome-Kome (Delicious Party Pretty Cure) • Komugiusa (Sugarbunnies) • Konata IzumiKonigirin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Konoe Ayatsuki MercuryKonomi BabaKooky CookieKoopa TroopaKora KiwiKoropan (Yes! PreCure 5) • Koroppi (Sanrio) • Koshino NatsukoKota HasegawaKotaro (The Loud House) • Kotaro TatsumiKotoha TanakaKotoko ImaiKotomi CupsKotori MinamiKotori NonoKotori OtonashiKouji MihamaKoume ShirasakaKoyoi TakaseKoyomi AraragiKozue YusaKris P LettuceKrisp P SprinklesKrispy KaitlynKrispy Treat TwinsKristina ApplesKristoff (Frozen) • Kristy KrispieKrunch KlondikeKrysta SplashKrystal BaileyKrystella SparkleKuchipatchi (Tamagotchi) • Kumachii (Phantomirage!) • Kumiho CookieKurara HananokojiKuriakuman (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kurionen (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kuro KiyosumiKuromi (Sanrio) • Kuroro (Go! Princess PreCure) • Kurousa (Sugarbunnies) • Kurujakun (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kurumi Mimino/Milk/Milky RoseKururun (Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure) • Kurāgen (Yes! PreCure 5) • Ky KiskeKyappī (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kyla Blow DryerKyla CrepeKyle (LoliRock) • Kyle (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Kylie ConeKyoichiro NarugamiKyoji TakajoKyoka JiroKyoko IgarashiKyoko KirigiriKyoko SakuraKyorosuke (Sanrio) • Kyosuke AoiKyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) • Kyurukon (Yes! PreCure 5) • Kyōko Umekōji/BeatKī SaegusaL.U.N.A. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • La La CupcakeLa'Lotion (Shopkins) • Laala ManakaLabra (Jewelpet) • Lace (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Lachy WiggleLacy CakeLacy LemonLady (Lady and the Tramp) • Lady ButterflyLady DivaLady LemonadeLady StillwaitingLady SugaretteLadyLion (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Lakitu (Mario) • Lala (Little Twin Stars) • Lala Hagoromo/Cure MilkyLala LipstickLalanyan (Magimajo Pures!) • Lamb DancerLambda-11 (BlazBlue) • Lambie (Doc McStuffins) • Lammy LamingtonLampy (The Brave Little Toaster) • Lana Banana BreadLana LampLana LanternLana LoudLana LuggageLana/Juice DrinKyunLance (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Lance SterlingLandry (Sanrio) • Lantern JellyfishLapis LazuliLaptop LimoLapTrap (The ClueFinders) • Lara CandelabraLarimar (Jewelpet) • Larry (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Larry CherryLarry DaleyLarry KoopaLarry LoafLars LederhosenLary (Suite PreCure) • Laser (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Latte (Healin' Good Pretty Cure) • Latte (Sanrio) • Latte CookieLatte CrispLauna MowerLaunchpad McQuackLaundry-Matt (Shopkins) • Laura FukuoujiLaura LashesLaura SakurabaLaura/Cure La MerLaurel De'ViousLaurie (Total Drama) • Lavender (Shopkins) • Lawrence LimburgerLe Skunk BebéLe' Monade Jelly RollLe'Quorice (Shopkins) • Leading BabyLeading ChimpLeafeon (Pokemon) • Leafwich (Cookie Run) • Leafy (Shopkins) • Leafy Cuddle 'N' ShyLeafy LuluLeah (Shimmer and Shine) • Leah KazunoLeah Lime CupcakeLeather (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Leather TeddyLee TeaLelouch vi BritanniaLemmy KoopaLemmy SliceLemon (Hairdorables) • Lemon CookieLemon Creme Polish-ItLemon Drop Gloss-UpLemon Gummy Stamp-ItLemon LimoLemon PopLemon Pop DropLemon PoppyLemon SliceLemon ZestLemona (Shopkins) • Lemonade FrostLemonade IcyLemons Pink FillLemony BearLemony BurstLemony ColaLemony CreamLemony DotsLemony GlazeLemony Go-GoLemony LimesLemony Polish-ItLemony PopLemres (Puyo Puyo) • Lena SabrewingLena TowerLeni LoudLenny LimeLeo (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Leo WhitefangLeon (The Idolmaster) • Leona Lemon TreeLeona WestLeonie FroyoLeopard (Webkinz) • Leshawna (Total Drama) • Lesley LettuceLeslie ClarkLeslie Willis/LivewireLi Li Bubble TeaLi ShangLiam (The Secret Life of Pets) • Libby Lolly JarLibra (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Licorice CookieLidelle (Puyo Puyo) • Lidia LoungeLifesaver (Cookie Run) • Light BrosLight HopeLight YagamiLightning McQueenLiiri (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Lil 80s B.B.Lil Agent 00LLil Agent BabyLil AngelLil As If BabyLil B.B. BopLil Babe in the WoodsLil Baby CatLil Baby Goo-GooLil Baby Next DoorLil BabydollLil Beatnik BabeLil BeatsLil Bebé BonitoLil BhaddieLil Big City B.B.Lil Black TieLil Bling QueenLil Bon BonLil Boogie BabeLil Boss QueenLil Boy Next DoorLil Bro CheerLil Caddy BoiLil Can Do BabyLil Captain BoiLil Center StageLil Cheeky BabeLil Cheer CaptainLil CherryLil Coconut Q.T.Lil Cosmic QueenLil CountessLil Court ChampLil Cozy BabeLil Crystal QueenLil Curious Q.T.Lil D.J.Lil Daring DivaLil DawnLil DivaLil DollfaceLil Downtown DollLil Drag RacerLil DuskLil FancyLil FanimeLil FierceLil FlossyLil Flower ChildLil FoxyLil FreshLil Funky Q.T.Lil GenieLil Glamour QueenLil GlamstronautLil Glitter QueenLil Go-Go GurlLil Goo-Goo QueenLil GoodieLil Grunge GrrrlLil HeartbreakerLil Honey BunLil Hoops MVPLil HopsLil Ice Sk8erLil Independent QueenLil InstagoldLil Jet Set Q.T.Lil JitterbugLil Jonny RottenLil Kansas Q.T.Lil Kawaii QueenLil KicksLil Kitty QueenLil Lamp MilkshakeLil Leading BabyLil Lenny LoafLil Lily LimeLil Line DancerLil LuxeLil M.C. SwagLil Madame QueenLil MajoretteLil MidnightLil Miss JiveLil Miss PunkLil Neon Q.T.Lil Oops BabyLil P.H.D.B.B.Lil Pharaoh BabeLil Pink BabyLil PinsLil Pop HeartLil PoshLil PrankstaLil PreciousLil PrimLil Punk BoiLil Punk GrrrlLil Purple QueenLil Queen BeeLil Racer BoiLil Rainbow RaverLil RedLil Rip TideLil RockerLil Roller Sk8erLil Royal High-NeyLil Sailor Q.T.Lil ScribblesLil ShapesLil Shimone QueenLil Short StopLil ShortyLil ShowbabyLil Sis SwingLil Sk8er BoiLil Sk8er GrrrlLil Sleeping B.B.Lil Sleepy BonesLil Snow AngelLil Snow BunnyLil Snuggle BabeLil SoftieLil Soul BabeLil SPF Q.T.Lil SpiceLil SpikeLil Splash QueenLil SplattersLil SprintsLil Stardust QueenLil Sugar QueenLil Suite PrincessLil Super B.B.Lil Surfer BabeLil Swag BoiLil ThrillaLil TinzLil TouchdownLil TreasureLil TroublemakerLil Twang DudeLil UnicornLil Vacay BabayLil WavesLil WingsLil Witchay BabayLil Yang Q.T.Lil Yin B.B.Lil' Berry TartLil' BlazeLil' Bliss RingLil' Boogy BoardLil' Chip Cookie SandwichLil' Donut HoleLil' GlobeLil' ItaliaLil' KyubeyLil' LeafLil' NuttyLil' PinchLil' SudsLil' UkuleleLil' Wedding DressLil'Smores (Shopkins) • Lilac CookieLilie ShiroganeLilith HendersonLillian (Jewelpet) • Lillie/Soda DrinKyunLilly LipstickLily (Shopkins) • Lily LemonyLily LettuceLily LoudLily VanillaLily-Strosek (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) • Lima (Shopkins) • Lime CookieLime CustardLime Polish-ItLimo-Queen (Shopkins) • Lina (Yin Yang Yo!) • Lina HitomiLina LoafLinaBell (Duffy and Friends) • Lincoln LoudLinda Layered CakeLinda LimeLinda LipstickLindy Lip BalmLine DancerLinebeck (The Legend of Zelda) • Ling LanternLink (The Legend of Zelda) • Lion (Kirakira Pretty Cure a la Mode) • Lion (Webkinz) • LionsgateLip (Panel de Pon) • Lip (Rilu Rilu Fairilu) • Lippie (Shopkins) • Lippo (Shopkins) • Lippy (Shopkins) • Lippy LipsLippy LuluLippy ZipsLipstick MammaLisa (Papa Louie) • Lisa ImaiLisa LemonLisa LitterLisa LoudLisa RaccoonLisa ShirakabaLisia (Pokemon) • Litchi Faye LingLittle Bah PeepLittle BeeperLittle Bow BellaLittle Choc BottleLittle GhostLittle MacLittle Pet CollarLittle SipperLittle TeapotLittleforestfellow (Sanrio) • Liv/MystLivia MedeirosLiz (The Magic School Bus) • Lizzie LasagnaLizzy Lace-upLizzy LaptopLobster CookieLoch Ness MonsterLog StubLogan (Hairdorables) • Loki LaufeysonLola BunnyLola GondolaLola LollipopLola LoudLola Roller BladeLolita PopsLolli PoppinsLollipop Soft TopLolly MommyLolz (Club Penguin) • LoneStar (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Longg (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Loni LoaferLoni LocketLonnie (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Loop (Club Penguin) • Loopy (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Lord DominatorLord StarchbottomLorelai LatticeLorenzo (Total Drama) • Lori LoudLoser (Battle for Dream Island) • Lotta BalloonsLotta BottleLotta PlumpLotte JanssonLotti (Shopkins) • Lottie Lolly JarLotus Dragon CookieLotus PolliwogLouie DuckLouis TullyLove (Kuu Kuu Harajuku) • Love Momozono/Cure PeachLove-Lee HandbagLovelitchi (Tamagotchi) • Lovelun (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Lovely Hearts TeapotLovely SweetsLovely Wings LipstickLovepyoko (Lovepatrina!) • Luan LoudLuau (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Luca (Angry Birds Stella) • Lucario (Pokemon) • Lucas (EarthBound) • Lucas FriarLucas SinclairLucia NanamiLucina (Fire Emblem) • Luck-o'-Lantern (Cookie Run) • Lucky BatLucky ChocoLucky Fortune CookieLucky Lil' BugLucky Lucy HorseshoeLucky LuxeLucky MallowLucy (Ninjala) • Lucy HeartfiliaLucy Juice BoxLucy LoudLucy SmoothieLucy WildeLudo AvariusLudwig Von DrakeLudwig Von KoopaLuea (Jewelpet) • Luigi (Mario) • Luigi LasagnaLuka Couffaine/ViperionLulu (League of Legends) • Lulu (WarioWare, Inc.) • Lulu Bamboo MacaronLulu LicoriceLulun (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Luluna (Kiratto Pri☆Chan) • Lum InvaderLuma (Mario) • Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast) • Lumiere/Cure LumiereLumpy (Happy Tree Friends) • Luna (Jewelpet) • Luna (Sailor Moon) • Luna (Scooby-Doo) • Luna GirlLuna LoudLuna TsukuyomiLux (League of Legends) • Lux (Shopkins) • Luxe (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Luz NocedaLydia (Uglydolls) • Lyn GweeniLyna (LoliRock) • Lynn Flight MealLynn LampLynn Loud Sr.Lynne SpringLê Chiến Kim/King MonkeyM. MallowM.C. HammyM.C. Hippity HopM.C. MeowM.C. N.Y.C.M.C. PoseM.C. SwagM.C.D.O.G.G. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Ma CrumbsMa Flushy BrushMa KettleMa PepperMaamu (Pretty Cure All Stars) • Mabel SyrupMable MarbleMac A RoniMac MintyMacadamia (Lalaloopsy) • Macameow (Num Noms) • Macaron CookieMacArthur (Total Drama) • Macayla Sailor CakeMacca RoonMacchiato (Sanrio) • Mackenzie Maple DonutMacy MacaronMacy MacaroniMadam RosaMadame BaguetteMadame PupMadame QueenMadame RazzMaddie MaskMaddy W. MelonMadeline MuffinMadelyn MacaronMadelyn MangoMadoka AmahaneMadoka HiguchiMadoka Kaguya/Cure SeleneMadoka KanameMaggie (Making Fiends) • Maggie (The Loud House) • Maggie MagicalMaggie MallowMaggie PeskyMaggie SimpsonMaggie WaggsMagic LampMagic SquishMagma StoneMagmabird (Cookie Run) • Magolor (Kirby) • Maguro SasakiMahiru KasumiMai AkaneMai HazukiMai Hitomi/AiMai KanzakiMai MinakamiMai Mishou/Cure Egret/Cure WindyMai SuMaika ChōnoMailpo (Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!) • Maira TsukishimaMaisy DaisyMaisy MooMaizey MealMajestic HeelsMajor LadyMajor SquirrelMajorette (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Maka AlbarnMakaella WishMakeover BabeMaki HarukawaMaki NishikinoMaki OzeMakio UzukiMakoto Kenzaki/Cure SwordMakoto KikuchiMakoto Kino/Sailor JupiterMakoto NaegiMakoto NanayaMakoto Yoshichu/Green PrincessMala Sauce CookieMaleficent (Sleeping Beauty) • Mallory (Mysticons) • Mallory Watermelon PunchMallow BeanMallow DropMallow Erase-ItMallow FlipMallow HeartMallow JellyMallow KittyMallow Mini CakeMallow Sweet FluffMallow TwirlMallow/Tea DrinKyunMama (Hello Kitty) • Mama MilkshakeMama MousseMama PodMama WashalotMametchi (Tamagotchi) • Mami FutamiMami TomoeMamimi TanakaMamma JellyMamoru Chiba/Tuxedo MaskMana Aida/Cure HeartMana FujisakiManatsu Natsuumi/Cure SummerMandee (The Loud House) • Mandy (Uglydolls) • Mandy CandyMandy Candy CornMandy MandarineMandy MousseMandy O'MangoMango CookieMango CreamMango Gloss-UpMango Gummy Light-UpMango Jelly Go-GoMango JiggleMango MacaronMango MadisonMango MandyMango MarbleMango MelodyMango MillyMango Polish-ItMango SherbetMango SparkleMango Tiki WikiMango ToucanMango TriplesMango-a-Rainbow (Num Noms) • Manny MangoMano SakuragiMao MaoMao Otoha/HanaMaple (Sanrio) • Maple CakesMaple SugarsMara CherryMara SchinoMarabel Music PlayerMarble MotorMarc AncielMarcee Makeup BagMarceline (Adventure Time) • Marci MaskMarcia Heart MugMarco DiazMarcy WuMargaret WhiteMargarina (Shopkins) • Margo GruMargo MacaronMargo RitaMari Golden PetalsMari OharaMaria Hikawa/Cure TenderMaria HimesatoMaria KanamoriMaria MaracasMaria MopedMarianna Melon DonutMarie (Aikatsu!) • Marie (Splatoon) • Marie (The Aristocats) • Marie DegreeMarie MMarie MacaronetteMarin ManamiMarina (Fresh Beat Band of Spies) • Marina AnchorsMarina JewelsMarine Q.T.Marine the RaccoonMarinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugMario (Mario) • Mario MeatballMarisa KirisameMarisol (Hairdorables) • Mark HoffmanMarlo the BunnyMarquis (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Marrisa MaracaMars (Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls) • Marsha MelloMarsha MellowMarsha VioletMarshall (PAW Patrol) • Marshall (Shopkins) • Marshmallow CookieMarshmallow HamsterMarshmallow TwirlMarth (Fire Emblem) • Martha Choc Chip MuffinMarty (Papa Louie) • Marty Party HatMarx (Kirby) • Mary (Total Drama) • Mary BelleMary CranberryMary Fairy FlossMary Lou BlueMary MeringueMary Mint SundaeMary MuffinMary MulberryMary PoppinsMary WishesMary-kin CapMasato AisakiMashiro KurataMasquerade (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Master MantisMaster PruneMasukappū (Yes! PreCure 5) • Masuki SatouMasyumaro (Sanrio) • Mate (Shopkins) • Mater (Cars) • Matey AnchorsMatilda (Angry Birds) • Matsuri HasegawaMatsuri HinataMatsuri TokugawaMatt 'n' CheeseMatt (Cyberchase) • Matt (Eddsworld) • Matt (LoliRock) • Mavis Maple SyrupMax (Hairdorables) • Max (Sam & Max) • Max (The Secret Life of Pets) • Max GoofMax HeadroomMax Kanté/PegasusMax MayfieldMax SaxophoneMaxie (Shopkins) • May (Donald Duck) • May (Guilty Gear) • May (Pokemon) • May Little SpringMaya (Hairdorables) • Maya HartMaya MallowMaya YamatoMayoi HachikujiMayor HumdingerMayu KawabataMayu SakumaMeat KingMeatball KittyMeena (Sing) • Meg (Inside Out) • Meg Boiled EggMeg GriffinMega ManMegan Mallow RollMeganee AkaiMeganii AkaiMegara (Hercules) • Megavolt/Elmo SputtersparkMegumi Taishin/Gold PrincessMegumi TokoroMegurine LukaMeguru HachimiyaMei IzumiMei KashiwazakiMei SundaeMeiko (Vocaloid) • Meisa Hinata/RoseMel ShidoMel T MomentMel the MinionMel UmbrellaMelan (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Melanie MelonMelanie ModMelba MilkshakeMelina SmoothieMelissa de VignollesMelissa MangoMelissa MarbleMelissa MeltyMelissa MilkMelissa RaccoonMelissa ShieldMelissa SipsMelissa ThornMellie PopMello LambMellow (Num Noms) • Melodine (Shopkins) • Melody (Hairdorables) • Melody (Shopkins) • Melody BriarMelody MallowMelody MooverMelody MouseMelody Music NoteMelon BeansMelon BerryMelon Bun CookieMelon FreezeMelon Gummy Stamp-ItMelon MaMelon MinutesMelon Pop (Num Noms) • Melon Pop (Shopkins) • Melon Twin TotsMelona (Shopkins) • Melonette PopsicleMelonie HopsMelonie PipsMelony SeedsMelpan (Kiratto Pri☆Chan) • Meltin MuffinMeltina MelvisMelty BurgerMelty MacaronMem-Mem (Delicious Party Pretty Cure) • Memetchi (Tamagotchi) • Menchie (Num Noms) • Meow Q.T.Meowberry (Num Noms) • Mepple (Futari wa Pretty Cure) • Mercury (Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls) • Mercury (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Merida (Brave) • Meringue HornMermaid AnemoneMermaid FinMermaid GillyMermaid KelpMermaid OpalMermaid TadpoleMermaid TreasureMermaid Water LilyMermista (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Merri Cherry SlushieMerri MouseMerry HatMerry MacaronMerry WalrusMerryweather (Sleeping Beauty) • Meta KnightMetal BabeMetal ChickMetal ClawsMetal CubeMetal K.T.Mew (Mewkledreamy) • Mewtwo (Pokemon) • Mia AgehaMia HanazonoMia MangoMia MeowsMia MilkMia MirrorMia Mirror BallMia MysteryMicaela MallowMicah (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Michael ManchesterMichelle FairchildMichelle TachibanaMichio HazamaMichiru EnjojiMichiru KagemoriMichiru Kaiou/Sailor NeptuneMichiru KiryuuMichiru KoudaMichiru KurosawaMickey (Total Drama) • Mickey MouseMicky MicrophoneMidnight (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Midnight KidMidnight PupMidori Akagi/Smart GreenMifuyu AzusaMighty EagleMigirin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Miho KohinataMii BrawlerMii GunnerMii SwordfighterMika JougasakiMikage YakumoMikan ShiratamaMikan TsumikiMike (WarioWare, Inc.) • Mike HanlonMike Morton/AcrobatMike RophoneMike WazowskiMike WheelerMike/KrushMiki (Shugo Chara!) • Miki Aono/Cure BerryMiki HoshiiMiki KatsuraMiki MilkshakeMiki SakurazukaMiko (Glitch Techs) • Miku MaekawaMikuru AsahinaMikuru NatsukiMiles (Total Drama) • Miles MoralesMiley MallowMilk BudMilk MaMilk MooverMilki RayMilky MelMilky SheepMilky WayMillia RageMillie MouseMillie ShakeMilly (Shopkins Family Mini Packs) • Milly Cake PopMilly Mellow SwirlMilly Moose BeanieMilly MopsMilly MushroomMilly ShakeMilo MurphyMilo ThatchMimi (Pop'n Music) • Mimi La SweetMimi MacaroniMimi MangoMimi WaffleMimi WatanukiMimiko JigokuMimmy WhiteMin MinMin SunwooMina (Jelly Jamm) • Mina (Pokemon) • Mina AshidoMinako Aino/Sailor VenusMinako SatakeMinami AsaokaMinami HaterumaMinami IwasakiMinami Kaido/Cure MermaidMinami NittaMindy (Animaniacs) • Mindy (Papa Louie) • Mindy MacaronMindy MangoMindy MilkMindy MirrorMinerva MinkMini CindiMini Cotton Candy ShopkinsMini Cupcake ShopkinsMini Donut ShopkinsMini EggMini Gelati ShopkinsMini Hotdog ShopkinsMini Ice Cube ShopkinsMini Lipstick ShopkinsMini Lock ShopkinsMini MatoMini MilkMini MontrealMini MuffinMini MushyMini Orange MouseMinna MoodyMinna no TaboMinnie MintieMinnie MouseMinori Ichinose/Cure PapayaMinori WatanabeMinotauros (Puyo Puyo) • Mint BerryMint Choco CookieMint Créme Gloss-UpMint E. JiggleMint E. StripesMint Gem Light-UpMint Gummy Stamp-ItMint ShakeMint SprinterMint Swirl Gloss-UpMint T CakeMint T. CreamMint TwirlMint UnisMintberry Gloss-UpMintee (Shopkins) • Mintee ChipMintee Gloss-UpMintee Go-GoMintee Light-UpMinto Aizawa/Mew MintMintousa (Sugarbunnies) • Minty BunnyMinty ChillMinty ChipMinty CrispMinty HopsMinty KittyMinty MallowMinty MarbleMinty Mouth WashMinty PawsMinty Polish-ItMinty RabbitMinty Snow Cone Light-UpMinty StickMinty SundaeMinty Swirl (Num Noms) • Minty Swirl (Shopkins) • Minun (Pokemon) • Minutes (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Mio (Puella Magi Oriko Magica) • Mio AkiyamaMio HondaMio MinatoMio NaganoharaMion TakamineMipple (Futari wa Pretty Cure) • Mira NovaMiracle PeaceMirai Asahina/Cure MiracleMirai AsukaMirai KasugaMirai MomoyamaMirai WakabaMiranda MirrorMirei HayasakaMirei MinamiMiria AkagiMiria Marigold MackenzieMiry (Suite PreCure) • Misaki Okusawa/MichelleMisha MouseMiss BiancaMiss CandyMiss CollinsMiss FizzyMiss FortuneMiss GarnetMiss IndependentMiss JiveMiss JonesMiss L ToesMiss Maple SyrupMiss Mushy-MooMiss PartayMiss PressyMiss PrimroseMiss PunkMiss RoyaleMiss ShamourMiss SkunkMiss SnowMiss SprinklesMiss SwissMiss TwistMissy Makeup CaseMissy MeowMisty (Pokemon) • Misty MysteriousMitama YakumoMitsuki HanamoriMitsuyoshi (BlazBlue) • Mittens Fluff 'N' StuffMitzy Oven MittMiu IrumaMix BoiMixed Berry SmoothieMixie (Shopkins) • Miya MiyaoMiyabi FujiwaraMiyako SakiMiyo MasukoMiyu MifuneMiyu YamazakiMiyuki Hoshizora/Cure HappyMiyuki TakaraMizuki (Jewelpet) • Mizuki KanzakiMizuki KawashimaMizuki MakabeMKOVR (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Moa (Show by Rock!!) • Moana (Moana) • Mobile MaryMoca AobaMocha (Sanrio) • Mocha FrappeMocha Ray CookieMofurun/Cure MofurunMoira MallowMokonyan (Magimajo Pures!) • Molly Cake PopMolly LollyMolly Mango (Num Noms) • Molly Mango (Shopkins) • Molly Mello LollipopMolly MeltyMolly MittenMolly MoccasinMolly MopsMolly PigMomma CornMomma E'ClaireMommy CakesMomo YaoyorozuMomoka AinoMomoka SakuraiMomoko AsukaMomoko SuouMomoko TogameMomona (Jewelpet) • Momousa (Sugarbunnies) • Mona (WarioWare, Inc.) • Mona Arch WingsMonaca TowaMonica KikiMonica MaracasMonica MerinqueMonica Music BoxMonique Macaron CakeMonkichi (Sanrio) • Monomi (Danganronpa) • Monsanto's DadMonsanto's MomMonsieur ButterMontana JonesMonterey JackMoo ShakeMoon MortarMoon Rabbit CookieMoonbun (Shopkins) • Moonlight B.B.Moonlight CookieMoop (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star) • Mop (Sanrio) • Mop Top MomMordecai (Regular Show) • Morgana MacawberMori KyokoMorrigan AenslandMorton Koopa, Jr.Morty FieldmouseMorty SmithMother HeartMother RaPaPaMothmanMoto GelatoMotor MelonMotor MermaidMoxy (Uglydolls) • Mozza RellaMr. AndersenMr. BonesMr. DamoclesMr. Fa-Sol-La-SiMr. Game & WatchMr. LimeguardMr. LuntMr. MooMr. MuffinMr. O'MangoMr. Potato HeadMr. StarrMrs Poppy BagelMrs. AndersenMrs. CavanaughMrs. IcingMrs. O'MangoMrs. Potato HeadMrs. PottsMrs. StarrMs. BirdyMs. CheeseMs. CowolineMs. Do-Re-MiMs. Valerie FrizzleMu-12 (BlazBlue) • Muffin (Sanrio) • Muffy CrosswireMulan (Mulan) • Mullo (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Mumma ParmesanMumma SpagettinaMumma SundaeMummy FizzMummy MeltsMundi (Doki) • Murray MonsterMurray WiggleMusa (Winx Club) • Muscle CookieMuscle ManMushu (Mulan) • Music BoxMustard CookieMuta (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Mutsumi TendoMy MelodyMy Sweet PianoMylène Haprèle/PolymouseMyron Van BurenMystabella (Shopkins) • Mystery DuckMystery MonicaMystic WishesMythra/PyraN.Y. Cheesecake BreyersN.Y.C. DoggieN.Y.E.Q.T. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Nacho Nacho VanNadeko SengokuNadja ApplefieldNae NaeNagi HisakawaNagisa Misumi/Cure BlackNagito KomaedaNagoriyuki (Guilty Gear) • Nahal (Shimmer and Shine) • Naho AoyamaNami (One Piece) • Nana (Ice Climbers) • Nana AbeNana BerryNana BreadNana CreamNana Creme PieNana Créme Gloss-UpNana Erase-ItNana FlakeNana FlowerNana FrostingNana Gloss-UpNana Gum DropNana HanahataNana HeartsNana Polish-ItNana PopNana PuffsNana ScoopsNana ShimuraNana SplitsNana Sprinkle TreatNana SwirlNana Swirl Gloss-UpNanami HiromachiNanana WanibeNanase TendoNancy FlancyNancy Nail PolishNancy NeapolitanNancy WheelerNaner CakesNanna Bandage BoxNanners DrizzleNanners KittyNanners SwirlNano ShinonomeNanoha TakamachiNao EhimeNao KamiyaNao Midorikawa/Cure MarchNao OkamuraNao YokoyamaNaoki SugamiNaoto KuroganeNappy DeeNarelle Nail PolishNaru AyaseNaru OsakaNaru ShiawaseNashville (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Nasu GraveNatalia (The Idolmaster) • Natalie Nail PolishNatalie NanersNatalie NillaNatalie NoodlesNatasha NachoNatasha NecklaceNatasha Romanoff/Black WidowNathan DrakeNathaniel (LoliRock) • Nathaniel KurtzbergNatsuha ArisugawaNatsuki KimuraNatsuki SakakiNatsuki UminoNatsumi HinataNatts/NatsuNature CatNayuta SatomiNazboo (Shimmer and Shine) • Nea PopNea SnowNeapolitan ShakeNectar DelightNeeko (League of Legends) • Neigh MajestyNeighjorette (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Neila (Hairdorables) • Nellie Nutri GrainNelly PolishNemo (Little Nemo) • Nemu HiiragiNemuri KayamaNene (Mewkledreamy) • Nene KonoeNeo TrioNeon BunnyNeon GuyNeon HammyNeon KittyNeon PuppyNeon Q.T.Neonlicious (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Neptune (Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls) • Neptunia (Darkwing Duck) • Nerdy BerryNeris (Panel de Pon) • Nero WolfeNess (EarthBound) • Nessa (Pokemon) • Nessie (The Ballad of Nessie) • Netossa (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Netta KnitNetti SpaghettiNezuko KamadoNibbler (Futurama) • Nibbles (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Nibbles HippoNice-Cream SandwichNick (Papa Louie) • Nick (The Cat in the Hat) • Nick Fruit StickNick WildeNico YazawaNicole NanersNicole ParasolNigel RatburnNightfall (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Nikki Mixie DeskNiko KannaNilla Berry Gloss-UpNilla CheckersNilla CloverNilla Cookie Gloss-UpNilla CreamNilla CremeNilla Créme Gloss-UpNilla DoughNilla DripNilla FroyoNilla Gloss-UpNilla Go-GoNilla HeartNilla Meringue Gloss-UpNilla Polish-ItNilla PoofNilla ShakeNilla SliceNilla SquareNilla SwirlNilla TwirlNilla WheatNilla WhipNillia ToastyNina DōjimaNina IchiharaNina NannersNina NoodlesNinja CookieNinjoy (Papa Louie) • Nino Lahiffe/CarapaceNino NijiiroNino NishijimaNoah (Hairdorables) • Noberun (Sanrio) • Nobita NobiNodoka Hanadera/Cure GraceNoel (Mermaid Melody) • Noel VermillionNoelle NorthpoleNoeru OtoshiroNola NoodlesNon ManakaNoni NotebookNono DaichiNono MorikuboNonon JakuzureNoob's DadNoob's MomNoriko FukudaNoriko ShiinaNorman (The Secret Life of Pets) • Norval the FishNougat KnightNozomi TojoNozomi Yumehara/Cure DreamNozomu HanamuraNozomu IgarashiNu-13 (BlazBlue) • Numbuh 1Numbuh 2Numbuh 3Numbuh 362Numbuh 4Numbuh 5Numbuh 86Nutty BearsNutty ButterNyami (Pop'n Music) • Nyan ButterNyankyū (Yes! PreCure 5) • Nyatoran (Healin' Good Pretty Cure) • O'Bubble TwinsO'Grapple (Num Noms) • O.J KayO.J. BearO.J. Bun BunO.J. Gum DropO.J. IcingO.J. JuicyO.J. KittyOak BarrelOcean DragonOcean PrinceOcean SeabreezeOchaco UrarakaOctavia (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Octavia OrangeOcto SausageOcto WasabiOdin BorsonOffbeat (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Oh Bandit, BanditOh Là PandaOhana/Cure SunsetOJ PopOlaf (Frozen) • Old Lemon LarryOlimar (Pikmin) • Olina/Cure WaveOlive (Odd Squad) • Olive OilOlive Overnight BagOliver (Oliver & Company) • Oliver OrangeOlivia FlavershamOlivia OilOlivia OliveOllie (T.U.F.F. Puppy) • Ollie LollyOllie OnesieOllie Orange CakeOlympia Hill/MajestiaOn PointeOnce-ler (The Lorax) • Ongo (Jelly Jamm) • Oni GiriOnion CookieOnion FishOnion RingOnpu SegawaOops BabyOops HamOpa-Opa (Fantasy Zone) • Opal Q.T.Opaletta (Shopkins) • Operetta (Monster High) • Oprah (Odd Squad) • Optical (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Optimus PrimeOrange CookieOrange CreamOrange CrunchOrange Cure (Wonderful Net Pretty Cure) • Orange Drop Gloss-UpOrange FreezieOrange GlazeOrange Gloss-UpOrange JellyOrange Light-UpOrange PearOrange Piña Gloss-UpOrange Polish-ItOrange PopOrange Rock Light-UpOrange RushOrange SherbetOrange Sugar GummyOrange SweetsOrange SwirlOrange Swirl Gloss-UpOrange TwirlOrangie Jelly RollOrb.I.T. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Orbulon (WarioWare, Inc.) • Orie KusakaOrikko (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Oriko MikuniOrtensia (Mickey Mouse) • Oscar OrangeOscar PineOsomatsu (Mr. Osomatsu) • Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/The PenguinOswald the Lucky RabbitOtane GoketsujiOto (Doki) • Otoha TakanashiOtome ArisugawaOtto (Odd Squad) • Ougi OshinoOume GoketsujiOval (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Owen LamOwl (Winnie the Pooh) • Owlcorn (Cookie Run) • Ox (Uglydolls) • Ozzie CentsP. Apple TwinsP. Lemon HeartP. Nut ButterP.B. MeowP.B.N.J. (Num Noms) • P.H.D.B.B./Frontline HeroP3P-POPa CrackerPa'Pizza (Shopkins) • Pac-Man (Pac-Man) • Paco TacoPaddy PoolPafu (Go! Princess PreCure) • Paige PencilPaige PursePaisley PeachPakista (Puyo Puyo) • Pal (Arthur) • PallaPalla/Sailor PallasPalmela TreePalutena (Kid Icarus) • Pam CakePam-Pam (Delicious Party Pretty Cure) • Pamala Palm TreePamela CameraPamela Lillian Isley/Poison IvyPamela PancakePamela ParfaitPammee (YooHoo & Friends) • Pammy PassportPammy Pom PomPancake CookiePancake CruiserPancake FrisbeePancake JakePanchito PistolesPanda (We Bare Bears) • Panda DumplingPandaba (Sanrio) • Pandapple (Sanrio) • Pandausa (Sugarbunnies) • Pandy Chomps-a-LotPannapitta (Sanrio) • Panotty (Puyo Puyo) • Panty AnarchyPapa (Hello Kitty) • Papa CornPapa LouiePapa RavioliPapa TomatoPapa ToothpastePaper Boat SailorPappa Pizza BasePaprika Punching BagPapyrus (Undertale) • Parappa the RapperParfait CookieParis PurseParisa (Shimmer and Shine) • Parker PeachParmesan PeteParrrty CandyPartay PuppayParty BalloonParty PiñaParty PlateParty PopperParty StarterPasta CookiePastry CookiePastry PupPataPataPeppy (Sanrio) • Patch TreasurechestPation (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Patricia Parfait GlassPatrick StarPatsy PastaPatti PolishPatty Burgers 'N' BunsPatty CakePatty CasePatty PamPatty PastryPatty PeachPatty Peach (Num Noms: Party Hair) • Patty Pineapple LampPatty PinkiePaula (Inside Out) • Paula PodPaula PumpkinPaula PurrfectPaula PuzzlePaulina PopPauline (Mario) • Pauline PalettePawfect 10Pawket (Gacha Life) • Pawn Black CookiePawn White CookiePaws IfPea (Sanrio) • Pea Erase-ItPea MothPeach CookiePeach DrizzlePeach FrostyPeach Polish-ItPeachy (Shopkins) • Peachy BunniesPeachy BunnyPeachy CreamPeachy Gloss-UpPeachy IcyPeachy KimPeachy Light-UpPeachy Meringue Gloss-UpPeachy Piña Gloss-UpPeachy Polish-ItPeachy PopPeachy PuffPeachy RingPeachy SlicePeachy Stamp-ItPeanut Big TopPeanut ButtahPeanut Butter PickupPeanut Go-GoPeanut PoppaPear (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Pearl (Shopkins) • Pearl (Steven Universe) • Pearl PerfumePearl Q.T.Pearl SerpentinePearlina (Shopkins) • Pearly PursePearly SeafoamPearly WhirlyPeater PodPecanna PiePedro PesoPee Wee KiwiPeebee (Shopkins) • Peely Apple WheelsPeely PotatoPegasus (Kirakira Pretty Cure a la Mode) • Pegasus/HeliosPeggy (Papa Louie) • Peggy PaperPeggy PeelsPeggy PigtailsPeggy PuffsPeggy Seven SeasPeggy SushiPegitan (Healin' Good Pretty Cure) • Pekkle (Sanrio) • Peko (Mewkledreamy) • Pekorin/Cure PekorinPelican (Webkinz) • Penelope PerfumePenelope PleatsPenelope PresentPenelope PuffPenelope PumpkinPenglai (Puyo Puyo) • Penguin in the CityPeni ParkerPenny (Inspector Gadget) • Penny (Papa Louie) • Penny CrygorPenny FitzgeraldPenny LefkowitzPenny PencilPenny PinPenny PursePenny Wishing WellPeony (Shopkins) • Peony PerfumePepi-Corn (Shopkins) • Peppa Ronnie PizzaPeppa-Mint (Shopkins) • Peppe PepperPepper Minty ShinePepper Poppin'Pepper Pots 'N' PansPepper TaiyouPepper UnisPeppermint CanePeppermint CookiePeppermint MallowPeppy Pom PomsPeppy RoniPeppy Roni (Num Noms: Snackables) • Pepé Le PewPeralino (Time Bokan) • Percy PCPercy the Small EnginePerfuma (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Perfume Le ZoomPerfumicorn (Shopkins) • Peri SerpentinePeridot (Jewelpet) • Perle (Sailor Moon) • Perry Pasta SaucePerry the PlatypusPersephone (Webkinz) • Persian Cat (Webkinz) • Pesto (Animaniacs) • Peta PlantPeta PlanterPeta PlungerPeta Pot PiePeta SneakerPetal FlowerpotPetal PupPete (Total Drama) • Pete JuniorPete R. CanflyPeter (Shopkins) • Peter PanPeter Parker/Spider-ManPeter PigPeter Porker/Spider-HamPeter the PandaPeter VenkmanPetey KPetit ContéPetit la ChickPetite ParisPetite PerfumePetite PetalsPetite TartPeyton PeppermintPeyton PerfumePeyton PurrPhanPhan/PhantomPharaoh BabePharaoh BroPhenom B.B.Pheobe ForkPhili RollPhilip J. FryPhilippa FlowersPhillip WigglePhineas FlynnPhobos (Sailor Moon) • Phoebe (Hairdorables) • Phoebe Fairy TopPhoebe TeresePhoton ShinePia PineapplePia PuzzlePia UndoPiano KingPiano ManPicasso (Hairdorables) • Picc (Gacha Life) • Pichu (Pokemon) • Pick Up PupPickles B.L.TPickly Go-GoPickup PumpkinPicky TomatoPicnikki BasketPierre (JumpStart) • Pierre (The Idolmaster) • Pierre AronnaxPierre ÉclairPig (Webkinz) • Piggy (Roblox) • Piggy BlanketsPiggy HamPiglet (Winnie the Pooh) • Pikachu (Pokemon) • Pikki (Sanrio) • Pikobo (Time Bokan) • Pile' la ChickPillow FeatherbedPilot CookiePim (Smiling Friends) • Pina BearPina JuicyPina PinPina Pineapple DrinkPina Rock Light-UpPina-Apple DonutPinch HitwellPineapple CrushPineapple Gem Light-UpPineapple Gloss-UpPineapple JellyPineapple LilyPineapple Polish-ItPineapple Polly CakePineapple PopPineapple RingPineapple SipsPineapple UkulelePineapplemur (Cookie Run) • Pinelope KrushPiney ApplePiney PattyPink BabyPink CandyPink Choco CookiePink CoralPink Cure (Bomber Girls Pretty Cure) • Pink Googles (Webkinz) • Pink Lip Gloss NomPink MeringuePink no CorisuPink Oomiya/Shiny PinkPink PetalPink Pony (Webkinz) • Pink Poodle (Webkinz) • Pink-Ade MacaronPinkie ColaPinkie LemonadePinkie PiePinky (Animaniacs) • Pinky BiscuitsPinky BundtPinky BunnyPinky DoughPinky FluffPinky FrostingPinky JellyPinky MallowPinky PenguinPinky PuffsPinky SquarePinky SquishPinky the ChihuahuaPinocchio (Pinocchio) • Pinon (PriPara) • Pins (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Pip Corn EraserPiper (Hairdorables) • Piper PrimPiper PuppyPiper WillowbrookPippa LemonPippa MelonPippa PopcornPippa-Mint Cookie Gloss-UpPippo (Sanrio) • Pippy PinPiranha PlantPirouetta (Shopkins) • Pirun (Fresh Pretty Cure!) • Pisces (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Pistachio CookiePistachio FireflyPit (Kid Icarus) • Pita MiragePitaya Dragon CookiePix E. FluttersPixie CakesPixie GirlPixie Mix CandyPizza Bagel BroPizza Cutie PiePizza PiranhaPizza RollerPizza WillPiña AlohaPiña Gloss-UpPiña GummyPiña JellyPiña Tropi-CalliePiña WedgePiñata CookiePiñata CupcakePJ ColliePJ RobotPlagg (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Planky PlankPlatinum the Trinity/Luna and SenaPlay BlockPlayful HerbertPlucky DuckPlucky GuitarPlum CookiePlum Flitter FlutterPlum PuddingPlumpy HippoPlusle (Pokemon) • Pluto (Mickey Mouse) • Poby (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Pocahontas (Pocahontas) • Pochacco (Sanrio) • Pochi (Sanrio) • Pocket StrawberryPocket Watch RefereePod Erase-ItPointe Shoe SuePoison Mushroom CookiePokepen (Yes! PreCure 5) • Polish PerformerPollen (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Polli PolishPollun (Futari wa Pretty Cure) • Polly Cake PopPolly ParsleyPolly PeppermintPolly PerfumePolly Petal CakePolly PianoPolly PlantarPolly PointesPolly PolishPolly Pool RingPolly PopcornPolly PoundPolly Pucker-UpPolly TeapotPomegranate CookiePommie (Shopkins) • Pompompurin (Sanrio) • Poni CrumblesPonicakes (Shopkins) • Pony DancerPoofy PurrsPoop CoupePop (Club Penguin) • Pop (Smile PreCure!) • Pop B.B.Pop Corn EraserPop DaddyPop HarukazePop HeartPop RodPop TotPop UnisPop-Up TruckPopcorn CookiePopcorn KingPopcorn MoviegoerPopcorn PuffsPopette (Shopkins) • Popo (Ice Climbers) • Poppa Pete ZaPoppa PretzelPoppa SwissPopping Candy CookiePoppino (Shopkins) • Poppun (Miracle Tunes) • Poppy (Angry Birds Stella) • Poppy (League of Legends) • Poppy CornPoppy PenguinPoppy PopPoppy RowanPoppy SockPoppy TopPopRock (Shopkins) • Pops (Regular Show) • Pops (The Secret Life of Pets) • Pops Bubble BlowerPopsi BluePopsi CoolPopsicle (Shopkins) • Popsicorn (Shopkins) • Popsy PalsPopura HananokojiPorky PigPororo (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Portia PassionfruitPortia PuffPosey Princess HatPosh (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Posh PearPosh PigeonPosh PupPosy Golden PetalsPot Pie PetePotato BudPotemkin (Guilty Gear) • Potpourri (HeartCatch PreCure!) • Potty TeapotPour The TPouty PulloverPowder (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Powder UpPowdered SugarsPower Candy TinPractical PigPrairie DawnPrairie Dusty TrailsPranksta (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Precious (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Precious MeowPrecious SweetsPreppy (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Prescious PeachPretti PawsPretti PressiePretty Bow KayPretty Cake StandPretty Petal PursePretty Pink GrapefruitPretty PuffPretz-elle (Shopkins) • Pretzel ExpressPrezzie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Prickles (Shopkins) • Prickly ParPriestesses of the StarsPrim (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Primausa (Sugarbunnies) • Primrose PancakesPrimrose Petal CakePrince Charming (Cinderella) • Prince CorneliusPrince DazzlePrince EricPrince GembonePrince GlimmerPrince HandsomePrince KanataPrince PeekabluePrince PhillipPrincess AmberPrincess AnisePrincess Arkayna GoodfeyPrincess ArmandaPrincess B-Day Jelly RollPrincess B.G. Jelly RollPrincess BerylPrincess BubblegumPrincess ButtercreamPrincess C.C.Princess C.C. Jelly RollPrincess CookiePrincess CrepePrincess Cutie CrownPrincess DaisyPrincess FiliaPrincess FionaPrincess GlamPrincess GlitzPrincess JuniperPrincess Kakyuu/Sailor KakyuuPrincess KaratPrincess LavenderPrincess MalicePrincess ManaPrincess Marie AngePrincess MoondreamPrincess NellaPrincess NutmegPrincess PeachPrincess PursePrincess RosalinaPrincess SaffronPrincess SamiraPrincess ScentPrincess SesamePrincess SilverPrincess SissyPrincess SweetsPrincess WhiskersPrincess ZangePrincess's LocketPrincipal of the ThingPringles (Shopkins) • Priscilla PeachPriscilla TwilightProducer MicProf. GachaProfessor (Tetris Plus) • Professor FarnsworthProfessor FitzProfessor Smedley-SmytheProfessor SquawkencluckProfessor YamatoProm BunnyProm PrincessPrommy (Shopkins) • Prop TopProper (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Prophet CookieProsen (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Prospector MoleyPrudence (Papa Louie) • Prunce (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Prunella DeeganPterosatchel (Cookie Run) • Pucker MintPuddin' PiePudding CookiePudding Cookie SiblingsPuff PopPuff RusherPuffle HandlerPuffy MallowPug (Webkinz) • Pumbaa (The Lion King) • Pumpkin Candle LightPumpkin CookiePumpkin Pie CookiePumpkin PoundPumpkin Spice (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Pumpkin Spice (Num Noms) • Pumpkinella (Shopkins) • Punk BanditPunk BoiPunk GrrrlPunk H.O.G.Pup BeePup CheerPup Corn EraserPup E BrushPup in the WoodsPup PupPup SwingPup-E-House (Shopkins) • Pupberry (Shopkins) • Pupkin CakePupkin the PuppyPupper MintPuppy Next DoorPupsta (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Pupstagram (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Pure Vanilla CookiePurple CandlePurple DovePurple Lip Gloss NomPurple PuffPurple QueenPurple ReignPurple StonePurple Yam CookiePurrfect BlingPurrfect ShapesPurrfect SpikePurrr BabyPurrs (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Purrty Kitten PawsPurse GearPushy (Where's My Water?) • Putera (Flint the Time Detective) • Pyuan (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Pyukkin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Pūgorun (Yes! PreCure 5) • Quackerjack (Darkwing Duck) • Queen (Futari wa Pretty Cure) • Queen AngellaQueen BavaroisQueen BeeQueen BeehaveQueen C.C.Queen CakeQueen CandiQueen DelightfulQueen NeheleniaQueen of TartsQueen PearlQueen PoppyQueen Razz BearQueen SerenityQueen TeatinuQueen/Cure MirageQueenie CakeQueenie CompactQueenie HeartsQueenie LouQueenie Red HeartQuetzalcoatl (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) • Quick StrawQuilty BootQuincy GoateeQuinn (Hairdorables) • Quinn Grape JuiceQuinn NashQuizzy BearR.B. FlakeyR.O.B. (R.O.B.) • R.R.R. 3000Ra-Ra SkunkRabbily (Kiratto Pri☆Chan) • Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh) • Rabi HimuroRabirin (Healin' Good Pretty Cure) • Rachel AlucardRachel BigheadRachel RaspberryRacoon-Stronaut (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rad RomaRadiant Ring RueRadical Q.T.Radio (The Brave Little Toaster) • Radio QueenRadio SueRadlynn (Papa Louie) • Raffina (Puyo Puyo) • Ragna the BloodedgeRain Q.T.Rain-Go CakeRaina BowloonRainbow BiteRainbow CrumbRainbow DashRainbow DreamerRainbow GlowRainbow KateRainbow PopRainbow RaverRainbow RiderRainbow ScentRainbow SlushieRainbow SparkleRainbow SwirlsRainbow Uni-BagelRainbow WingsRainbow WishesRaisin RollRald (Jewelpet) • Ralph RaccoonRalphie TennelliRambi the RhinocerosRamlethal ValentineRamona RamenRan (Shugo Chara!) • Ran Hanamichi/Cure Yum-YumRan KotobukiRan MitakeRan ShibukiRanko KanzakiRantaro AmamiRaphiel (Gabriel DropOut) • Rappakeet (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rappān (Yes! PreCure 5) • Rapunzel (Tangled) • Raquel (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Raquel MurilloRare GarlicRasp RaspRaspberry CookieRaspberry CreamRaspberry JellyRaspberry Light-UpRaspberry Polish-ItRaspberry RoadsterRateusa (Sugarbunnies) • Rave MachineRaven (Teen Titans) • Raven QueenRawr (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rawr BabeRawr TideRay StantzRaylene RainbowRayne (Hairdorables) • Rayne-Bow (Shopkins) • Raz FroyoRaz SugarRaz-Beary WaffleRaziel (Webkinz) • Razz Bear E.Razz Blue Meringue Gloss-UpRazz Cookie Gloss-UpRazz RockRazz Rock Light-UpRazzberry Go-GoRazzi BerryRazzy Bun BunRazzy BunnyRazzy CreamRazzy DiamondRazzy Dip TreatRazzy Drop Gloss-UpRazzy FroyoRazzy LoafRazzy O'BearRazzy Polish-ItRazzy PopRazzy RabbitRazzy RitaRazzy RoundsRazzy ShredsRazzy SpiralRazzy TeddyRC (Toy Story) • Reagan RaspberryRebecca BagRebel (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rebel CookieRebel DareRed (Angry Birds) • Red (WarioWare, Inc.) • Red AppleRed Bean CookieRed Cheerleader CookieRed Fiery FlameRed Pepper CookieRed Velvet CookieRed Velvet CupcakeRed VelvetyRed-orange Cure (Episode 43; HappinessCharge PreCure!) • Reece Cheese CrackerReed (Fresh Beat Band of Spies) • Reggie Veggie BurgerReggie Veggie DogRegina (DokiDoki! PreCure) • Rei (Mewkledreamy) • Rei (Puyo Puyo) • Rei Hino/Sailor MarsRei JingujiRei KaguraRei KizakiRei WakanaReika Aoki/Cure BeautyReika Kirishima/Time GalReika KitakamiReika YūkiReimu HakureiReina KosekiReina MiyamaReindeer (Webkinz) • Relius CloverRemi OtogiriRen HazukiRen HoekRen KizakiRena MinamiRenatta RavioliReona NyubaraReptar (Rugrats) • Rery (Suite PreCure) • Retasu Midorikawa/Mew LettuceRetoree (Show by Rock!!) • Retsu Akagi/Burning RedRevue (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rex (Toy Story) • Rex DangervestRhonda RingRhonda Ruffle ShortsRhymes (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rhythm EmpressRia RibbonsRiamu YumemiRiana RadioRibbon (HappinessCharge PreCure!) • Ribbon (Kirby) • Ribbon LollyRibbon SlippersRibbonna (Shopkins) • Rich RollRichie 'n' Smoothie PuddingRichie RainbowRichie Ring BoxRichie TozierRichter (Castlevania) • Rick (Kirby) • Rick SanchezRicky RollRico (Papa Louie) • Rigby (Regular Show) • Rii UzawaRiina TadaRika JougasakiRikka Hishikawa/Cure DiamondRiko Izayoi/Cure MagicalRiko SakurauchiRiku (Kingdom Hearts) • Riley AndersenRiley MatthewsRiley RiceRiley RingRimi UshigomeRin (Jewelpet) • Rin (Rilu Rilu Fairilu) • Rin HoshizoraRin KurosawaRin Natsuki/Cure RougeRin ShibuyaRin ShirayukiRina FujimotoRina TennojiRina ToinRing Box RenaRing RoyaleRing-a-Ling (Shopkins) • Ring-a-Rosie (Shopkins) • Ringa BellRingo AndoRingo CarRinka AobaRinko KougyokuRinko ShirokaneRinna ShinkaiRinne (Pretty Rhythm) • Rinne BerlinettaRinze MorinoRio Kuroki/PikarioRio MomoseRip (PJ Masks) • Rip TideRipple Ice CreamRiri (Healin' Good Pretty Cure) • Risa (Pokemon) • Risa MatobaRistar (Ristar) • Risu (Sanrio) • Risukuma (Puyo Puyo) • Rita (Animaniacs) • Rita (Jelly Jamm) • Rita (Papa Louie) • Rita LoudRita RemoteRita RulerRita SneakerRitsu TainakaRitsuko AkizukiRiver KendallRiz HawkwoodRizumu AmamiyaRoaar (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) • Road AngelRoad RunnerRoadie (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Roadie YogurtRoadkill (Comix Zone) • Roasty SlipperRobby (Papa Louie) • Robecca SteamRoberta RabbitRobin (Fire Emblem) • Robin (Hairdorables) • Robin (Teen Titans) • Robin BuckleyRobo KittyRochelle GoyleRock (Total Drama) • Rocker (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rocker BoiRocket (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rocket FirecrackerRockhopper (Club Penguin) • Rockie S. BerryRockin' BrocRockstar CookieRocky (Miracle Tunes!) • Rocky Hockey StickRocky RhodesRocky SpokesRoco HandaRody (Pororo the Little Penguin) • Rogelio (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) • Roger RabbitRokka AsahiRoll (Mega Man) • Roll Cake CookieRolla TapeRolla'Kate (Shopkins) • Roller ChickRoller Kit-10Roller ShakerRoller Sk8erRollin' GemstonesRolls (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Rolly DonutRolly RollRolly Sleeping BagRoma TomatoRon (Ninjala) • Ronald McDonaldRonda RaspberryRonnie Anne SantiagoRoo (Winnie the Pooh) • Rookie (Club Penguin) • Rooster (The Secret Life of Pets) • Rooster (Webkinz) • Rooty (Cookie Run) • Ros BerryRosa (Jewelpet) • Rosa BasketRosa PiñataRosa RaspberryRosalea (Shopkins) • Rose (Rilu Rilu Fairilu) • Rose Lavillant/PigellaRose MaryRose Wilson/RavagerRose TylerRosebud LongstemRosemary (Ashita no Nadja) • Rosette (Cookie Run) • Rosey BouquetRosie BloomRosie CheckersRosie RaspberryRosie RubyRosita (Sesame Street) • Rosita (Sing) • Rosy (Shopkins) • Rosy Bumps 'N' BruisesRosy Gum GumRound (Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart) • Rowen RubyRowena Ring BoxRowley JeffersonRoxas (Kingdom Hearts) • Roxie FoxyRoxie McTerrierRoxy Chock BlockRoxy RingRoy (Fire Emblem) • Roy KoopaRoya (Shimmer and Shine) • Royal BeeRoyal CakesRoyal CupcakeRoyal High-NeyRoyal Kitty-CatRoyal PearlRoyal PrancerRoyal RazzyRoyal RoadsterRoyal RubyRoyal T ShampooRoyal T. HoneystripesRoyale QueenRub-a-Glove (Shopkins) • Ruben (Shopkins) • Ruby (Jewelpet) • Ruby (Panel de Pon) • Ruby AndersonRuby CanterRuby EarringRuby KurosawaRuby PomegranateRuby RazRuby RoseRuby RoundRudolf SweaterRuff RaverRuff RockerRui MaitaRui YashioRuli Tamaki/RuliRumba GrrrlRunny HoneyRunt (Animaniacs) • Ruru Amour/Cure AmourRuruka HanayamaRuthie SmoothieRyan (Total Drama) • Ryan StoneRye CookieRylee RazzyRyo AkizukiRyo MatsunagaRyo NishimiyaRyosuke TakahashiRyu (Street Fighter) • Ryu KimuraRyuji SakamotoRyūgunō (Yes! PreCure 5) • Rīfī (Yes! PreCure 5) • S'meows (Num Noms) • S'Mores FrappéS'mores Gloss-UpS'mores O'BearS'mores Polish-ItS'mores SundaeS'Mores WaffleS'Mores WiggleS. BearyS. Berry BiscuitS. Berry CakeS. Berry CookieS. Berry DropS. Berry SliceS. Berry WheatS.B. MintS.B. WaferS.P.U. (L.O.L. Surprise!) • Saaya Yakushiji/Cure AngeSaaya YamabukiSabrina SnapSabrina Soft ServeSabrina SparkleSachiko KoshimizuSadie (Total Drama) • Sadie SeedsSadie SoccerballSadie SodaSadie SyrupSadness (Inside Out) • Sae KobayakawaSagittarius (Star Twinkle PreCure) • Sahara (Hairdorables) • Sahara MirageSaige (Hairdorables) • Saikoron (Yes! PreCure 5) • Sailor BluSailor GalaxiaSailor PuppySailor Q.T.Sakebin (Yes! PreCure 5) • Saki AsamiSaki Asumi/Phantomi SpadeSaki HashibaSaki Hyuuga/Cure Bloom/Cure BrightSaki MizushimaSakura (Pretty Cure All Stars) • Sakura CakeSakura KinomotoSakura KitaōjiSakuran (Jewelpet) • Sakutaro KiraraSakuya ShiraseSakuya ShirayuriSala Itoi/SalaSalamence (Pokemon) • Sallee (Hairdorables) • Salley CatSally (The Cat in the Hat) • Sally CarreraSally ScentSally ShakesSally StripesSally-Brate CupcakeSalt CookieSalty PrincessSalty SerenaSalty SizzleSalty SueSalty the SealSam (Death Stranding) • Sam (Sam & Max) • Sam (Totally Spies!) • Sam MansonSam S'mores