Ar'krai Incident


Second Dark War (near end of conflict)


Second Dark War

Imperial War

42 ABY


44 ABY


The Galaxy, concentrated in the galactic southeast and east

  • Great expansion of the renewed Galactic Empire
  • Formation of the Combined Armies
  • Beginning of the Second Dark War


New Republic

  • Emperor Kar
  • Darth Gritus
  • Mace Lalonde
  • General Kravett
  • Captain Yankura
  • Captain Strith
  • Commander Nilon
  • Lieutenant Pound
  • Chancellor Vicor
  • General Pattin
  • Jin Zar
  • Zann Riegal
  • Admiral Hunter
  • Colonel Tombaugh

The Imperial War was fought between the newly risen Empire under Emperor Kar and the New Republic under Chancellor Vicor in the years 42-44 ABY. There was no clear winner, though the Empire made forays into Republic territory. This led directly into the Second Dark War and the rise of Heiseto Leonhart and Isaac Leonhart.

Major events and battles:

-The Grand Tournament: participants included Tythis Jenesis, Mace Lalonde, and Isaac Leonhart. Isaac Leonhart started it by defeating Mace Lalonde and won it by defeating Tythis Jenesis.

-Battle of Corellia: participants included Andrew Tylange, Mace Lalonde, Isaac Leonhart. The Jedi attack a colony Mace had recently begun to set up there.

-First Battle of the Temple: participants included Mace Lalonde, Jin Zar, Isaac Leonhart. Isaac swears loyalty to Jin Zar.

-Battle of Hoth: participants included Jin Zar, Andrew Tylange, Emperor Kar.

-Kidnapping of Chancellor Vicor: participants included Jaden Zin, Tythis Jenesis, Isaac Leonhart, Andrew Tylange, Emperor Kar, Jin Zar, Luthien Alantie, and Chancellor Vicor. Kidnapping successful; Isaac causes Andrew to question his allegiances.

-Battle of Lutzen: participants included Colonel Alexius Tombaugh, Tythis Jenesis

-Battle of Mygeeto: participants included Isaac Leonhart and Andrew Tylange

-Leonhart-Muruader Duel on Tattooine: between Isaac Leonhart and Darth Muruader

-1st Battle of Blenjeel: participants included Isaac Leonhart, Andrew Tylange, and Tythis Jenesis

-Hyperspace Battle: participants included Tythis Jenesis, Andrew Tylange, and Avna

-Second Battle of the Temple: participants included Isaac Leonhart, Andrew Tylange, Mace Lalonde, and Darth Muruader (see Duel of the Temple). Death of Isaac's crew.

-First Battle of Ziost: participants included Andrew Tylange, Isaac Leonhart, Tythis Jenesis, Mace Lalonde, and Darth Muruader

-Battle of Mos Espa: participants included Mace Lalonde

-Mission to Tattooine: participants included Zann Riegal, Kalen Amass, Frick, Kanjin, Andrew Tylange, Colonel Tombaugh, and several Sith