...not that he was in it... he was banned for saying that I.R.M. sucked, which it doesn't. ONLY members can know what the name stands for -- and just because you joined doesn't mean you can find out rate away... Hahahahahaha! Losers. Any way, if you want to join you can go here or to -- remember, just because you joined doesn't mean that you can know the meaning of I.R.M. DON'T EVER SAY THAT I.R.M!


1) is my best website ive had! it has took me several days too making changes every day now thanks to my new(old) computer!!! thanks to Stefan for helping me make my website!

I.R.M. game

2)The I.R.M. game is pretty small with no story line!it sounds not too good but its the first game i made.basically you just walk around and shoot the false irm members with no took about 1 day to make.flashmx 2004 is the program i used to make it!it takes actions scripts and lots of them (im sick of action scripts) example:


ones being the trees or some block that you can't walk on and the zeros being the ground or grass that you can walk on or on my game there a 3 to stand for a door that takes you too another map.thats basicy how the irm game was made! This I.R.M. game has been released and is avaliable on the front page of

I.R.M. game 2

3)the I.R.M. game number two is under consturction. in it there will be better grapics, bigger maps, more bad guys, people that you talk to, different weapons more and lots of obsticals to over come... and more!

4) is the newest website i have... in it you can register then you can make forums new topics gain levels with more posts...not to mention no flood control. you can go there to discuss things like what you think about damonland or the irm about things like pie *spoons* and any thing else... you can advertise, make quotes and tell storys.

thanks to Stefan for helping me with
this website.He basically does every
to help out on the website.

special thanks to: Stefan and Damon(me)




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