This is just a temporary homepage for IDICanons. The following is a reprint of my proposal, with a revision on fannon.

Memory Alpha is a useful resource for Star Trek, but it restricts itself to the TV show and films. Non-canon sources are barely brushed upon, leaving the vast majority of Trek material untouched. The reason for that is that non-canon sources sometimes contradict each other and later episodes. While I understand the reason for this rule, I thik that a Wikia based on the concept of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinatons) would not be redundant. Would anyone be interested in this?

I recently was given over a hundred Star Trek novels, mostly the Pocket books based on the original series. I also read most of the new novels within a year of their publication. As I read through them, I would add the characters, places, ships, and races to the Wikia. In this way I would support the early growth of the Wikia. Other non-canon sources, such as the RPGs and periodicals could be added as well.

You may ask, "how is this more than an expansion of Memory Alpha?" Memory Alpha tries to be the be-all and end-all of Trek resources. This wikicity would have much more shades of grey:

  • Rather than become an annoyance, contradictions between different sources would be noted and explored.
  • Entries for sources would include fan response. This would be similar to reviews, but would be kept in the abstract. (Some readers feel that...)
  • Reasonable extrapolation would be encouraged, though it too would be kept under its own heading.

I'm of two minds about so-called "fanon." Fanon is unlicenced content made by fans, nowadays usually posted on the Internet. My personal feelings are that well thought out fanon can be just as good as licenced products. On the other hand, it's hard to draw the line between canon that stays true to the spirit of trek and fanon that doesn't. For now this wiki will use only licensed material. Later I will figure out a way to seperate the community considers good sources from the bad, probably along the lines of a poll.