HiT and YTV Favorites: Let's Play! is a crossover DVD idea made by CoopFan and pikachuboy Released in November 2008, it has one episode Barney and Friends, one episode of Fraggle Rock, one episode of kid vs kat, one episode of Pokemon, one episode of Bob The Builder, and one episode of Alien Hominid The Series


  1. Day and Night (Barney and Friends)
  2. Capture the Moon (Fraggle Rock)
  3. Episode 6 (Kid vs. Kat)
  4. Ash dies(Pokemon)
  5. A job (Bob The Builder)
  6. Egent FBI, Let's Blast! (Alien Hominid The Series)


  • Release Date: November 2008
  • Distributed by HIT Entertanment and YTV

Opening Previews

  • Warning Screen
  • HIT Entertanment logo
  • YTV logo
  • Barney Seasons 7 and 8 intro
  • First few seconds of Day and Night

Closing Previews

  • Last few seconds of Egent FBI, Let's Blast!
  • Alien Hominid The Series outro

Cover Art

Front Cover

  • Barney, Gobo, Coop, Ash, Bob and Kipper

Back Cover

  • Gobo, Wembley and Mokey from Capture The Moon
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