These hints are intended for those who are totally unfamiliar with working in the Wiki format. It really is not too difficult and anybody can learn how to do it with a little patience. These hints should get you started, but it is like any new venture . . the more you do this, the 'easier' it will become. BACK


1. Getting started. What to do first.

A. Locate the tabs at the top page: article , discussion , history ,

edit , move ,and watch. You only need to pay attention to the edit tab for now.

B. Click on edit . This will take you to the edit page.
C. Before you start add the words Category:DSRCT in DOUBLE BRACKETS [[ ]]: '''Category:DSRCT'''
Adding this will allow you to find your way back to the DSRCT category once you SAVE the PAGE. (it will be on the bottom -click it to return to the category).
HINT - if you get lost you can always go to the left hand side of the screen, look for for SEARCH function in Wikia - type in DSRCT. Click the DSRCT in Scratchpad to return to front page.
D. Start typing to add content or information.
E. When you are finished, scroll down and locate the SAVE PAGE button. Click it. This will create a public page that you can review. If you want to change anything, go back to edit , make the changes, and than make sure to Save Page. That's it.

2. How to create a NEW page.

A. Go to DSRCT Introduction Page
B. Type in Title for NEW page. Press Create.
C. Make sure to add: '''Category: DSRCT'''
D. Add content and information. You can use the 'word processor' buttons: B = BOLD , I = Italics , etc. you need to experiment with them a little.
E. When done. SAVE PAGE
F. That's it!!

3. For those who are more adventurous you can try the Help: Tutorial

Upload Images

1. To upload Images or other files you can either locate 'Special Pages' on the left side bar and find UPLOAD or . .

2. Use this link to take you directly to UPLOAD

3. Once you have the UPLOAD page onscreen, follow the directions on how to locate the file on your computer. [BACK]

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