In Memory

Smsunfl.jpg Haley

Patient Information

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Diagnosed: 12/96

Location: Nevada

Diagnosis: Stage IV DSRCT Liver tumors.

Hospital Primary Children's Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah


Passed Away: 10/26/97




Revealed some form of small round cell tumor


Physician Consultation with Dr Kushner
5 day course of ifosfamide and etoposide with mesna rescue
P-6 (high dosage chemotherapy) protocol including 3 - 3 day courses of high dose CAV (cytoxan, adriamycin and vincristine), with stem cell harvest after the second course of the CAV.


Debulking - Removed small part of the stomach and a small area on the side of the large intestine. Large tumor growing between the stomach and the large intestine that was too closely adhered to these areas to remove without removing large parts of the stomach and the large intestine. The surgeon stapled the stomach and the large intestine around the tumor and then removed the tumor. A small tumor about the size of a walnut was left on her colon where it turns to enter the anus. The only way to remove this tumor would have been to do a permanent colostomy.
2 Debulking - Hundreds of tumors 1 to 2 mm in size still on liver

Stem Cell Rescue

Myelo-ablative chemotherapy - to kill off bone marrow
Return own stem cells to rescue immune system

Total Body Irradiation (TBI)

Complications with second Stem Cell rescue. Fluid retention with Total Body Irradiation filled lungs. Passed Away.

Time Line

Date Test Treatment Chemicals Result
11/96 CT 0 0 Reveals tumors on liver
12/96 0 Biopsy 0 Malignant
1/97 0 Chemotherapy 0 0
2/97 0 Chemotherapy 0 0
3/97 0 Chemotherapy 0 0
4/7/97 0 Debulking surgery 0 Removed small part of stomach, small part of intestine. Too many tumors on liver to remove.
5/97 0 Chemotherapy - 5 days ifosfamide and etoposide 0
6/97 0 Chemotherapy - 3 days CAV = cytoxan, adriamycin and vincristine 0
7/97 0 Chemotherapy - 5 days ifosfamide and etoposide 0
8/97 0 High dose chemo with Stem Cell rescue #1 0 0
9/97 0 High dose chemo with Stem Cell rescue #2 0 0
10/26/97 0 Total Body Irradiation 0 Complications with fluid in lungs. Passed Away



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