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Heather and the Hotshots is a British-American-Canadian (British-American-Canadian-German from seasons 1-4) animated series. Created by Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis, with character designs by Todd Kauffman, the show premiered on March 5, 2004 on Teletoon, April 7, 2004 on Nickelodeon and June 12th, 2004 on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. When it got cancelled on Nickelodeon in 2006, It aired on August 11, 2008 on Cartoon Network, and it got cancelled in 2011 to make room for new episodes of The Years House. The show is produced by Teletoon Studios in Canada in association with Electric Blue Animation in the UK and US and Fresh TV in Canada. Reruns are currently airing on EBN (Electric Blue Network) in the UK, BLN (Bright Light Network) in the US, and YTV in Canada.

In late 2019, McGillis announced that he has completed drafts for a revival of the show. At the beginning of 2020, BLTA, EBA and Nelvana announced that the show would premiere in 2021.


In her early years, Heather Hiromi really, really, REALLY wanted to be a rockstar when she grows up. At 15 years old, Heather decides she wants to form a heavy-metal rock band. Now 16, Heather sets up the band's instruments in her garage. She then invites her three best friends: Kaylee Hack, Hayley Hack, and Mina Studabaker to her band. And now, the girls rock the house with their fantastic music. They call their band "Heather and the Hotshots". Together, they work together to propel their band to international stardom. 


Main Characters[]

  • Heather Hiromi (Voiced by Rachel Wilson) - An aggressive, rude, and brash 16-year old tomboy, and the lead singer and guitarist of her band, Heather and the Hotshots. She'll do whatever it takes to be the center of attention.
  • Kaylee Hack (Voiced by Lauren Lipson) -She is a fiery 16-year old girl that dreams to be the princess of the world. She is the bassist of Heather and the Hotshots, and a snobby and sarcastic mean girl who tends to be the most rational member of the band. She's Hayley's twin sister.
  • Hayley Hack (Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) - She's the 16-year old queen bee of the band. She is the keyboardist of Heather and the Hotshots. She always seems to hate anybody who's not a popular girl like her, Heather, Mina, and Kaylee. She's Kaylee's twin sister.
  • Mina Studabaker (Voiced by Denise Oliver) - She's the 15-year old drummer of Heather and the Hotshots. She is always happy and cheery, and always serves her bandmates with a smile. She's also very ditzy, and can't seem to think for herself. She's the stereotypical dumb blonde of the band. She's shown to be somewhat air headed, though she can appear to be quite smart in some situations. 

Supporting Characters[]

  • Corey Richardson (Voiced by Drew Nelson) - Corey's the coolest 16-year-old kid in school, whom all the girls in Heather and her bandmates' high school adore, especially Heather. He is sometimes referred to as "Hunky Corey" by Heather and the Hotshots and many others around him. He always refers to himself in the third person, but isn't inherently antagonistic, and will sometimes aid the band when they see use of him.
  • "Randolph" Regther Jones (Voiced by Brian Froud) - Regther thinks of himself as Heather, Kaylee, and Hayley's best friend (or BFF as he likes to call it), but in reality is more like their slave. Despite wanting to express his own opinion, she wishes to be as cool as Heather and the Hotshots, and does whatever they tell him to do. His real name is Randolph, but Heather Hiromi forced him to legally change it so their names would rhyme. Despite Heather, Kaylee and Hayley hating him, Mina's actually a good friend of Regther, and the two are often seen together when Mina herself is not with the band.
  • Tommy Greeny and Randy Fisher (Voiced by Katie Crown and Kristin Fairlie respectively) - Tommy and Tammy are Heather and the Hotshots' adorable 11-year-old groupies and their biggest fans. They are head over heels in love with Heather Hiromi, and are willing to do anything for her, but they can be creepy at times. Randy's voice actor Kristin Fairlie is best known in the US and Canada as the voice of the titular character from Little Bear.
  • Manuel Seager Sunshine (Voiced by Carter Hayden) - No matter how big and shiny the silver lining is, 17-year old Manuel can find the dark cloud behind it. Ten minutes with him, and anyone will go from being on top of the world to crouching under their desk hugging their teddy bear. He's a recurring character in the series and appears in many episodes, though is not as important as the main characters and some of the other recurring characters with larger roles. He lives in a black house under Heather Hiromi's house. He's basically the spitting cartoon image of Ben Stein. He's got the same monotone voice that Ben Stein is well known for. Manuel's personality is a juxtaposition of his name. He always seems sleepy and bored with life in general, not bright and cheery at all. His face says it all, with his baggy droopy eyes, and frown.
  • Richard Rogers (Voiced by Dwayne Hill) - Mina Studabaker's best friend, as well as her boyfriend. He's a funny, weird, and lovely guy who loves playing games, as well as talking about the latest buzz that's going on in Hyattsville. He sounds A LOT like Cat from Peg + Cat.


Timothy and the Thunder Torments []

Timothy and the Thunder Torments are a gender-reversed doppelgänger band to Heather and the Hotshots, and are basically have worser personalities than the band itself. Timothy lives behind Heather's house.

  • Timothy Cabell (Voiced by Christian Potenza) - He's an angsty emo teen that's basically a doppelgänger to Heather Hiromi: the leader, guitarist, and vocalist of Timothy and the Thunder Torments. As seen throughout the show, Heather and Timothy are bitter enemies, as one would love to see the other go down. However, both have shown a slight tolerance for each other, and will work together if the situation calls for it.
  • Kenny Leidner (Voiced by Drew Nelson) - He's another emo teen. He's a gender-bent rival to Kaylee Hack: he's the bassist of Timothy and the Thunder Torments. He isn't as courageous as Kaylee is, though.
  • Henry Studabaker (Voiced by Dan Pentronijevic) - Hayley's gender-bent rival, who is also the keyboardist of Timothy and the Thunder Torments. He's Mina's younger brother, at 13 years old. Despite him being in a rival band, he loves Mina very much, and are always looking out for each other and staying by each other's sides.
  • Eric Winfield (Voiced by Scott McCord) - He's the drummer of Timothy and the Thunder Torments. Unlike The Hotshots' he and Mina are more of friends rather than rivals.

Other Antagonists[]

  • Patrick (Voiced by Brian Froud) - A creepy nerd that Heather and her band encounter in the first episode.


  • S1E1: "The Loser Lounge/Count Me In" - Heather and the Hotshots perform at a place called "The Loser Lounge", where the girls meet up with a strange nerd named Patrick. Grossed out, The Hotshots (Except for Mina, who thinks Patrick's amazing!) perform a metal song that describes how bad he is./Heather and the Hotshots join a popular girls club named "The Juicy Jellybean". (March 5, 2004)
  • S1E2: "Heatherpalooza!/Mina and Richard" - Heather's always coming up with great ideas for the band, so the other Hotshots surprise her with a Heatherpalooza party to show how well she's done./Mina spends a lot of time with her best friend, Richard. She also introduces Richard to the Hotshots and plays cool games with him. (March 6, 2004)
  • S1E3: "Rock 'n Rule!/Hottie Alert!" - Heather and the Hotshots compete against Timothy and the Thunder Torments in Hyattsville High School's talent show./When Heather and the twins get jealous over Mina getting a super hot boyfriend named Otto Outstanding, they decide to get boyfriends of their own. (March 7, 2004)

Note from Shinyedits: All other episodes now go on this page: List of Heather and the Hotshots episodes

Production and broadcast[]

A team of about 100 animators each gather at animation offices at office lots throughout the US and Canada. Pre-production is done at Teletoon Studios and Fresh TV in Canada and Electric Blue's American offices. Final drafts are completed at EBA's British offices as well as Rough Draft Studios in South Korea and Nelvana in Canada for seasons 1-7 episodes. The Fresh TV, Teletoon and Shadow Projects crews storyboard each episode. These are then used as templates by the crews in Britain (Electric Blue), Korea, and Canada (Nelvana) who animate each scene by hand, color each cel on computers, and paint backgrounds. Episodes are finished back at Fresh TV, Teletoon, and American EBA offices, where they are edited and have music added. Also, among the development team are The Paraskevases (Michael and Betty), creators of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.

Heather and the Hotshots is traditionally animated with some Flash aid, ESPECIALLY toward later seasons. The show IS closed-captioned.

During the first season, the series used cel animation. A shift was made the following year to digital ink and paint animation. In 2006, show developer Todd Kauffman said: "The first season of HATH was done the old-fashioned way on cells [sic], and every cell sic had to be part-painted, left to dry, paint some other colors. It's still a time-consuming aspect of the process now, but the digital way of doing things means it doesn't take long to correct".

When HATH aired on Teletoon in Canada and later CN in the US, it would usually be packaged at the end of another Fresh TV property, 6teen.

The show almost ALWAYS airs with 3 10-minute segments, except for Channel 5 in the UK, which splits the episodes apart unevenly and shows 4 7.5 minute segments.

Release and Reception[]

The show debuted on Teletoon in Canada at 12:00 PM EST. It debuted to mostly positive reviews, managing to reach #3 at its highest during the show's run on Teletoon.


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