Please look for flights located in your area. A word of caution, these flights are well meaning but are often not practical for patients who are seriously ill. The problem is that the airplanes are small and some must land frequently. Patients may need to change planes more than once. Small planes also mean limited passengers and luggage as everything is determined by weight. Some of these flights will explain this situation to you, but some do not. Flights can be booked both ways, but is determined totally on if there is a pilot willing to take you. In other words . . delays and waits when the patient might not be feeling all that great. Still, if a patient has no choice the flights are free and the people well meaning. Other considerations . . if a patient is flying to a facility for treatment he may feel fine, but once the treatment is finished on the return flight they may feel lousy. Changing planes, waiting, delays, and uncertainty might not be the best way to go.


You might try the larger airlines. They are often reluctant to allow free passage, but if you reach the right person it might be arranged, or at least a lower cost ticket.

Also note, if you contact the airlines for medical issues they will let you have the cheapest rate for the airfare, meaning same discount as a 30 day advance ticket.

  • Delta AirSky Wish at United Way
Free flights, no financial requirements. Call 1-800-892-2757 ext. 285, Christina Walker.
"Providing special trips to children who are facing life threatening illness." Free flights, no financial requirements. Call 314-298-1699.
  • Northwest Airlines KidCares -medical travel program provides air travel to children age 18 and younger who are unable to receive treatment in their home area. Those with financial need have priority. 1-612-726-4206.
  • Continental Careforce
Bob Jack at 1-281-261-6626.
Has a contract with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for reduced or free airline tickets.
  • Midwest Express Miracle Miles
Natalie Fuerst at 1-414-570-3644
One free flight, thereafter flights are discounted. No financial requirements.

Free or Low Cost Health Flights

Air Care Alliance - Group provides a master list of all known charitable air transport organizations whose volunteers fly needy patients and disaster relief supplies and perform other missions of service using aircraft.
AirLifeLine - Free medical flights for ambulatory patients who cannot afford the cost of travel, anywhere in the contiguous U.S. states and Alaska.
Angel Flight America - Provides free flights through its members for patients and families seeking distant medical treatment.
Angel Flight Australia - Provides free air transportation to patients in need of medical treatment at distant hospitals.
Angel Flight Central - Medical and charity air transportation for reasons of compassion or community service. Donor and partner list, local chapters, areas covered, volunteer forms and links. Covers Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.
Angel Flight East - An organization of pilots and other volunteers serving the community with free private air transportation for the medically and financially needy.
Angel Flight Europe - Aranges free long distance transportation in non-emergency medical situations. Provides information and contact details. Serves the European Union and Switzerland.
Angel Flight for Veterans - Offers free air transportation for veterans, military personnel, and their families traveling for distant medical treatment.
Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic - Charity air medical transportation organization serving needy people and their families.
Angel Flight Northeast - Nonprofit organization providing air transportation to those whose medical problems require travel that is otherwise not affordable.
Angel Flight of British Columbia - Provides free air transportation for patients who must travel for medical treatment.
Angel Flight of Georgia - Providing free air transportation to those in medical and financial need in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi.
Angel Flight South Central - Provides free flights for patients who need to travel for medical treatment.
Angel Flight Southeast - Arranges free air transportation, via private aircraft, for those in medical and financial need, needing to travel long distance to access health care. Includes calendar, testimonials, history, and patient qualification criteria.
Angel Flight West - Volunteer organization providing air transportation on private aircraft to those with medical or other compelling human needs.
CAIRFlight - Offers community-based airlift to patients traveling to reach medical resources or to reunite families in crisis. [Florida]
Children's Angel Flight - Arranges and provides for child patient travel.
Children's Flight of Hope - Offers free air transportation to and from medical facilities for critically ill and injured children. [North Carolina]
Christian Air Ministry - Offers low cost air ambulance service for patients in stable condition. Serves the eastern part of the US. [Georgia]
Corporate Angel Network - Matches cancer patients in need of travel with private corporate jet schedules.

Information for patients and potential corporate sponsors.

Flights for Life - Dedicated to providing free air transportation to patients for medically-related purposes. [Arizona]
Freedom Flight - Offers free air transportation for humanitarian missions, including patients in need of health care, people in crisis, and medical staff and supplies. [Texas]
Hope Air - A national charitable organization that provides free air transportation for financially burdened Canadians in need of Medical treatment outside their communities.
Hospice Angel Flight - Dedicated to helping senior and hospice patients travel for distant medical evaluations, diagnosis, or treatments.
Houston Ground Angels - Volunteers help patients arriving by air to complete their transportation to a medical facility. [Texas]
Kids Wings - Provides free air transportation to those in financial and/or medical need of treatment at distant facilities. [Michigan]
LifeLine Pilots - Provides people in medical and financial need with access to free air transportation on small aircraft to distant health care facilities. Service in the Midwest US region.
Mercy Flight Indiana - Provides free air transportation for patients with limited finances who need treatment at distant medical facilities.
Mercy Med Flight - Offers free air ambulance service for patients who are critically ill or seriously injured.
Mercy Medical Airlift - Provides charitable air transportation for those in great need.
Miracle Flights For Kids - Provides free air transportation for children in need of medical treatment.
Northwoods Airlifeline - Organization offering free air transport to those with urgent medical needs. [Michigan]
Patient Travel - Resource for patients who seek information about free air transportation to distant medical facilities.
Skydoc - Provides free air transportation to children and their families to and from Boston hospitals. [Northeastern US]
Wings for Children - Organization offers free air transportation for children with serious illnesses.
Wings of Mercy: Minnesota, Inc. - Provides free air transportation to patients with limited income.
Wings of Mercy: West Michigan, Inc. - Provides free air transportation to patients who need treatment at distant medical facilities. [Michigan]
Wings to Wishes - Pilot volunteers who work in partnership with organizations to grant air related wishes or help with the transportation needs of seriously ill children.

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