Gumball Thristopher Watterson is the main protagonist of The Amazing World of Gumball. He was created by Ben Bocquelet. He is a greenish blue anthropomorphic heroic cat who lives in a fictional city Elmore. He is voiced by Jacob Hopkins.
Gumball Watterson


  • Species: Anthropomorphic Cat (presumably Felis slivestris catus)
  • Age: 12-14
  • Fur Color: Greenish blue
  • Clothing: White sweater, gray trousers
  • Allies: Richard (father), Nicole (mother), Darwin (brother, best friend), Josephine (grandmother), Penny Watterson (Wife), Banana Joe, Tobias (Sometimes) Carrie, Rocky Robinson, Carmen, Alan, Purple Moose, Anais Watterson (sister)
  • Rivals: Anais (sometimes), Tobias (Sometimes), Leslie, Bobert
  • Enemies: Tina Rex, Ms. Simian, Principal Brown (Sometimes) , Mr. Robinson (Gumball sometimes sees him as a friend), Patrick Fitzgerald (parent-in-laws, formerly enemies), Rob (Cyclops who was disfigured in "The Void")


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