Hello! This is the place to collect stuffs about the nice and clever Hulunbeier (呼伦贝尔) Singer Green Grass Ink/Uudam, or Wudamu (乌达木, Удмаа, *September 9th 1998), and his idea of an Green Grass Ink/Ink transforming the world into green grassland (“把那个墨水在地上一点,全世界就会变成绿草”). (By the way, turn the red links green by creating and editing the pages!)

What's interesting about him/the idea?

  • The paving of our environment has come too far. This leads to soil degradation and threats the habitat of many endangered species. Additionally, the lack of nature in urban area has unhealthy consequences for its inhabitants and children can not develop healthy physical coordination without the possibility of actively playing in the nature.
  • Green Grass Ink/Uudam is a very good and unique singer of Mongolian folk music known and loved by numerous people around the world esp. since his performance in Green Grass Ink/China's Got Talent (he sang Green Grass Ink/Alsad Suugaa Eej, “Mother in the Distance”, dedicated to his Green Grass Ink/Mother)
  • He also has a remarkably strong, thoughtful and kind personality
  • Uudam's idea of the magical Green Grass Ink/Ink is a catchy visualisation of the necessary process of environmental conservation and restoration of the ecosystem in cities and villages

What did he sing until now?

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