Johnson Farm - Grace C. Johnson (August 31, 1919 – August 20, 2011)
When the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum was formed, she was able to witness not just the restoration but transformation of the trolley to its operational state and years of operation as the trolley museum. For many years she would bring Marshall up so he could ride the trolley in the afternoon and then later on she continued coming up and visiting her son, granddaughter, and son-in-law who volunteered there on the weekends. While visiting, she enjoyed sharing stories she had that related to the trolley. On some of her favorite visits, she delighted in singing on the porch with guests and volunteers.

Even though there were many changes in the last few years and months of Grace’s life, one thing that did not change was her love of music, history, and most of all friends. She may not have known each volunteer by name but she loved you all – because of your love for the trolley and your devotion to keeping a bit of history alive.

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