Application development for the OLPC laptop: ... A meaty PDF about programming the XO in Python. You need to register to get it (free).

OLPC Activity Handbook: ... Similar to the PDF from IBM, but you don't need to register, and it might be even more comprehensive and easier to understand.

Squeak / eToys

Smalltalk development on XO: ... Turning eToys into full-fledged Squeak.

Squeak By Example: ... Free, downloadable ebook teaching Squeak from the beginning. Very good. You can also buy a printed copy.


Six Hour Startup: ... the original "let's get together and crank out a program in an afternoon" group, conveniently enough at Saturday House, where the SeaXO user group meets. We can learn from them, but I don't think we need to copy them slavishly.

Sugarize: ... Put any Linux program on the XO menu at the bottom of the screen.

Rwhe 08:26, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

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