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Welcome to the Geography 597.01 Student Help Wiki

This mini-wiki will consist of helpful advice for preparation for the Final Examination on March 15.

Michael palin

"Around Ohio State in 80 Minutes"- Smashing!

This will be a collaborative effort by several students enrolled in the course:

  • Alexander Sawyers
    • College: ARTS AND SCIENCES
  • Kevin Graham (Lead Organizer)
    • Major: SPANISH
    • College: HUMANITIES
  • Rickie Yeager
    • Major: GEOGRAPHY

"World Urbanization" Geography is a course at The Ohio State University taught by Cynthia Chabot.

Lecture Outlines

Help! I would be most grateful if Rickie, Alex, or other students help by adding basic information (notes) to these outlines. Thanks in advance. -Kevin

Region Date Outline Link
Subsaharan Africa Feb 08, 2005 SSA Outline
Greater Middle East Feb 15, 2005 GME Outline
South Asia Feb 22, 2005 SA Outline
Southeast Asia Mar 01, 2005 SEA Outline
East Asia Mar 03, 2005 EA Outline

Reading Guides

Some exam questions will be based directly on the readings from the textbook (you know, that rectangular thing that has been sitting on the floor all quarter).

Any contributions to the answers section would be greatly appreciated.

Region Chapter # Questions Answers (In Progress)
Subsaharan Africa Chapter 8 21 Questions Answers for SSA
Greater Middle East Chapter 7 19 Questions Answers for GME
South Asia Chapter 9 21 Questions Answers for SA
Southeast Asia Chapter 10 14 Questions Answers for SEA
East Asia Chapter 11 10 Questions Answers for EA

Place Locations


Know "The Big Five"

You will find lists helpful lists and maps for the regions that students must know for the final.

It is safe to say that 10 points of the exam will be drawn from the following:

All Lecture Outlines, Reading Guides, and Exam Information written by Cynthia Chabot.

External Links

Geography 597.01 Course Description

Course syllabus PDF (Chabot, Winter 2005)

The Ohio State University Geography Department Site

The Ohio State University Web Page