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Clum Babies and Other Episodes comes from a Drawn Together Season 2 episode airing on November 2005, featuring random episodes from Drawn Together, Pokemon, ChalkZone, Gravity Falls, Thomas and Friends, OK KO, SpongeBob and Simpsons.


  1. Clum Babies (Drawn Together)
  2. Fit To Be Tide (Pokemon)
  3. Chalk Queen (ChalkZone)
  4. Cleo's Secret (ChalkZone)
  5. Snap's Wishy Washout (ChalkZone)
  6. Chunky (ChalkZone)
  7. Irrational Treasure (Gravity Falls)
  8. Percy Gets It Right (Thomas and Friends)
  9. Rheneas and The Roller Coaster (Thomas and Friends)
  10. Not So Hasty Puddings (Thomas and Friends)
  11. Let’s Get Shadowy (OK KO)
  12. You’re a Good Friend, KO! (OK KO)
  13. Welcome to the chum bucket (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  14. Frankendoodle (SpongeBob SquarePants)


  • Storyteller from Thomas and Friends: Michael Brandon (with Classic Series music).
  • Director from Thomas and Friends: David Mitton.
  • Producer from Thomas and Friends: Phil Fehrle.
  • Presented by Strand Home Video, and then by Anchor Bay Entertainment.
  • RELEASED MAY 2, 2021
  • Pokemon via Who's That Pokemon?:
    1. Primeape
  • Song from Pokemon Karaokemon:
    1. Together Forever
  • List of every Thomas Song after each story:
    1. Accidents Will Happen
    2. Troublesome Trucks
    3. Come For The Ride

Cover Artwork[]

Strand Home Video Front Cover[]

  • Bob the Cucumber from “Clum Babies”

Strand Home Video Back Cover[]

  • Ash and Cissy from "Fit To Be Tide"

Anchor Bay Front Cover[]

  • Top: Bob the Cucumber
  • Bottom: Rudy and Snap from "Snap's Wishy Washout"

Anchor Bay Back Cover[]

  • Top Left: Doodlebob from “Frankendoodle”
  • Top Right: Percy from "Percy Gets It Right"

Cover Color[]

  • Navy Blue (SHV)
  • Arylide Yellow (ABE)