Freeform Heroes was a Saturday Morning block launched on October 3, 2020, and ran from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Like the ABC Family Action block from March 2002, it featured a mix of shows six from 4Kids and two more from Saban.


  • 9:00am Pokemon the Series: The Beginning
  • 9:30am Kodocha
  • 10:00am Digimon Adventure
  • 10:30am The Red Ribbon
  • 11:00am Soar High!
  • 11:30am EarthBound
  • 12:00pm Star Fox: The Animated Series
  • 12:30pm F-Zero X


  • A four hour block for Freeform.
  • Pokemon engages from the Kanto saga.
  • Also, Digimon begins its first season.
  • The block's logo and black & white on-screen bug resemble the normal Freeform logo from 2018.


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