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Fortress -- Design, Build, Defend!

Fortress is the working title for an open source game inspired by the old DOS classic Castles (Wikipedia), (Abandonia).

Game Goals

Gameplay will focus around designing, building, and defending castles in a medieval setting, with a long term view to creating a strategic map of realms which need defending. Fortress is currently at the brainstorming stage whilst a sourceforge project is registered and more details are decided.

Whilst inspired by Castles, the project will not be a clone nor limited by the scope of the original.


It has been decided that the game will be programmed in Java and use the Vexi to implement a user interface of a higher standard than is typically encountered in open source games. The game will be principally in 3D.

If you wish to contribute, please register your interest here before making major changes to this wiki space.


Since Fortress is a free software we mandate use of formats compatible with free software tools to allow everyone to modify already created content. We also strongly encourage you to actually use free software tools to create content for The Fortress.

  • raster graphics: preferred formats: PNG, XCF; allowed formats: JPG, TGA, BMP, TIFF; suggested appliaction: GIMP
  • vector graphics: preferred/allowed formats: SVG; suggested application: Inkscape
  • 3D models: preferred formats: .blend; allowed formats: anything that Blender can import flawlessly; suggested applications: Blender, Wings, ArtOfIllusion
  • sound: preferred formats: WAV; allowed formats: AIFF, AU, Ogg/Vorbis; suggested application: Audacity (? others)
  • music: preferred formats: Ogg/Vorbis; allowed formats: WAV, FLAC; suggested application: ???

Please note that we specifically disallow formats like MP3, PSD, 3DS or MAX. These are patent encumbered/nonfree formats and using them is source of major problems for free software users.

If you have any suggestions please use forums for discussion about it.


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