The page you are reading at this very moment is part of a fork of pubwan called pubwan wiki. The content here, pubwan content in general, pubwan activity in general, and even the pubwan concept (except possibly in German and/or Thai-speaking countries) are ungoverned by the cypherpunks anti license. This means that if you want, you can (and may) have your own fork of pubwan. Simply visit, which should be a directory. Download all the files in said directory into your own directory which is called whatever you want to call it. Ungoverned, remember? You can do whatever you want with your "pubwan mirror" or, as I like to call it, "fork of pubwan." In general such forks should be thought of plurally as "forks of pubwans," not "forks of pubwan." There is no such thing as "official pubwan." Again, ungoverned. Also, remember that the purpose of pubwan is not so much to create a central repository, so much as a central view sort of informational capability.

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