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Fantasy Grounds is an online tabletop designed to let people play traditional pen&paper RPG's online. It was created by SmiteWorks and released on December 6, 2004. The program's [ This article is a work in progress.

The objectives of this article are many-fold.

  1. The functionality of the client (player) version of the program will be detailed and explained. This will

Client (Player) Functionality

Main Article: Client (Player) Functionality

Shortcuts For Game Masters and Players

Host (Gamemaster) Functionality

Main Article: Host (Gamemaster) Functionality

Content Creation

Main Article: Content Creation

Ruleset Modification & Creation

Main Article: Ruleset Modification & Creation

Known Problems & Fixes

Main Article: Known Problems & Fixes Current version 2.1.0 does not work under linux box using vmware or wine. Requires DirectX support.

Fantasy Grounds Glossary

The Fantasy Grounds Glossary defines common terms used within Fantasy Grounds.

Please use the naming convention Fantasy Grounds Glossary: term when creating new pages for terms. Also, be sure to include [[Category:Fantasy Grounds Glossary]] in the body.

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