Fellowship for Intentional Community presents


Promoting and supporting communities that recognize and practice sustainability

About this Page

This wiki page is the FIC Core Team planning space for this large community event. The public Event Postings appear on the FIC Events Calendar and the FIC Art of Community page.

Event Summary


  • Create strong sense of community for duration of the event
    • How important is this goal?
    • if a large public event, a more reasonable goal might be to grow valuable connections for people doing community and sustainability work
  • Increase NW public awareness of:
    • NW Intentional Communities
    • How to grow community where you are
    • Sustainability Issues in the NW
  • Increase size and numbers of documented NW communities
  • Increase effectiveness of:
    • NW communitarians who are building community in many different forms
    • FIC at marshalling resources from NW communities
    • FIC at engaging with Community Where You Are organizations
  • Generate income for FIC
  • Generate income for Event Organizers


This event is using an Eight Shields Organization Model to organize roles and responsibilities. See Core Leadership Team for current status of leadership team.


Unless otherwise specifically arranged, which is expected as the event planning comes together, the event budget will not provide payment for labor or any out-of-pocket costs. All expenses will be born by individual contributors or other supporting organizations.

As the event business plan comes together, it is expected that expenses will be shifted to the event's budget. Until then, any expenses you bear should be considered a contribution to the event’s success.

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