Duck the Great Western Engine
Number 8, previously 5741 and 4
Class GWR 57xx Class 0-6-0PT
Livery GWR green livery
Line Tidmouth-Arlesburgh branchline/The Little Western
Built February 9, 1929
Builder North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, Scotland
Designer Charles B. Collet
Date of Birth March 31, 1929 (age 88)
First Appearance Duck Takes Charge
Voice Actor Steven Kynman (UK/USA)

Montague "Duck" the Great Western Engine is a green 0-6-0 Pannier Tank locomotive and lives and works on the Island of Sodor.

Allies: Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Donald (best friend), Douglas (best friend), Oliver (best friend), Emily, Charlie, Flora, Nia, Rebecca, Stepney, Toad, Murdoch, Arthur, Lady (girlfriend) Spencer, Stanley, BoCo, The Fat Controller (boss), Bill, Ben, Wilbert, Fergus, Victor, Kevin, Bash, Dash, Ferdinand, Whiff, Scruff, Billy, Hiro, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Duke, Freddie, Mighty Mac, Luke, Mike, Rex, Bert, Frank, Jock, Blister I and Blister II, Sigrid, Belle, Flynn, Daisy, Den, Dart, Paxton, Norman, Sidney, Dennis, Neville, Molly, Salty, Stephen, Millie, Connor, Caitlin, Gator, Timothy, Marion, Reg, Skiff, Ryan, Philip, Bertie, Harold, Terence and Trevor

Enemies: Diesel, Arry, Bert, Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, George, Bulgy, Daisy (formerly), D150, Steam Engine (brother), D199, Old Stuck Up

Duck in the Railway Series

Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller) bought Duck from The Other Railway in born in 1929 and died in 2016 to take Percy's place as station pilot at Tidmouth. (See Percy the Small Engine). Since Sir Topham had been apprenticed at Swindon, he allowed Duck to return to his original Great Western livery, and retain his number '5741', which Duck wears proudly on cast brass numberplates on his cab sides.

Duck is not actually his real name. When he first arrived, he explained that his real name was Montague, but he was usually called Duck because everyone said he waddels. Although he claims this was not true, he prefers Duck to Montague, and now that is what everyone calls him, except behind his back.

Despite an incident when a devious engine called Diesel spread lies about him, the Fat Controller realised what a useful engine he had in Duck, and eventually gave him a branch line of his very own.

Duck's branch line runs between Tidmouth and Arlesburgh and is nicknamed The Little Western, as all the locomotives and coaches are Great Western. Duck shares the passenger duties with Oliver, but has his own two autocoaches: Alice and Mirabel.

Duck sometimes helps on other lines. He makes friends easily, and the Fat Controller says that he makes everything run like clockwork. "There are two ways of doing things," Duck says, "The great western way or the wrong way." This has been known to annoy the other engines.

Duck in the TV Series

In the TV Series, when he arrived on Sodor, Duck was given the number 8, his official North Western Railway number. The Great Western number worn in the books never appears. He was repainted in the livery of the Great Western Railway, although the shade of green used was the same as that of Percy.

He worked as a cock shunter, among other duties, until he received his branch line in the episode 'Donald's Duck' (set, in the television series, before the arrival of Oliver).

Duck had not appeared in any episodes since the seventh season, but has appeared in a song which was broadcast alongside the tenth season.

Duck made his first full CGI appearance in the seventeenth season.

Season 2

  • Duck Takes Charge
  • The Runaway (does not speak)
  • Pop Goes The Diesel
  • Dirty Work
  • A Close Shave
  • The Deputation
  • Edward's Exploit
  • Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree (does not speak)

Season 3

Gordon and the Famous Visitor, Donald's Duck, Thomas, Percy and the Dragon (cameo), Diesel Does it Again, Thomas, Percy and the Post Train, Trust Thomas (does not speak), Buzz, Buzz, All at Sea, Tender Engines, Escape, Oliver Owns Up, Bulgy, Percy, James and the Fruitful Day and Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure (cameo)

Season 4

  • Granpuff,
  • Four Little Engines (cameo),
  • Rock 'n' Roll (cameo)
  • Thomas and Stepney (does not speak)
  • Train Stops Play (cameo)
  • Bowled Out
  • Henry and the Elephant (cameo)
  • Toad Stands By
  • Thomas and the Special Letter
  • Paint Pots and Queens
  • Fish
  • Mind that Bike (cameo)

Season 5 Cranky Bugs, Horrid Lorry (cameo), A Better View for Gordon (cameo), Bye George!, Baa! (cameo), Put Upon Percy (does not speak), Double Teething Troubles, Thomas and the Rumours (cameo), Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday (cameo) and Make Someone Happy (cameo)

Season 6 Harvey to the Rescue (cameo), A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter (cameo), Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry (cameo), It's Only Snow (cameo), Twin Trouble, The World's Strongest Engine (cameo), Scaredy Engines, Percy and the Haunted Mine (cameo), Middle Engine (cameo), James and the Red Balloon (does not speak), Jack Frost (cameo), Percy's Chocolate Crunch (cameo), Toby Had a Little Lamb and Edward the Very Useful Engine (does not speak) Season 7

  • Percy Gets it Right (cameo), What's the Matter with Henry? (cameo), James and the Queen of Sodor, The Spotless Record (does not speak), Snow Engine (does not speak), Something Fishy (cameo), Peace and Quiet (cameo) and Not So Hasty Puddings (stock footage cameo)
  • Season 12

Excellent Emily, Saved You!, Gordon Takes a Shortcut and Best Friends (does not speak) Season 17



The nickname "Duck" comes from Rev. W. V. Awdry's OO scale model railway. He had bought a GWR Pannier tank engine manufactured by Gaiety as a spare engine for his model railway, but one of the wheels was not quite concentric, and the model had a pronounced waddle, earning the nickname "Duck" which stuck long after new wheels had been fitted.

Duck is based on the 57xx class built by the Great Western Railway and still carries the colours of the GWR. These engines were designed to shunt and to work branch lines, and many were still working beyond the end of steam on British Railways. Several are preserved on steam railways up and down the United Kingdom, where they have proved as useful and versatile as Duck himself.

In the biographical work The Thomas the Tank Engine Man, Rev. W. Awdry recalls seeing pannier tanks at work on the Great Western Railway at Box in Wiltshire, where he lived as a child. These would not have been 57xx tanks, but might have been an early influence nonetheless.


  • Duck's theme is his Season 2 theme.
  • In the Greek narration of the Classic Series, Duck is female and named "Jackie".

Counterparts (Hero Version) (Boy Version)

Counterparts (Girl Version)

  • Caitlin, Millie, Isobella, Mavis, or Daisy (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: both Duck and Daisy are green)
  • Robyn or Buttercup (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Maud Pie (MLP: FiM)
  • Frieda (Peanuts)

Counterparts (Villian Version)

  • George (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)
  • Coconuts (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Sideshow Bob (The Simpsons)
  • Ernie the Giant Chicken (Family Guy)
  • Andrew Oikonny (Star Fox)
  • TigerClaw (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


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