• The Cat in the Hat as Dexter
  • Norval the Fish as Tail Dexter
  • Cindy Lou Who as Dee Dee
  • Sarah Hall-Small as Dexter's Mom
  • Mack the Turtle as Dexter's Dad
  • Mr. Brown as Dexter's Grandpa
  • The Grinch as Mandark
  • The White-Tufted Floozle Bird as Lee Lee
  • Pam-I-Am as Mee Mee
  • Sam-I-Am as Dexter's Monkey
  • Little Cat Fleep as Valhallen
  • The Once-Ler as Mandark's Duck
  • Joey as Mayor Glory
  • Horton the Elephant as Krunk
  • Jane Kangaroo as Lalava
  • The Lorax as Douglas
  • Mr. Knox and Fox in Socks as Mitch and Clem
  • Young Cat in the Hat as Dextor
  • Sylvester McMonkey McBean as Action Hank
  • Daisy-Head Mayzie as Pony Puff Princess
  • Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose as Koosalagoopagoop
  • Audrey as Agent Honeydew
  • North-Going Zax as School Bully #1
  • South-Going Zax as School Bully #2

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