Dot is one of the main protagonists of Animaniacs. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille. In The Land of Teletoon Series, She is voiced by Cree Summer. Her full name is Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third.


  • Species: Anthropomorphic Warner
  • Fur Color: Black and White
  • Clothing: Pink-short pants, yellow and orange flower, two white gloves
  • Friends/Allies: Yakko (brother; boyfriend), Wakko (brother; second boyfriend), Dr. Otto ScratchNSniff (good friend and love interest), Hello Nurse, Mr. Plotz, Ralph (occasionally), Mr. Director, Miss Flamiel, Albert Einstein, Wally Llama, King Arthur, Pip, Prunella Flundergust, Googi Goop, The Clown, Michelangelo, Slappy Squirrel, Skippy Squirrel (cousin), Mindy, Buttons, Pinky and The Brain (occasionally), Baloney (sometimes), Buddy, Flavio, Marita, Charlton Woodchuck, The Mime, Mr. Skullhead, Chicken Boo, Neivel Nosenest (scoring session boss), Birdie
  • Rivals: Ralph (arch-rival), Pinky and The Brain, Mr. Plotz (sometimes)
  • Enemies: Baloney (usaully), Buddy (formerly), Wakko (sometimes), King Salazar, Death, Satan, Prunella Flundergust (formerly), Captain Mel, Mr. Flaxseed, Neivel Nosenest (sometimes),

Counterparts (Tiny Toon Adventures Version)

Counterparts (Animaniacs Version)