Season 1

The Legend of the Big Red Chicken

  • Bridge, Gate, Big Red Hill

Lost and Found

  • Bananas, Cornfield, Little Blue Tree


  • Noisy River, Quiet Forest, Yellow Valley
    • River, Forest, Yellow Valley


  • Sand Dunes, Boardwalk, Beach
    • Dunes, Boardwalk, Beach
  • Which path goes all the way through the dunes? Blue, red, or yellow?

We All Scream for Ice Cream

  • Strawberry Mountain, Chocolate Lake, Coney Island
    • Mountain, Lake, Coney Island

Choo Choo

  • Mountain, Tunnel, Big Yellow Station

Treasure Island

  • Look Out Tree, Crocodile Lake, Treasure Island
    • Tree, Lake, Treasure Island

Three Little Piggies

  • Hayfield, Barn, Apple Tree
    • Hay, Barn, Apple Tree

The Big River

  • Bridge, Froggy Rocks, Waterfall
    • Bridge, Rocks, Waterfall

Berry Hunt

  • Icy Cold River, Prickly Forest, Blueberry Hill
    • River, Forest, Blueberry Hill

Wizzle Wishes

  • Flowery Garden, Nutty Forest, Wishing Well
    • Garden, Forest, Wishing Well

Grandma's House

  • Bumpy Bridge, Turtle River, Grandma's House
    • Bridge, River, Grandma's House


  • Stairs, Troll Bridge, Dora's House
    • Stairs, Bridge, Party House

Sticky Tape

  • Windy River, Slippery Rock, Crocodile Lake
    • River, Rock, Crocodile Lake

Bouncing Ball

  • Mucky Mud, Troll Bridge, Volcano
    • Mud, Bridge, Volcano


  • Troll Bridge, Big Rock, Library
    • Bridge, Rock, Library

Bugga Bugga

  • Flowery Garden, Spider Web, Big Blue Bush
    • Garden, Web, Big Blue Bush

Fish Out of Water

  • Sand Castle, Ocean, Red Rock
    • Castle, Ocean, Red Rock

Little Star

  • Troll Bridge, Tico's Tree, Tall Mountain
    • Bridge, Tree, Tall Mountain

Dora Saves the Prince

  • Big Gate, Crocodile Lake, High Tower
    • Gate, Lake, High Tower

El Coqui

  • Echo Bush, Ocean, Coqui's Island
    • Bush, Ocean, Coqui's Island

Chocolate Tree

  • Jungle, Bear's Cave, Chocolate Tree
    • Jungle, Cave, Chocolate Tree

Tree House

  • Crocodile Lake, Stone Wall, Treehouse
    • Lake, Wall, Treehouse

Te Amo

  • Bridge, Rocks, Mountains

Pablo's Flute

  • Windy Bridge, Spooky Forest, Pablo's Mountain
    • Bridge, Forest, Pablo's Mountain

Call Me Mr. Riddles

  • Troll Bridge, Knock-Knock Door, Tall Mountain
    • Bridge, Door, Tall Mountain

Season 2

The Big Storm

  • Red Bush, Nutty Forest, Dora's House
    • Bush, Forest, Dora's House

The Magic Stick

  • Snake River, Wall, Highest Hill
    • River, Wall, Highest Hill

The Missing Piece

  • Crocodile Lake, Red Tunnel, (End of the) Rainbow
    • Lake, Tunnel, Rainbow

Rojo, the Fire Truck

  • Town, Gas Station, Big Tree

Lost Squeaky

  • Bubble Bridge, Muddy Mountain, Gooey Geyser
    • Bridge, Mountain, Gooey Geyser

Doctor Dora

  • Jungle, Big Hill, Benny's Barn
    • Jungle, Hill, Benny's Barn

The Golden Explorers

  • Big Tree, Dinosaur's Tail, Net
    • Tree, Tail, Net

El Día de las Madres

  • Bananas, Nutty Forest, Chocolate Tree
    • Bananas, Nuts, Chocolate Tree

Lost Map

  • Butterfly Garden, Cornfield, Tallest Mountain
    • Garden, Cornfield, Tallest Mountain

Pinto, The Pony Express

  • Gold Tunnel, Rattlesnake Rocks, Benny's Barn
    • Tunnel, Rocks, Benny's Barn

The Big Piñata

  • Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Big Piñata

The Happy Old Troll

  • Big Red Hill, Fishy Lake, Play Park
    • Hill, Lake, Play Park

Super Map!

  • Jungle, River, Dora's House


  • Rainforest, Tallest Mountain, Blueberry Hill
    • Rainforest, Mountain, Blueberry Hill

¡Rápido, Tico!

  • Crocodile Lake, Blue Tunnel, Snowy Mountain
    • Lake, Tunnel, Snowy Mountain

A Present for Santa

  • Snowy Mountains, Icy River, North Pole
    • Mountains, River, North Pole

A Letter for Swiper

  • Nutty Forest, Benny's Barn, Blueberry Hill
    • Forest, Barn, Blueberry Hill

Dora, La Músico

  • Piano Bridge, Singing Gate, Music Box
    • Bridge, Gate, Music Box

Egg Hunt

  • Duck Pond, Farm, Grandma's House
    • Pond, Farm, Grandma's House

Super Spies

  • Hidden Door, Secret Jungle, Flowery Garden
    • Door, Jungle, Flowery Garden

To the Monkey Bars

  • Troll Bridge, Windy Hill, Play Park
    • Bridge, Hill, Play Park

Hide and Go Seek

  • Spooky Cave, Squirrel Trees, Rainforest
    • Cave, Trees, Rainforest

School Pet

  • Rope Bridge, Jungle, Pyramids
    • Bridge, Jungle, Pyramids

Quack! Quack!

  • Market, Rainbow Bridge, Duck Pond
    • Market, Bridge, Duck Pond

Whose Birthday Is It?

  • Cupcake Mountain, Sneezing Snake Lake, Play Park
    • Mountain, Lake, Play Park

The Lost City

  • Number Pyramid, Mixed-Up Jungle, Lost City
    • Pyramid, Jungle, Lost City
  • Shortcut to the Mixed-Up Jungle: Jump up and down on the blue triangle.

León, the Circus Lion

  • Swinging Forest, Tightrope Bridge, Circus
    • Forest, Bridge, Circus

Season 3

Dora Had a Little Lamb

  • Waterspout, Moon, Mary's House
    • Water, Moon, Mary's House

Meet Diego!

  • Rainforest, Big Cave, Waterfall
    • Rainforest, Cave, Waterfall

Stuck Truck

  • Puzzle Bridge, Crocodile Lake, Play Park
    • Bridge, Lake, Play Park

Roberto the Robot

  • Railroad Bridge, Volcano, Grandpa's House
    • Bridge, Volcano, Grandpa's House

The Big Potato

  • Magic Garden, Golden Gate, Wizard's Castle
    • Garden, Gate, Wizard's Castle

Rescue, Rescue, Rescue

  • Baby Jaguar: Tree (with prickers and thorns)
    • Shortcut: Clap your hands!
  • Isa: Big Sand Hole
  • Benny: Gooey Geyser

Save the Puppies

  • Doghouse, Dog-Bone River, Doggy Cages
    • Doghouse, River, Doggy Cages

¡Por Favor!

  • Dragon's Forest, Drawbridge, Castle
    • Forest, Drawbridge, Castle

What Happens Next?

  • 3 Bears' House, Beanstalk, Rainbow
    • Bears, Beanstalk, Rainbow

The Fix-It Machine

  • Crocodile Lake, Troll Bridge, Super-Duper Fix-It Machine
    • Lake, Bridge, Fix-It Machine

Baby Dino

  • River, T-Rex, Dino Island

Baseball Boots

  • Troll Bridge, Pitcher's Pond, Baseball Game
    • Bridge, Pond, Baseball Game

Boots's Special Day

  • Big Drum Parade, Animal Center, Amusement Park
    • Drums, Animals, Boots' Daddy

To the South Pole

  • Icy Water, Snowy Mountain, South Pole
    • Water, Mountain, South Pole

Journey to the Purple Planet

  • Milky Way, Space Rocks, Purple Planet
    • Milky Way, Rocks, Purple Planet


  • Pumpkin Patch, Good Witch's Forest, Monster House
    • Pumpkin, Witch, Monster House

Dora Saves the Game

  • Jungle, Bridge, Soccer Game

Dora's Pirate Adventure

  • 7 Seas, Singing Bridge, Treasure Island
    • Seas, Bridge, Treasure Island

The Super Silly Fiesta

  • Singing Gate, Troll Bridge, Super Silly Fiesta
    • Gate, Bridge, Fiesta

Boots's Cuddly Dinosaur

  • Animal Center, Benny's Barn, Play Park
    • Animals, Barn, Play Park

Job Day

  • Firehouse, Bridge, Pyramid


  • Noisy River, Troll Bridge, Highest Hill
    • River, Bridge, Highest Hill

ABC Animals

  • Elevator (E), Slippery Slide (S), Z
    • Elevator, Slide, Z

Season 4

Dora's Fairytale Adventure


  • Find the red ring.
  • Teach the Giant Rocks to sing.
  • Turn winter into spring.
  • Bring the moon to the Queen and King.


  • Dragon's Cave
  • Giant Rocks
  • Winter Valley
  • Castle

Daisy, La Quinceañera

  • Barn, Rainforest, Daisy's Party

Star Catcher

  • Stormy Water, Dragon Mountain, Cloud Castle
    • Water, Mountain, Cloud Castle

La Maestra de Música

  • Town, Musical Mountain, School
    • Town, Mountain, School

The Shy Rainbow

  • Troll Bridge, Sneezing Snake Lake, Rainy Mountain
    • Bridge, Lake, Rainy Mountain

Swiper the Explorer

  • Volcano, Forest of Prickers and Thorns, Fox Hole
    • Volcano, Forest, Fox Hole

Star Mountain

  • 15 Steps, Diamond, Giant Star
    • Steps, Diamond, Giant Star

Big Sister Dora

  • Spooky Forest, Nut Farm, Dora's House
    • Forest, Nut Farm, Dora's House

Super Babies

  • Bubble Bath, Building Blocks, Bananas
    • Bath, Blocks, Bananas

Catch the Babies

  • Farm, Flowery Garden, Gooey Geyser
    • Farm, Garden, Gooey Geyser

Dora's Got a Puppy

  • Butterfly Garden, 10 Dancing Trees, Dora's House
    • Garden, Trees, Dora's House

We're a Team!

  • Troll Bridge, Volcano, Big Wall
    • Bridge, Volcano, Big Wall

Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine

  • Underground River, Twisty Tunnel, Tico's Party
    • River, Tunnel, Tico's Party

Dora and Diego to the Rescue

  • Ocean, Tall Grass, Polar Bear Mountain
    • Ocean, Grass, Polar Bear Mountain

A Crown for King Juan el Bobo

  • Fountain, Turkey Garden, Swing
    • Fountain, Garden, Swing

Mixed-Up Seasons

  • Winter - snowman
  • Spring - flower
  • Fall - pumpkin
  • Summer - sand crab

Best Friends

  • Dora: Gate, Rainbow Rock
  • Boots: Crabs, Rainbow Rock

Dora's Dance to the Rescue

  • Pyramid, Ocean, Castle

Save Diego

  • Very Fast River (El Río Rápido), Muddy Mudslide, Rocky Mountain
    • River, Mudslide, Rocky Mountain

Dora's First Trip

  • Nutty Forest, Big River, Tallest Mountain
    • Forest, River, Tallest Mountain

Baby Jaguar's Roar

  • Jungle, River (El Río Rápido), Big Mountain
    • Jungle, River, Big Mountain

Dora's World Adventure

  • Eiffel Tower (France), Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Winter Palace (Russia), Great Wall of China
    • Tower, Mountain, Palace, Wall

Boots to the Rescue

  • Up and Down Jungle, Robot House, School

Baby Crab

  • Sand Castle, Snapping Clams, Crab Island
    • Castle, Clams, Crab Island

Dora Saves the Mermaids

  • Seashell Bridge, Pirate Island, Silly Sea, Mermaid Kingdom
    • Bridge, Island, Sea, Kingdom

Season 5

First Day of School

  • River, Forest, School

The Backpack Parade

  • Hiccup Bridge, Snoring Forest, Parade
    • Bridge, Forest, Parade

Benny's Big Race

  • Traffic Cones, Hot Desert, Finish Line
    • Cones, Desert, Finish Line

Isa's Unicorn Flowers

  • Dragon's Cave, Troll Bridge, Rainbow
    • Cave, Bridge, Rainbow

Dora's Jack-in-the-Box

  • Russian Doll, Piano Gate, Dora's House
    • Doll, Gate, Dora's House

Bark, Bark to Play Park!

  • Double Doghouse, Twin Mountains, Twins' Day Party
    • Doghouse, Mountains, Party

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

  • Icy Ocean, Snow Hills, Cave, Princess
    • Ocean, Hills, Cave, Princess

The Mayan Adventure

  • Pyramid, Starry Jungle, Ball Game
    • Pyramid, Jungle, Ball Game

Bouncy Boots

  • Tall Gates, River, Shoe Shop
    • Gates, River, Shoe Shop

The Big Red Chicken's Magic Show

  • Card Castle, Magic Cup Forest, Bunny Hill
    • Castle, Forest, Bunny Hill

Dora Saves Three Kings Day

  • 5 Golden Rings, Desert, Dora's House
    • Rings, Desert, Party

Benny's Treasure

  • Troll Bridge, Swan Lake, Junky Junkyard
    • Bridge, Lake, Backpack and Map

Dora Saves the Three Little Pigs

  • Mountain of Straw, Maze of Sticks, Brick House
    • Straw, Sticks, Piggies

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

  • Dragon Land Story, Butterfly Cave Story, Magic Castle Story, Crystal Kingdom Story
    • Dragon, Cave, Castle, Crystal Kingdom

Super Babies' Dream Adventure

  • Giant's Forest, Dragon Mountain, Dream Fairy's Castle
    • Forest, Mountain, Castle

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure

  • Troll Bridge
  • Castle

Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle

  • Unicorn Forest, Dinosaur Caves, Wizzle Mountain
    • Unicorn, Dinosaurs, Wizzle Mountain

Pirate Treasure Hunt

  • Mermaids' Rocks, Monkey Cave, Treasure
    • Mermaids, Cave, Treasure

Boots' Banana Wish

  • Troll Bridge, Big River, Abuelo's Workshop
    • Bridge, River, Workshop

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

  • Sea Snake Lake, Dancing Forest, Rainbow, Wizzle Mountain
    • Lake, Forest, Rainbow, Wizzle Mountain

Season 6

Dora's Pegaso Adventure

  • Black Hole, Saturn's Rings, Milky Way
    • Hole, Rings, Milky Way

Happy Birthday, Super Babies!

  • Bouncy House, Piñata Forest, Bear's Castle
    • House, Forest, Bear's Castle

Dora's Hair-Raising Adventure

  • Troll Bridge, Hairy Trees, Barbershop
    • Bridge, Trees, Barbershop

Baby Winky Comes Home

  • Farmer's Market, Hopscotch Bridge, Tallest Mountain
    • Market, Bridge, Tallest Mountain

The Grumpy Old Troll Gets Married

  • Flowery Garden, Wedding Bells, Grandma's House
    • Garden, Bells, Grandma's House

Boots' First Bike

  • Pirate Lake, Bluebird Forest, Bike Shop
    • Lake, Forest, Bike Shop


  • Nutty Forest, Isa's Garden, Campground
    • Forest, Garden, Campground

Dora in Troll Land

  • Giant Cereal Bowl, Toll, Pole, Soccer Goal, Hole
    • Bowl, Toll, Pole, Goal, Hole

Tale of the Unicorn King

  • Riddle Tree, Dragon Mountain, Enchanted Castle
    • Tree, Mountain, Castle

Halloween Parade

  • Spooky Bridge, Fruity Forest, Halloween Parade
    • Bridge, Forest, Halloween Parade

Dora Saves King Unicornio

  • Elf Garden, Scarecrow's Corn Field, Fairy Tunnel, Enchanted Forest
    • Garden, Corn Field, Tunnel, Enchanted Forest

The Big Red Chicken's Magic Wand

  • Magic Mirrors, Giant Dice, Wand Shop
    • Mirrors, Dice, Wand Shop

Swiper's Favorite Things

  • Crocodile Lake, Tangled Forest, Strawberry Hill
    • Lake, Forest, Strawberry Hill

A Ribbon for Pinto

  • Sheep Farm, Cactus Snakes, Horse Show
    • Sheep, Cactus, Horse Show

Dora's Knighthood Adventure!

  • Puppet Stage, Tico's Carousel, Princess Garden
    • Stage, Carousel, Garden

Season 7

Dora's Easter Adventure

  • Flower Garden, Petting Farm, Rainbow River
    • Garden, Farm, Rainbow River

Feliz Día de Los Padres

  • Rushing River, Race Track, Ocean
    • River, Race Track, Ocean

Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

  • Octopus's Garden, Ocean Rocks, Mermaid Cove
    • Garden, Rocks, Mermaid Cove

Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure

  • Crocodile Lake, Flowery Garden, Gym
    • Lake, Garden, Gym

School Science Fair

  • Magnet Bridge, Animal Rescue Center, School
    • Bridge, Rescue Center, School

Perrito's Big Surprise

  • Troll Bridge, Animal School, Surprise Hill
    • Bridge, School, Surprise Hill

Dora and Diego's Amazing Animal Circus Adventure

  • Troll Bridge, Whistling Duck Pond, Amazing Animal Circus
    • Bridge, Pond, Animal Circus

Benny the Castaway

  • Ocean Rocks, Seaweed, Coconut Island
    • Rocks, Seaweed, Coconut Island

Baby Bongo's Big Music Show

  • Troll Bridge, Conga Beach, Music Show
    • Bridge, Beach, Music Show

Dora's Royal Rescue

  • Secret Cave, Windmills, Noble Forest, Story Castle
    • Cave, Windmills, Forest, Story Castle

¡Vamos a Pintar!

  • Water Lily Lake, Train Tracks, Art Studio
    • Lake, Train Tracks, Art Studio

Check Up Day

  • Duck Pond, Monkey Forest, Doctor
    • Pond, Forest, Doctor

Little Map

  • Town, Troll Bridge, Garden Mountain
    • Town, Bridge, Garden Mountain

Dora's Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • Apple Trees, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Rock
    • Apples, Corn, Pumpkin Rock

Dora Rocks!

  • Noisy River, Rumble Rocks, Benny's Barn
    • River, Rocks, Benny's Barn

The Butterfly Ball

  • Balloon Hill, Chilly Tunnel, Butterfly Ball
    • Hill, Tunnel, Butterfly Ball

Season 8

Dora and Perrito to the Rescue

  • Troll Bridge, Nutty Forest, Big River
    • Bridge, Forest, Big River

Puppies Galore

  • Doggy Train, Muddy River, Bear's Cave
    • Train, River, Cave

Catch That Shape Train

  • Crocodile Forest, Snowy Mountain, Shape Train
    • Forest, Mountain, Shape Train

Kittens in Mittens

  • Meow Bridge, Bell Garden, Sleeping Dragon's Cave
    • Bridge, Garden, Dragon's Cave

Dora's Great Roller Skate Adventure

  • Roller Coaster, Big Slide, Skate Park
    • Roller Coaster, Slide, Skate Park

Verde's Birthday Party!

  • Baby Bubble Train, Windy Forest, Party Park
    • Train, Forest, Party Park

Dora and Sparky's Riding Adventure

  • Rocky Mountains, Prickly Forest, Farm
    • Mountains, Forest, Farm

Dora's Rainforest Talent Show

  • Knock-Knock Doors, Troll Bridge, Rainforest Talent Show
    • Doors, Bridge, Talent Show

Dora & Diego in the Time of Dinosaurs

  • Giant River, Dino Mountain, Birthday Party
    • River, Mountain, Birthday Party

Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular

  • Icy Cave, Pine Tree Mountain, Snowflake Lake
    • Cave, Mountain, Snowflake Lake

Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks

  • River Ride, Swinging Tree, Roller Coaster Rocks
    • River, Tree, Roller Coaster Rocks

Dora in Wonderland

  • Giant Trees, Tiny Animals, Forgetful Forest, Queen's Tea Party
    • Trees, Animals, Forest, Tea Party

Dora's Museum Sleepover Adventure

  • Windy Lake, Rainbow Bridge, Prince's Castle
    • Lake, Bridge, Castle

Dora's Super Soccer Showdown

  • Samba Trees, Dinosaurs, Monster Team
    • Trees, Dinosaurs, Monsters

Go, Diego, Go!

The Great Dinosaur Rescue

  • Muddy Mud Pits, Rocky Rock Cliff, Rumbling Volcano, Egg Island
    • Mud, Cliff, Volcano, Egg Island

Diego and Dora Save the Giant Tortoises

  • Tunnel, Forest, Turtle Rock

Diego and Dora Help Baby Monarch Get to the Festival

  • Cactus Desert, Swamp, Butterfly Festival
    • Desert, Swamp, Festival
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