Do the Alphabet is a 1996 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation, with a framing sequence starring Big Bird and Baby Bear.


  1. Do the Alphabet/Thomas
  2. Do the Alphabet/TUGS
  3. Do the Alphabet/Muppets
  4. Do the Alphabet/Jake and the Never Land Pirates
  5. Do the Alphabet/Doc McStuffins
  6. Do the Alphabet/Sofia the First
  7. Do the Alphabet/Peg + Cat
  8. Do the Alphabet/Little Charmers
  9. Do the Alphabet/Phineas and Ferb
  10. Do the Alphabet/Mario
  11. Do the Alphabet/The Legend of Zelda
  12. Do the Alphabet/Jeff Dunham
  13. Do the Alphabet/The Mr. Men Show
  14. Do the Alphabet/The Simpsons
  15. Do the Alphabet/Family Guy
  16. Do the Alphabet/Bear in the Big Blue House
  17. Do the Alphabet/Rolie Polie Olie
  18. Do the Alphabet/Winnie the Pooh
  19. Do the Alphabet/Homestar Runner
  20. Do the Alphabet/Barney
  21. Do the Alphabet/Garfield
  22. Do the Alphabet/Sonic
  23. Do the Alphabet/The Wiggles
  24. Do the Alphabet/Dr. Seuss
  25. Do the Alphabet/The Muppet Show
  26. Do the Alphabet/Avenue Q
  27. Do the Alphabet/Gravity Falls
  28. Do the Alphabet/Pocoyo
  29. Do the Alphabet/Blue's Clues
  30. Do the Alphabet/Monsters, Inc.
  31. Do the Alphabet/Toy Story
  32. Do the Alphabet/Eureeka's Castle
  33. Do the Alphabet/The Fresh Beat Band
  34. Do the Alphabet/Runaway Bride
  35. Do the Alphabet/Christmas With the Kranks
  36. Do the Alphabet/Shrek
  37. Do the Alphabet/The Odd Couple (2015)
  38. Do the Alphabet/The Powerpuff Girls
  39. Do the Alphabet/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  40. Do the Alphabet/Sheriff Callie's Wild West
  41. Do the Alphabet/The Berenstain Bears
  42. Do the Alphabet/The Backyardigans
  43. Do the Alphabet/Mix of Characters
  44. Do the Alphabet/The Noddy Shop
  45. Do the Alphabet/Jack's Big Music Show
  46. Do the Alphabet/Kirby
  47. Do the Alphabet/Dragon Tales
  48. Do the Alphabet/Teletubbies
  49. Do the Alphabet/Fraggle Rock
  50. Do the Alphabet/The Loud House
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