Disability Challengers Farnham is an British Canadian American and South Korean Televison Series Produced By Hit Entertainment and Iconix In 2013 its called Challengers Also Known as Fergie the Little Tractor in 2014


This is All about People are Autism, Staff, and Anthropomorphic Vehicles Locations and Things and its Based On Challengers Farnham Youth By Ronnie Goodsall and Ella Arbelaez-Rodriguez, Leopold and His Friends are Having Fun In Youth Centure Some Vehicles Can Talk, But Some Vehicles Don't They Can Only Make Engine Noises Featuring All Characters are AGK Series, Tourettes Guy, Series Timbuctoo, Firehouse Tales, Tayo the Little Bus, Robocar Poli Underground Ernie Elias The Little Rescue Boat, TUGS Rupert Bear Follow the Magic Theodore Tugboat Engie Benjy Bob the Builder, Tonka Town Go Bots, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Ed Edd n Eddy, Huxley Pig, Brum Toy Story, Big Rig Buddies, Disney Films, Mr Men, Trucktown, Thomas and Friends, Chuggington, Olly the Little White Van, Cars, Planes, JCB, Steady Eddie, Budgie the Little Helicopter, Fifi and the Flowertots The Koala Brothers, Roary the Racing Car Matchbox Hot Wheels Monster Jam Meteor and the Mighty Monster Truck City of Friends Junkyard Jim Rainbow Valley Heros Warner Bros MGM Dragon Ball NCIS Gratass the Tractor, Rubbadubbers, Tractor Tom, Pelle Politibal Jungle Junction Octonauts Handy Manny Casper the Friendly Ghost Finley the Fire Engine Angela Anaconda Cubix Noddy Pororo the Little Penguin Construction Site, Busy Buses Dora the Explorer Go Diego Go Tec the Tractor Wow Toys Little Brrm Fire Engine Fred Jimbo and the Jet Set Jay Jay the Jet Plane Ivor the Engine Heros of the City Rainbow Valley Heros Diggedy Dozer Dive Olly Dive, Kiddo the Super Truck City of Friends Planes Fire & Rescue and Fireman Sam and Also Feature All New Characters From Tayo the Little Bus Tractor Tom Rupert Bear Follow the Magic Roary the Racing Car Steady Eddie Firehouse Tales and Thomas and Friends Also Animal Vehicles,

Human and Animal Characters

Rupert the Bear

Ping Pong the Pekinese

Bill the Badger

Edward Trunk the Elephant

Ming the Dragon

Raggety the Elf

Freddy and Fredda the Foxes

Miranda the Mermaid

Podgy the Pig

Ben Badger (Seen in Bill's New Friend, Rupert the Pilot and Raggety's Workout)







Lisa G











Lisa B




Kerrys Future Daughter








Matt 2




Katie 2




Katie 3



Andrew 2





Tom 2




Squawk the Parrot

Squeak the Mouse

Leopold the German Kid (From AGK Series)

Ronald The Dominican Kid

Danny the Tourettes American Guy

Richard Cadell (From Sooty)

Falcon Punch Guy

Hana The Mechanic (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Rookie The Policeman (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Ed (From Ed, Edd and Eddy)

Edd (Double D)


Adolf Hitlar


Mayor Primly

Squirt The Dalmation

Croyt the American Kid

Jake Randolf

Harold Slikk

Bleat the Goat

Edgar the Fat Mexican Kid

Wesley The Wide Awake Kid

Mariah Wong

Mr Sneeze (From Mr. Men Show)

Woof the Dog

Chirp the Bird

Hoot the Owl

Quack the Duck

Meow The Cat

Jin the Rescue Operator

Mr Builder

Mr Wheeler




Buzz the Bee

Sniff the Rabbit

Snap the Crocodile



Lee Kanker

Marie Kanker

May Kanker

Mr Perfect

Mr Worry

Mr Clever

Mr Uppity

Trumpet The Elephant

Mr Topsy Turvy

Grizzle The Bear

Croak the Frog

Hiss the Snake

Walter the Worm

Kevins Family


Eddys Older Brother (Matthew)


Honk the Seal

Ruff the Dog

Beak the Duck

Chatter the Monkey

Puff the Panda

Cluck the Hen

Baa the Sheep

Moo the Cow

Bray the Donkey

Neigh the Horse

Roar the Lion

Growl the Tiger

Oink the Pig

Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Bossy

Mr Snow

Little Miss Neat (From Mr. Men Show)

Mr Brave (From Mr. Men Show)

Mr Skinny

Mall Santa


Mr Robinson



Jayson Wing











Abby Scioto

Mom the Preschool Teacher

Pingu the Penguin (From the Pingu Show)



Squawky the Parrot

Stephen Quire

Squawkette the Parrot


Cory Williams

Sparta the Cat

Oh Long Johnson Cat


Loki the Cat

Santa Claus

Scout the Dalmation

Captain Starr

Captain Zero

Garbage Coporation

Quarry Master

Pirate Brickbeard (From Bob the Builder)

Frank the Koala

Buster the Koala

Alice the Platypus

Archie the Crocodile

Ned the Wombat

Josie the Kangaroo

Penny the Penguin

Mitzi the Possum

Sammy the Echinda

George the Mail Tortoise

Lolly the Emu

Cindy the Pizza Delivery Lady

James the Asian Kid

Tom the Cat

Jerry The Mouse

Tazmanian Devil

Angry Toaster Guy


Angry Telephone Guy

Andrew Groper

Mr Gordon,

Toby Turtle

9 Volt

18 Volt

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Berri the Chipmunk

Lee and Ray

Inspector Gadget

Donald Duck

Ricky Spencer

Mary Slikk

Murial Slikk

Eustace Slikk

Courage the Dog

Eustaces Mother

Eustaces Father

Freaky Fred

Leopold Jr

Gameboy Possessed Kid


Derpy the Pony


Gonzo the Great

Sevin the Number 7

Snoofy the Sneezing Person

Penny Crygor

Rabbit the Green Rabbit

Mr Krabs the Crab

Tom the Yelling Fish

Make the Seagull

Little Miss Scary


Ernie the Underground Man

Millie the Underground Woman

Mr. Rails the Mechanic

Mr Dizzy

Sleeping Policemens





Bobby the Bull

Cream the Rabbit

Vanilla the Rabbit

Aunt Gertie the Goose

Chip and Dale the Chipmunks (From Donald Duck)

Chief Maximum

Lenny West

Tony and His Mother

Pilot Pete (From Engie Benjy)

Andy the Painter

Calamity Crow the Crow

Ginger the Hot Air Balloon Goose Pilot

Herbie the Hot Dog Goose

Elmo the Elephant

MC Squawk the DJ Crow

Dr Octopus the Octopus

Little Miss Trouble (From Mr. Men Show)

Mary the Fat Construction Worker

Kenny Jones The Construction Worker

Tabs the Red Tabby Cat

Rusty the Fireman

Pam the Assistant

LT Lonnie the Policemen

Major Mia the Policewomen

Fred the Pilot Duck

Robo Pig

Newton the Duck

Fred the Fireman Dog

Quentin the Quarry Owner

Bill Byrne the Builder Man

Panda Suit

Bully Kid



Heath Lynx the Cat

Bully The Space Pirate

Oliver the Tugboat

X The Lorry

Zorran the Z Stack Tugboat

Space Pirates

Zug the Z Stack Tugboat



Diesel 10



Zebedee the Z Stack Tugboat

Zak the Z Stack Tugboat

Zip the Z Stack Tugboat

Green Eyes Things

Arry and Bert the Scrap Diesels

Devious Diesel

Den the Diesel

Dart the Diesel

Norman the Diesel

Paxton the Diesel

Sidney the Diesel

Bill Sykes

Screaming Banshee

Frank the Combine Harvestor

Dr Fragonwagon

Dr Fragonwagons Monster

Cow Tractors

Baby Cow Tractors

Karl the Italian Hauler

Chuy the Bulldozer

Colossus Xll

Chuys Friends

Tony The Compact Ship

Papparazzi Brothers

Rocke Galbrielson the Royal Boat

Polordroninga the Crane Boat

Other Dock Vehicles

Polordroningas Submarine Soldiers

Codi the Container Ship

Magnet the Magnet Crane

Cronk the Diesel

Navo the Ship

Foreman Spike

Dragonfly the Excavator

Jackson the Jackhammer

Miles Axelrod the Land Rover (From Disney Pixar Cars 2)

Scrap Heat Monster

Jimmy the Truck


Fire Ball (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Princess Ray (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Joey The Magician (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Moscow the Train (From Underground Ernie)

Suzy the Classic Car (From Olly the Little White Van)

Wondie the Old Bus

Vehicle Characters

Fergie the Orange Tractor (With Shovel on the Back) (This Vehicle Belongs To Leopold Slikk) (main Protagonist in the Show) (With Leopolds Face With Blue Cap)

Bruce the Car (This Vehicle Does Not Talk) (Rupert's Car)

Red The Fire Truck (From Firehouse Tales)

Petrol The Fire Truck

Crabby The Fire Truck

Chief The Fire Truck

Spinner the Helicopter

Stinky The Garbage Truck (From Firehouse Tales)

Bubba the Bulldozer

Samantha Scoop The Fire Plane

Pumpee the Fuel Pumper

Tech the Mechanic Truck

Katie the Cooking Van

Painter The Paint Truck

Lorrie the Land Rover

Newsie the Camera Van

Snootie Tooie The Limousine

Wiser the Crane Fire Truck

Tug the Fire Tugboat (From Firehouse Tales)

Ring a Ling The Bell

Chad the Microphone

Bulky The Blimp

Milkie The Ice Cream Truck

Cap the Flatbed lorry

Zoe the Tow Truck

Rotor the Blue Helicopter

Smoosh the Steam Roller

Tayo the Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Rogi The Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Lani the Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Gani The Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Cito The Double Decker Bus

Cito Jr. the Double Decker Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus) (Seen in Cito's Secret and Tayo the Grown Up) (Cito's Son)

Nuri The Taxi

Frank the Fire Truck

Alice the Ambulance

Micky The Cement Mixer

Pat the Police Car

Toto The Tow Truck

Speedy the Racing Car (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Shine the Sports Car (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Toni The Delivery Truck

Big the Container Truck

Billy the Bulldozer

Poco The Excavator

Chris the Cement Mixer (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Max the Dump Truck

Vicky The Car

Suv the Tan Car

Linda the Yellow Bus

Kindy the Preschool Bus

Met the Subway Train (From Tayo the Little Bus)

KTX The High Speed Train (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Air the Rescue Helicopter

Bubba the VW Bus

Collector the Tractor

Windy the Camper Van

Cuckoo The Bus

Bessie the Roadside Cafe (From Olly the Little White Van)

Nana the Bus

Grandma  Car

Wizard Grandma Car

Rex the Car (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Vroomy and Ratch The Mini Trucks (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Baby Mini Truck

Baby Yellow Taxi

Baby Green Car

Carry The Car Transporter (From Tayo the Little Bus) (Male or Female)

BongBong The VW Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Ruby The Street Sweeper

Key The Space Sports Car

Noah The Space Taxi

Poke the Excavator (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

James the Red Engine

Jeremy the Jet Plane (From Thomas the Tank Engine)

Chester The Container Ship

Dumpu The Dump Truck

Bruner the Truckbot

Max the Steam Roller

Titan The Dump Truck

Marine The Tugboat

School Bi (Totobus) The School Bus

Lofty The Mobile Crane (From Bob the Builder)

Terry The Container Truck

Packer the Lorry (From Bob the Builder)

Big Mickey The Harbour Crane (From TUGS)

Musty the Car

Blady the Satelite Car

Mac and Mactor the Dump Truck Twins

Lilly the Lighthouse

Frosty The Snowmobile

Cleani The Street Sweeper

Fosty the Post Car

Cab the Taxi

Spooky The Tow Truck

See See The Container Ship

Mini the Mini Car

Benjy the Car

Rody the Electric Car

Red the Glasses Car

Lecky the Harbour Crane

Letty the Haubour Crane

Leppy the Harbour Crane

Poli the Police Car

Roy the Fire Truck

Amber the Ambulance

Helly the Helicopter

Whooper the Bus

Isack the Ice Cream Truck

Buldozeria the Bulldozer

Bruno the Ice Sweeper

Boaty the Boat

Duck the Tanker Truck

Old Mac The Lorry

Dona the School Bus

Mick the Bus

Cementy the Cement Mixer

Jeep the Land Rover

Shop the Delivery Truck

Shoppy the Delivery Truck

Sedan the White Car

Lime the Limousine

Tee Tee the Red Car

Bluey the Old Land Rover

Gorgo the Double Decker Bus

Yondy the Bus

Lana the Bus

Gandy the Bus

Speedy the Speedboat

Merl the Post Van

Nutsy the Circus Truck and Theme parks

Caroline The Vintage Car

Half Pint The Milk Float

Ice Cool the Ice Cream Truck

Bluenose the Navy Tugboat

Hook and Ladder the Double Headed Fire Truck

Greeny the Machine

Hydra the Hydrant

Mole the Drill Vehicle

Drilly the Driller

Cherry the Cherry Picker

Grampus the Submarine

Miki the Cat (From Sooty)

Neville the Q1 Steam Locomotive

Corey the Combine Harvester

Airwolf the Bi Plane

Bot 1 and Bot 2

Charlie the Cherry Picker

Terka the Police Car

Kevin the Mobile Crane

Pippy the Fire Truck

Ten the Tanker Truck

Suds The Car Wash

Lyle and Lois the Fuel Pump

Polly the Pole

Harold the Helicopter

Jobo the Jet Plane

ATV the Quad Bike

Belle the Beach Buggy

Chinook the Chinook Helicopter

Boomer the Jinxed Tugboat

Sally the Seaplane

Ferry the Ferryboat (From Ferry Boat Fred)

Fred the Forklift

Devil Bus

God Bus

Alan the Tow Truck Locomotive

Fairy Buses

Reindeer Buses

Rodney the Row Boat

Tiger Moth the Bi Plane

Big Foot the Monster Truck

Millie the Motorbike

Ragdoll the Canal Boat

Golfy the Golf Cart

Rod the Racing Car

Opsy the Animal Catcher Mini Truck

Tutu the Car

Tipper the Dumper

Bob the Bachoe Loader

Led the Low Loader

British Rail Army Trains

Jaldo the Spaceship

Crygor the Space Train

Jethro the Tractor (From Olly the Little White Van)

Clocky the Clock Car

Tecwyn the Tractor

Brum the Vintage Car

Snow the Snowplough Truck

Chuck the Dump Truck (From The Adventures of Chuck and Friends)

Phillip the Front Loader (From Play Doh: Diggin' Rigs)

Chip the Cutter (From Play Doh: Diggin' Rigs)

Rolland the Steam Roller (From Play Doh: Diggin' Rigs)

Buster the Mobile Crane

Sam the Loader

Chomper the Excavator (From Play Doh: Diggin' Rigs)

Rowdy the Garbage Truck

Portar the Crane (Also Flatbed Truck)

Haulie the Forklift

Rally the Racing Truck (From The Adventures of Chuck and Friends)

Digger the Bachoe Loader

Mortar the Cement Mixer

Clutch the Racing Flatbed Lorry

Chumpy the Skateboard Truck

Sammy the Skateboard

Toolbench and Tools

Bravo and Echo the Superjets (From Disney's Planes)

Yorkie the Aircraft Carrier

Roger the Space Shuttle

Rescue Squad Choppers

Bulgy the Double Decker Bus

Butch the Bulldog (from Sooty)

Derek the Diesel Locomotive

Izzy Gomez the Tramp Steamer

Lord Stinker the Garbage Barge

Frank and Eddie the Railway Barges

Annie and Clarebel the Coaches

Jack the Grappler

Jack the Front Loader

Alfie the Excavator

Oliver the Excavator

Max and Monty the Dumptruck Twins

Kelly the Mobile Crane

Byron the Bulldozer

Ned the Steam Shovel

Isobella the Steam Lorry

Patrick the Cement Mixer

Buster the Steam Roller

Nelson the Ballast Tractor

Nigel the Flatbed Lorry

Skip the Skip Carrier

Sea Rogue the Pirate Tugboat

Sea Rogues Uncle the Retirement Pirate Tugboat

Dennis the Singing Lazy Diesel

Victor the Cuban Saddle Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive

Luke the Irish Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive

Handy the Tow Truck (FromThe Adventures of Chuck and Friends)

Boomer the Fire Truck

Biggs the Monster Truck

Soku the Turner Car

Tucker the Pickup Truck

Flash the Racing Truck

Drift the Cool Car

Dusty the 4X4 Truck

Forge the Work Truck

Flex the Hod Rod Car

Blurr the Sports Car

Kazuo the Turner Car

Cliff the Off Road Truck

Cam the Cool Car

Sherrif Axle the Police Truck

Chassie the Purple Car (From The Adventures of Chuck & Friends)

Lucinda the Tugboat

School a the School Bus

Mr Bell the Bell

Bazza the Orange Van (From Olly the Little White Van)

Cranky the Crane

Basil the Crane

Bulstrode the Barge

Rod the Caterpillar Crane

Trevor the Traction Engine

George the Steam Roller

Hubert the Police Car

Piston the Carnival Lorry

Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry

Stafford the Wooden Electric Engine

Rocky the Crane

Scruff the Scruncher Engine

Butch the Tow Truck

Winston the Railway Car

Captain The Life Boat

Thomas the Tank Locomotive

Merrick the Crane

Owen the Incline Machine

Ballast Spreader the Machine Locomotive

Colin the Crane

Flynn the Railway Fire Truck (From Thomas the Tank Engine)

Belle the Fire Tank Locomotive

Madge the Snud Nosed Lorry

Thumper the Quarry Machine

Harvey the Crane Locomotive

Salty the Dockyard Diesel Locomotive

Bash and Dash the Logging Tank Locomotives

Ferdinand the Logging Tender Locomotive

Happy Hook the Crane

Old Wheezy the Crane (From Thomas the Tank Engine - Misty Island Rescue)

Hee Haw the Steam Donkey

Hiro the Japanese Tender Engine

Charlie the Tank Locomotive

Hank the American Tender Engine

Flora the Tram Engine

Mighty Mac the Double Headed Locomotive

Proteus the Magic Lamp Locomotive

Molly the Yellow Engine

Stephen the Stephensons Locomotive

Millie the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Connor the Streamlined Locomotive

Caitlin the Streamlined Locomotive

Lady the Tank Locomotive

Chinese Dragon

Floras Tram Car

Horrid Lorries

Olly the White Van (From Olly the Little White Van)

Ten Cents the Tugboat (From TUGS)

Big Mac the Tugboat

OJ The Paddle Steamer Tugboat

Tophat the Tugboat

Warrior the Tugboat

Sunshine the Tugboat

Lillie the Lightship

Ten Centss Whistle

Tommy the Trailor (This Trailor Belongs to Tecwyn)

Rubble the Dump Truck

Scratch the Digger (From Bob the Builder)

Fearless Freddie the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Rosie the American Tank Locomotive

Whiff the Garbage Tank Locomotive

Billy the Orange Tank Locomotive

Stanley the Silver Tank Locomotive

Hector the Hopper Truck

Mobile the Mobile Home

Fat Controllers Old Car

Tom Tipper Postvan

Old Fire Truck

Sodor Valley Canal Boat

Fat Controllers Car

Mr Percivals Car

Soft Side Truck

Old Taxi

J Dyson and Co Lorry

Steph the Car

Old Mobile Crane

Wooden the Crane

Troublesome Trucks

Jet Engine

Dino the Dinosaur Digger

Terry the Tender

S C Ruffy the Truck

Spitful Breakvan (From Thomas the Tank Engine)

Splasher the Ampfibious Car (From Bob the Builder)

Lodlo the Lorry

Stulbrode the Barge

Cranko the Crane

Gripper the Crane (From Bob the Builder)

Grabber the Excavator (From Bob the Builder)

Tumbler the Cement Mixer,

Flex the Cherry Picker

Jackaroo the Tow Truck

Dodger the Milk Truck (From Bob the Builder)

Benny the Digger

Bristle the Street Sweeper

R Vee the Van (From Bob the Builder0

Johnny Cuba the Tramp Steamer

Duke the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Bertrum the Narrow Gauge Locomotive (From Thomas the Tank Engine)

Old Slow Coach

Scoop the Bachoe Loader

Muck the Digger Dumper

Roley the Steam Roller (From Bob the Builder)

Dizzy the Concreate Mixer

Travis the Tractor

Titan the Large Sized Dump Truck

Trix the Forklift

Sumsy the Forklift

Scopt the Snowmobile

Zoomer the Snowmobile

Scrambler the Quadbike

Sprouts the Mobile Crane,

Racing Construction Vehicles

Spud the Scarecrow

Smudger the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Emily the Stirling Single Locomotive

Spencer the Private Locomotive

Murdoch The Strongest Locomotive

Arthur the LMS Tank Locomotive

Fergus the Traction Locomotive

D261 the Diesel Locomotive

Stepney the Bluebell Tank Locomotive

Bouldy the Boulder

Skarloey the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Rheneas The Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Sir Handel the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Peter Sam the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Rusty the Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive

Duncan the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

City of Truro the Tender Locomotive

Flying Scotsman the 2 Tender Locomotive

Mavis the Diesel Locomotive

Oliver the GWR Tank Locomotive

Toad the Breakvan

Bill and Ben the Tank Locomotive Twins

Boco the Strongest Diesel Locomotive

Daisy the Diesel Railcar

Terence the Tractor (From Thomas the Tank Engine)

Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins

Bertie the Bus

Duck the GWR Tank Locomotive

Henrietta the Coach

Toby the Tram Locomotive

Percy the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Gordon the Big Locomotive

Henry The Big Locomotive

Edward the Blue Tender Locomotive

Krakatoa the Tramp Steamer

Nantucket the Tramp Steamer

Old Rusty the Tramp Steamer

Fire Tug

Fire Tug 2

Burke and Blair the Twin Tugboats

Jubilee the Train

Circle the Train

Victoria the Train

Bakerloo the Train

Hammersmith & City the Twin Trains

Brooklyn the Train

Sydney the Train

Paris the Train

Osaka the Train

Billy Shoepack the River Tugboat

Mighty Moe the Crane

Little Ditcher the Crane (From TUGS)

ScuttleButt Pete the Crane

The Buoys

Duchess the Liner Ship

S S Vienna the Liner Chip

Princess Alice the Liner Ship

Fulton Ferry

Ghostley Galloon

White Fleet

Puffa the Steam Locomotive (From TUGS)

The Goods Engine

Aurora the Lightbulb

Port Authority the Small Boat

Coast Guard the Small Boat

Customs Launch


Coast Guards Messenger

Pearl The Barge

Dusty the Plane (From Disney Planes)

Diggs the Bachoe Loader

Scootch The Tipper

Carrie the Forklift

Carl the Crane

Bozer the Bulldozer

Maxine the Cement Mixer

Lug the Dump Truck

Dozy the Truck

Stevie the German Tank Locomotive

Gail the Guard Diesel Locomotive

Ernest the Engine Cart (From Ernest the Engine & Others)

Jim the Tow Truck

Betty the Tow Truck

Barry the Tow Truck


Del the Bachoe Loader

Diddy the Bachoe Loader

Ollie the Tanker Truck

Joey the Magnet Excavator

Henry The Machine

Suzy the Street Sweeper

The Scrappies

Bobo The Bucket Wheels Excavator

Unstick the Driller Crane

Blueberry The Mobile Crane

Mary Anne the Steam Shovel

Beno the Pizza Delivery Motor Scooter

Surf the Surf Bus

Boby The Orange Bullying Bus

Sasi The Pink Bus

Ploby the Scienctist Bus

AIden The American Large Bus

Ronald the Army Tank

Stephens Friends

Soo the Bear (From Sooty)

Patrick the GWR Tender Engine

Aslan the Little Aeroplane

Victor the Dennis Vintage Fire Truck

Lynch the Excavator

Trash the Garbage Truck

Denzel the Fire Mobile Crane

Royce the Steam Roller

Gloria the Grader

Jack the Flatbed Truck

Ernie the Earthscraper

Gogo the Grader

Eco the Road Train

Rock the Racing Hauler

Jerry the Hauler

Mator the UFO

Posti the Post Van

Freightliner the Frieght Train

Bert the High School Bus

Ken and Zen the VW Bus Twins

Dive the Submarine

Steamy the Steam Locomotive

Fred the Italian Ferry Boat

Bobbo the Speedboat

Tonka the Jet Ski

Dan the Drill Excavator

Scoop the Loadell

Fork the Loadell Forklift

Max the Dieselmax

Loady the Side Dump Truck

Tally the Tall Crane

Chuck the Flatbed Lorry

Sandy the Motorbike

Gyro the Gyro Plane

Mater the Tow Truck (From Disney Pixar Cars)

Lenny the Loader

Big Barry the Large Dump Truck

Bump the Bumper Car

Jacey the Loader

Donny the Stairs Truck

Krate the Baggage Truck

Hot Rodney the Hot Rod Car

Sweep the Dog (From Sooty)

Ivy the Inflatable Boat

Willy the Taxi Boat

Ambros the Amphibious Car

Rani the Paint Truck

Ron the Helicopter

Kathy the Helicopter

Rotor the Helicopter

Hector the Helicopter

Grass the Lawn Mower

Gemma the Glider

Becky the Mini Cooper Car

Franz the Aerocar (From Disney Planes)

Chug the Tanker Truck (From Disney Planes)

Dottie the Forklift (From Disney Planes)

Sparky the Forklift (From Disney Planes)

Roper the Forklift (From Disney Planes)

Colin the Blimp (From Disney Planes)

Hover the Hover Craft

Clermont the Paddle Steam Boat

Molly the Motor Scooter

Muttley the Caravan

Joanna the Fire Ambulance

Freddie the British Fire Truck

Lunar the Space Buggy

Tow the Towing Airport Truck

Rocket the Spaceship

Jerry Recycled the Lorry

Mack the Racing Hauler

Everett the Jet Plane

Wally the Walmart Truck

Jonathen and John the Ground Support Trucks

Westy the Western Truck

Mo the Lawn Mower

Dan the Breakdown Van (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Gus the Bus (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Shane the Plane (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Shane's Cousins (From Engie Benjy) (All Planes Does Not Talk)

Macta the Tractor (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Ploat the Boat (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Mike the Bike (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Jason the Spaceship (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Big Rig the Lorry (From Engie Benjy) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Cartney the Car

Sal the Italian Truck

Wally the Italian Crane Truck

Crabby the Boat

Muggsy the Forklift

Oscar the Fire Tanker Truck

Hook the Hook and Ladder Fire Truck

High the School Monster Bus

Galloping the Log Hauling Locomotive

Cody the Caterpillar Roller Coaster

Iris the Laundry Van

Tob the Tram

Oliver the Cable Car

Chain the Cable Car

Fello the Chain Ferry

Hopper the Frog Boat

Foley the Funicular

Topper the London Double Decker Bus (From Disney Pixar Cars 2)

Jackie the Double Decker Tram

Lop the Lunar Lander

Honny the Space Telescope

Chen the Tourist Space Ship

Stevie the Stealth Bomber

Gus the Cargo Transport Plane

Rak the Rover

Lucy the Lunar Buggy

Phillipe the French Satallite

Spit the Sputnik

Block the Brick Wagon

Norton the Steam Tow Truck

Eath the Steam Bus

Steamie the Steam Truck

Eli the Steam Lorry

Bash and Dash the Skid Steer Loaders

Ted the Trecked Tractor

Drummy the Crumble Steam Roller

Parry the Paver

Lely the Combine Harvester

Owen the Oil Rig

Dirt the Motorbike

Kombi the VW Bus

Compact the Yellow Car

CAR 1 the Blue Car

PC the Police Van

Ambi the Ambulance Car

Filly the Fire Car

Black the Bank Lorry

Sammy the School Bus

Colin the Country Bus (From Busy Buses)

Tommy the School Bus

Rick the Racing Bus

Susan the Shopping Bus

Racing School Buses

Harry the Holiday Bus

Frank the American Bus

Football Buses

Penny the Shopping Bus

Castle Buses

Stephanie the Station Bus

Prudence the Station Bus

Roger the Airport Vintage Bus

Rogers Chums

Arnold the Double Decker Bus

Archie the Double Decker Bus

Alan the Double Decker Bus

Bus Full Pumps

Blower the Blowing Tire Machine

Chumley the Bus Location

Reggy the Red Hauler

Tom the Tractor (From Tractor Tom)

Buzz the Quadbike (From Tractor Tom)

Wheezy the Combine Harvester (From Tractor Tom)

Rev the Pickup Truck (From Tractor Tom)

Rora the Motorbike (From Tractor Tom)

Dusty the Plane (From Tractor Tom)

Roly the Bullying Combine Harvester (From Tractor Tom)

Rory the Motorbike (From Tractor Tom)

Jethy (Stinky Sam or Royston) the Rubbish Pickup Truck (From Tractor Tom)

Wilson the Diesel (From Chuggington)

Brewster the British Rail Diesel (From Chuggington)

Koko the Shinkansen (From Chuggington)

Hodge the Pickup Locomotive (From Chuggington)

Zephie the Trolley (From Chuggington)

Old Puffer Pete the Steam Locomotive (From Chuggington)

Roccon the Italian Tow Truck

Irving the Sweeper Locomotive

Terry the Tender

Dunbar the American Diesel

Harrison the American Diesel

Olwin the Streamlined Locomotive

Chatsworth the American Diesel

Calley the Rescue Diesel

Emerey the Rapid Transit Train

Mtambo the Safari Diesel

Bi the American Diesel

Agatha the American Diesel

Steve the American Diesel

John the American Diesel

Vee the Signal

Hoot ans Toot the Twin Trains

Speedy The Steam Locomotive

Piper the Steam Locomotive

Skylar the Crane Diesel (From Chuggington)

Decka the Double Decker Tram (From Chuggington)

Zack the Chuggineer Diesel (From Chuggington)

Fletch the Chuggineer Diesel (From Chuggington)

Tyne the Chuggineer Diesel (From Chuggington)

Hanzo the High Speed Train (From Chuggington)

Jackman the Chug Patrol Crane Diesel (From Chuggington)

Joey the Bachoe Loader

Freddie the Fastrac

Roxy the Robot Digger

Doug the Dump Truck

Larry the Loadell

Rex the Roller

Elvis the Excavator

Marty the Cement Mixer

Tommy the Flatbed Truck (From My 1st JCB)

Dan the JCB Bulldozer (From My 1st JCB)

Freddie the Construction Fire Truck

Charlie the Tall Crane

Roccon the Tow Truck

Richard the Swearing Class 421 Train

Bulger the Bus

Crunch the Harbour Crane

Olivia the Tender Locomotive

Pocol the Reserch Vessel

Sammy the Speedboat

Nicholas The Culdee Feel Diesel

Gordred the Mountain Locomotive

Ernest the Mountain Locomotive

Willfred the Mountain Locomotive

Ivo Hugh the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Culdee the Mountain Locomotive

Lord Harry the Mountain Locomotive

Alaric the Mountain Locomotive

Eric the Mountain Locomotive

Shane Doineey the Mountain Locomotive

Catherine the Mountain Coach

Mountain Truck

Chuck the Container Truck

D443 the Diesel

Harry the British Rail Steam Locomotive

Mort the Car Transporter

Clean the Street Sweeper

Abigail the Ambulance

Jesse the Tow Truck

Sam the Digger

DJ The Digger (From Finley the Fire Engine)

Miguel the Postvan

Isabelle the Ice Cream Truck

Finley the Fire Truck (From Finley the Fire Engine)

Captain Parker the Fire Truck

Scooty the School Bus

Dex the Dump Truck

Gorby the Garbage Truck

Ando the Crane

Hodger the Tow Truck Locomotive

Dave the Trash Bucket

Hoston the Dump Truck

Aon the Fire Truck

Stan the Steam Shovel

Mo the Lawn Mower

Porter the American Saddle Tank Locomotive

Plod the Police Lorry

Sena the Ambulance Motorbike

Ona the Fire Motorbike

Bugy the Fire Quadbike

Ploty the Police Boat

Pobo the Police Helicopter

Hondo the Hospital Helicopter

Yougart the Sailling Boat

Snorri the Viking Ship

Dorothy the Rowing Boat

Kulu the Canoe

Clayton the Harbour Crane

Benjamin the Bridge

Carla the Cabin Cruiser

Emily the ugboat

Sigrid the Supply Ship

Helio the Coastguard Helicopter

Costance the Coastguard Ship

Pipo the Police Plane

Flippy the Microlight

Lop and Dop the Mighty Crane

Hop and Gop the Mighty Digger

Mixy and Mixo the Concrete Mixer Twins

Flynny the Airport Fire Truck

Lazo the Lazy Excavator

Roland the Snowmobile

Debba the Steam Shovel

Jumpu the Quad Jeep

Roary the Racing Car (From Roary the Racing Car)

Maxi the Racing Car (From Roary the Racing Car)

Drifter the Racing Car (From Roary the Racing Car)

Dragga the Racing Car (From Roary the Racing Car) (Drifter's Brother)

Tin Top the Racing Car

Cici the Racing Car (From Roary the Racing Car)

FB the American Pickup Truck (From Roary the Racing Car)

Trucksey the Pickup Truck

Rusty the Caravan (From Roary the Racing Car)

Zippie the Motor Scooter (From Roary the Racing Car) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Hellie the Helicopter

Plugger the 4X4 Tow Truck (From Roary the Racing Car)

Loada the Racing Hauler

Nick the Italian Police Car

James the Posh Car (From Roary the Racing Car)

Breeze the Beach Buggy (From Roary the Racing Car)

Conrod the Australian Racing Car (from Roary the Racing Car)

Togi the Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus) (Rogi's Twin Brother)

Conrad the Preschool Bus (From Tayo the Little Bus)

Gordon the Bus

Rubby the Street Sweeper

Vroom the Pickup Truck (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Emerald the Steam Locomotive

Limy the Limousine

Tanya the Missle Army Truck

Shooty the Tank

Gofty the Crane

Izzy the Concrete Mixer

Hofty the Crane

Luck the Digger Dumper

Doop the Bachoe Loader

Gizzy the Concrete Mixer

Hoop the Digger

Goley the Steam Roller

Ruck the Bulldozer

Rizzy the Concrete Mixer

Mechy the Mechanic Truck

Lunvik the Tow Truck

Patrick the Jet Plane

Sonic the Racing Car

Tails the Racing Car

Knuckle the Racing Hauler

Dumpster the Dump Truck

Moe the Bulldozer

Debbie the Steam Shovel

Dozano the Digger

Helen the Crane

Jane the Backhoe Loader

Sally the Steam Roller

Ego the Sowing Truck

5554 the Sowing Truck

916 the Lifter Truck

Copy the Lifter Truck

Watey the Water Hauler

MBX the Caterpillar Dump Truck

Tiny and Topsy the Caterpillar Dump Trucks

Gold the Double Decker Bus

Hazard the Squad Truck

Grindy the Garbage Truck

Frost Cold and Freeze the Snowcats

F1 and F2 The Vintage Fire Trucks

Movey the Snowplough

Mackya and Macky the Caterpillar Trucks

Sooty the Bear (From Sooty)

Campo the Camper Van

Torque the Rig

Snowdon the Snowplough

Kat the Grader

Rosie the Wrecking Ball Crane

Jetty the Space Car

Boo and Lou the Bumper Cars

Woode the Surf Van

Goby and Goba the Grader

Giby the Strange Machine

Wildfire the Tanker Truck

Dig and Dug the Diggers

Finley and Filo the Fire Trucks

Lift and Loft the Cranes

Zackie the Bulldozer

Yellow and Orange the Diggers

Captain 68 the Construction Helicopter

Diggon the Front Loader

Dumply the Dump Truck

MBX the Sowing Truck

Sulky the Snowplough

Kendy Kobra and Kolossus the Tractors

Abby and Ann the Ambulances

Henry the Ambulance Army Truck

Josh Kim Munier and Andy the Army Vehicles

Maurice the Land Rover

Mike the Range Rover

Stephenson The High Speed Train (From Disney Pixar Cars 2)

Popey the Pope Truck

Daimler the Heaven Car

Groby the Tractor

Bessie the Tar Machine

Mike the Wooden Milk Truck

Mr Milk the Milk Tanker

Tucker the Truckbot

Speedy Buckets the Truckbot

Grady Roads The Truckboat

Chomper the Truckbot

Nibbler the Truckbot

Spike the Truckbot

Dan the Dump Truck

Peter the Loader

Melvin the Cement Mixer

Gabriella the Garbage Truck

Max the Monster Truck

Izzy the Ice Cream Truck

Lucy and Pat the Fire Trucks

Rita the Ambulance

Lifty the Forklift

Big Rig the Bullying Hauler

Mayor Goodwheels the Steam Roller

Ross the Fire Truck

Primate the Rescue Truck

Sikorsky Skycrane the Heavy Lift Helicopter

Mecha the Bandicoot Mech

ZY The Seaplane

Shane the Tractor

RC the Toy Car (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Sinus the Scienctist Tugboat

Suverina the Crane Boat

Ranger the Ranger Vehicle

Lite the 1963 Fire Truck

Lamars the School Bus

Yelbo the Dutch Taxi Bike

Redyellow the Go Kart

Black the Police Van

White the Ambulance

Roland The Vintage Car

Guinevere the Steam Lorry

Rocky the Skip Carrier

Dennis the Steam Roller

Bottom the Land Rover

Trale the Fishing Boat

Captain Krutt the Army Boat

Krana the Crane

Goliat the Crane

Helinor the Helicopter

Sjarke the Wooden Boat

Chick and Chock the Forest Police Cars

Tripp the Jet Plane

Santa Fe the American Diesel

Smash the Wrecking Ball Tall Crane

Gob the Construction Truck

Laina the Monorail

Princess Baten the Royal Boat

Kongeskipet the Royal Boat

Walrus the Supermarine Bi Plane

Woody the Mini Wood Truck

Big Wood the Log Hauler

Sifor the Harvester Magnet Truck

Zero the Fastrac

Storeblink the Lighthouse

Trailer the Cargo Truck (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Lilleblink the Lighthouse

The Singing Warehouses

Fishing House

Senior the Wooden Boat

Junior the Small Boat

Duppe the Submarine

Captain C the Tugboat

Campster the Camper Van

Charlie the Pace Car

Onkel and Nevo the Tugboats

Angus the Vintage Fire Truck

Mactor the Cement Mixer

Rub the Garbage Truck

Concrete the Cement Mixer

Yukio the Car

Heavy the Road Train Hauler

Movey the Man Up Lift Truck

Boldy the House Boat

Tanyo thr Dog Catcher Van

Captain Karl The Jet Plane

Donald the Steam Roller

Tommy the Welsh Trailer

Kruse the Cabin Cruiser

Rocke Gabrielson 3 the Cabin Cruiser

Kjapp the Inflatable Boat (This Vehicle Does not Talk)

Smasher the Demolition Truck (Wrecking Ball Crane)

Fanto the Butt Exploding Hippo

Smiley the Car

Shane the Mobile Crane

Undi the Underground Train

GWR the Crane

Sjarkes Cousins

Pedro the Fishing Boat

Bella the Boat

Joiviale the Mini Boat

Irish Ferries

Kongeskipets Boss and Soldier

Browny the Mini Boat

Carl the Lorry

Ti and To

Dandy the Digger Dump

Holdra the Buey

Walter the Water Hauler

Scalter the School Bus

Digs the Excavator

Hasno the Digger

Teki the Pinch Tractor

Paki the Magnet Truck

Noki the Loader

Edwin the Eddie Stobart Construction Lorry

Rescue Roy the Fire Robot

Taxo the Taxi

Ruka the Airport Waitress Car

BR the Tractor

Reggie the Garbage Truck

Sun the Diesel Railcar

Motary the Snowplough Train

Mixo the Digger Cement

Bessie the Railway Fire Truck

Skipper the Plane

El Chupacabra The Plane

Copty the Helicopter

Haula the Hauler

Muckano the Digger Dumper

Ivan the Irish Tow Truck

Bubba the Tow Truck

Dubba the Tow Truck

Galucci the Grocery Truck

Amelia the Flying Submarine (From Rubbadubbers)

Grabbler the Crane

80010 the Tank Locomotive

Little King the Irish Plane

Hotty the Hot Air Balloon

Pot the Police Car

Phone the Ambulance

Fly the Jet Plane

Hela and Helo the Police Helicopters

Ghost Locomotives

Paddly the Paddle Steam Boat

Tuggo the Tugboat

Breakdown Cranes

Theodore Lucky Hank Foduck George and Molly the Tugboats (From Theodore Tugboat)

River Location

Ishani the Indian Plane

Jorgon the Ghost Locomotive

Monsty the Monster Truck

Mali the Mail Truck

Fanli the Fire Truck

Poldy the Ambulance

Canny the Car Transporter

Grendo the Car

Towy the Tow Truck

Tracty the Tractor

Amos the Truck

Fasty the Max Steel Car

Mack the Van

Fredio the Fire Truck

Lack the Van

Steam the Steam Roller

U400 the Mark Crane

Zooey the Monster Truck

Senora the Monster Truck

Dynamatic Dan the Camera Monster Truck

Sinker the Fishing Monster Truck

Sarge the Army Monster Truck

Pete the Cement Monster Truck

Tu the Fire Monster Truck

Boo Boo the Monster Truck

Brent The Cement Monster Truck

Sewage the Sewage Truck

Meteor the Space Monster Truck

Pony Tail the Monster Truck

Jose the Fire Monster Truck

Flatson the Twister Flyer

Beyler the Plane

Halalo the Strange Plane

Tomy the Tow Truck

Blade the Blade Twister Plane

Dumpsty the Caterpillar Monster Truck

Helocopter the Helicopter

Depty the Fire Truck

Flintch the Super Jet

Freeway the Flying Car

Stinky the Robot Garbage Truck

Smokey the Fire Truck

Lanky the Mobile Crane

Rocky the Dump Truck

Dexy the Digger

Swisher The Street Sweeper

Rigby the Bulldozer

Roger the Helicopter

Coach the School Bus

Tow the Tow Truck

Amby the Ambulance Monster Truck

Roddie the Hot Rod Car

Eddo the Eddie Stobart Truck

Jock the Scottish Tartan Tanker

Oliver the American Lorry

Crando the Mobile Crane

Rodzilla the Dragon Car

Watler the Water Hauler

Little Tow The Tow Monster Truck

Junkboy the Garbage Monster Truck

Big Wheelie The School Monster Bus

LJH The American Plane

Leadbottom the Bi Plane

Leroy the Rescue Truck

Jeffery the Digger

Dexter the Mallard

Pete the Tank Locomotive

Mario and Luigi the Tank Locomotives

Scrap Rustic the Vintage Car

Hissano the Snake Truck

Birdie the Bird Car

Piggy the Pig Car

S4C The Dragon Car

Jasper thr Tugboat

Mayflower the Tugboat

Zera the Tugboat

Zephyr the Tugboat

Lucky the Tugboat

Max the Crane Tugboat

Cedrec the Tugboat

JB the Tugboat

Misty the Tugboat

Shames the Irish Tugboat

Larry the Loader

Earl the Earth Scraper

Dan the Tonka Bulldozer

Eli the Excavator

Big Cargo the Lorry

Stinko the Garbage Truck

Dolpso the Dump Hauler

Chuckso the Car Transporter

Roddy and Rod the Hot Rod Cars

Casey Jr the Circus Locomotive

Montana the Stremlined Locomotive

Trevor the Steam Locomotive

Dan the Steam Locomotive

Steve the Streamlined Locomotive

Little Chug the Steam Locomotive

Steamer the Steam Locomotive

Smelter the Munching Tugboat

Sailor Moon the Tugboat

Loopin Larry the Bi Plane

Fifi the Wooden Boat

Fluffy the Monorail

Widy the Car

Boata the Truck Trailer

Buso the Bus

Jumbo the Elephant Street Sweeper

Pound the Bulldog Crane

Bass the Fish School Bus

Derailed the Steam Locomotive Monster Truck

Snaku the Snake Wrecking Ball Crane

Barney Storming the Bi Plane

Mater the Tow Truck

Timbo the Escourt Vehicle

AA the Petrol Van

Santa and Christmas Vehicle (With His Wife)

Azul (Blue) the Steam Locomotive

Huey the Steam Locomotive

Tommy the Tugboat

Tommy the Reading Book Tugboat

School C the Bus

Animal the Tow Truck

Hella the Helicopter

Lighty the Lighthouse

Trucky the Cargo Truck

Suby the Submarine

Delias the Boat

Betsy the Digger

Elly the Electric Van

Pencaster the High Speed Train

Kermit the Frog Car

Gonzo the Great Car

Greendale the Steam Locomotive

Box the Post Cabbosse

Helga the Tender Locomotive

Marklin the German Tank Locomotive

Spitty the Fire Truck

Troublesome Cones

Amber and Scarlett the Traffic Lights

Bob the Cone

Tech the Robot

Jack the Jack Hammer

Ted the Bear Clock

TT the Clock

Plany the Spinning Plane

Dream Cars

Hot Air the Vacumm Car (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Buddy the Tow Truck (From Dream Street)

Daisy the Police Car

Henry the Vacumm Cleaner

Densy the Lawn Mower

Chip the Chainsaw

Mike the Lawn Mower

Hetty the Vacumm Cleaner

Harry the Vacumm Cleaner

James The Vacumm Cleaner

Trouble Tipper, Truck, Tractor, and Train,

Mac the Culdee Fell Forklift

Tooty the Bus

Rayo the Bus

Construction Accesories

Fred the Fire Truck

Bulldog the British Plane

Ripslinger the Plane

Ned and Zed the Plane Twins

Pandi the Panda Jet Plane

Budgie The Helicopter

Pippa the Plane

Lionel the Helicopter

Chuck the Chinook Helicopter

Smokey the Airport Fire Truck (From Budgie the Little Helicopter)

Dell the Baggage Truck

Don the Stairs Truck

Jon Claude the French Concorde

Plack the Plane

Bendy the Bus

Bubbles The Preschool Bus

Tutitu the Space Ship (From TuTiTu)

PC Tiger the Tiger Police Car

Hooty the Owl Mobile

Boomer 2 the Fire Truck

Hailey the Fire Car

Smoothy the Snow Truck

Sulva the Beach Patrol

Jupiter the Welsh Fire Truck

Bulger the Welsh Lighthouse

Taxi the Taxi

Trike the Italian Truck

Siddley the Jet Plane

Job the Vintage Car

Big Load the Hauler

Trucksa the Farm Lorry

Fisky the Aquarium Car

Pinky the Car

Tanny the Pickup Truck

Burnt the Car

Campo the Camper Van

Feebee the Pickup Truck

Losta the Car

Satelite the Space Truck

Dosty the Post Truck

Jeppy the Beach Land Rover

JCY The Dump Location

Dexter the Excavator

Fetch the Vet Car

Kukas the Garbage Truck

The Smokejumpers (From Planes: Fire & Rescue)

Cabbie the Military Transport Plane

Windlifter the Heavy Lift Helicopter

Blade Ranger the Helicopter

Lil Dipper the Fire Plane

Forky the Forklift

Ravi the Rabbit Motorbike

Rochelle the Canadian Plane (From Disney Planes)

John The Wooden Truck

Jippy the Speed Van

Airfield Doors (This Location Does Not Talk)

Duckie the Duck Trailor (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Dragona the Dragon Train

Buldo the Bull Bulldozer

Elido the Elephant Fire Truck

Hipano the Hippo Truck

Croc the Crocodile Bus

Piggy the Pig Ambulance

Mini Pig Ambulances

Bungi the Monkey Volkswagon Beetle

Buck the Dump Truck

Deep the Drilling Truck

Johnny the Popstar Van

Dr Bolt the Doctor Van (From The Adventures of Chuck and Friends)

Rick the Van (From Steady Eddie)

Bill the Police Van

Angie the Ambulance (From Steady Eddie)

Edward the Eddie Stobart Truck (From Steady Eddie)

Big Maclen the Command Rig (With Tickle the Crane)

Jessica the Australian Plane

Fred the Garbage Truck

Pedro the Postvan

Treedwall the Dump Truck

Big Tire the Large Dump Truck

Rigg the Cement Mixer

Arlesdale Railway Locomotives

Snowdon Mountain Railway Locomotives

Eskdale Locomotives

Talyllyn Railway Locomotives

Maggie the Station Coach

Omnitus the Open Topped Bus

Bolis the Bus

Silver the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Oldy the Coach

Lemberg the Steam Locomotive

Pretty Polly the Steam Locomotive

Izzo the Ice Cream Truck

Telons the Digger

Boil the Stanonary Boiler

Wendy the Wedding Car

Floaty the Float Truck

Workshop Locomotives (With Passing Diesel)

Peel Gordred Locomotives

Eastbourne Locomotives

Belinda the Beetle Car

Ivor the Steam Locomotive

Spinner the Chinook Helicopter

Dahlia the Truck

Billy the Bullying Crane

Vertie the Scater Truck

Piston the Dump Truck (Chucks Twin)

Charlie the Screwdriver Truck

Ken the Canal Barge

Railway Buses

Special Rolling Stocks

Whitney the White Van

13 The Saddle Tank Locomotive

Sidney the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Little Barford the Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Barford the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Victor the Tank Locomotive

Jeffery the Tractor

Railway Boats

Ministary the Mini Locomotive

Skarloey Railway Coaches

Mid Sodor Railway Locomotives

Steer the Fire Truck

Poldy the Police Car

Derailed the Steam Locomotive

Silver Jubilee the Steam Locomotive

JTK the Car

Coffee Pots the Strange Locomotive

Bahamas the Steam Locomotives

Dukedogs the Steam Locomotive

Foregin Locomotives

Scrap Locomotives

King James the Steam Locomotive

Mainland Locomotives

Austerity the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Barry the Tender Locomotive

Bluebell Locomotives

Mark V the Electric Trolley

Sheen the Diesel

Fred the Diesel

Darrel the Diesel

Stanley the American Narrow Gauge Locomotive

Museum Locomotives

Victoria and Helena the Coaches

Albert the Tank Locomotive

British Rail Locomotives

Other Rolling Stocks

Tobys Brothers

Royal Claudes the Steam Locomotive

LNER the Old Steam Locomotive

Jinty and Pug the Tank Locomotives

Wilbert the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Sixteen the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Eagle the Tender Locomotive

87546 the Tender Locomotive

98462 the Tender Locomotive

Big City the Foreign Locomotive

Tom and Sam the Motorbike (Sam the Sidecar Does Not Talk He Only Honk His Horn)

Ali the Alien Space Truck

Dopey the Clown Car

Bella the Bus

Edo the Digger

Tactor the Tractor

Sodor Bumper Cars

Magon the Car

Horsey the Railway Horse Cart

Herry the Hazard Squad Fire Truck

Rumbine the Combine Harvester

Dunbar the Helicopter

Prain the Steam Locomotive

Jan the Van

Stan the Baking Van (From Engie Benjy)

Ran the Cooking Van

Loadel the Blue Lorry (Loadel Does Not Speak His Engine Sounds Performed by Blu Mankuma With Added Leopolds Faces From AGK Series)

Big Al the Garbage Monster Truck

Neddy the Dump Truck

Airshow Planes

Green Meadows Boats

Thaddus the Ambulance

Sir Nigel Gersley the Steam Locomotive

Alfred and Judy the Tank Locomotive Twins

Patty the Post Quad Jeep

Sign the Traffic Management Sign Truck

Peppo the Cat Cement Mixer (Peppo Does Not Talk His Engine and Horn Sounds Performed By Matt Hill With Added Peppos Faces From Aristocats)

Engie the Duck Helicopter (Engie Can Talk His Voice actor is Les Dennis)

Ellie the Electric Shopping Cart

Sodor the Crane

Truckstop (Includes Sam Pierre Ray and Judd)

Mosty the Car

Matthy the Digger

Eda the Fire Truck

Jackson the Tractor

Ivan the Ice Cream Truck (From Olly the Little White Van)

Royston the Fire Truck (From Olly the Little White Van)

Crocker the Crocodile Fire Car

Bobby the Toucan Police Car

Toadhog the Frog Car

Taxicrab the Crab Car

Fred the Tractor

Samuel the Quadbike

Maniac the Plane

Stinky Sam the Garbage Truck

Shapwick the Helicopter

Elmer the School Bus

Mouty the Mouse Logging Truck

Todd the Fox Buggy

Ted the Teddy Bear Fire Dept Ambulance (With Added Superteds Face)

Bos the Cat Bus (Bos Does Not Talk His Engine Sounds By Paul Dobson and Moaning Sounds By Kathleen Barr and Addeds Toms Face From Tom and Jerry He is Painted Green)

Dam and Dan the Twin Trucks (the Trucks Does Not Talk He Can Only Say Thier Names Performed By Matt Hill)

Squiter the Fire Rig

Panthy the Panther Low Loader

Toya the Tall Crane

Belt the Conveyor Belt

Smash the Wreaking Ball Crane

Scatch the Front End Dumper

Flatty the Parrot Flatbed Truck

Gertie the Rhino Dump Truck

Dumper the Jumper Truck

Big Rig the Hauler

Truckzilla the Monster Truck

Kevin the Rooster Crane

Timothy the Tank Locomotive

Allie the Demolition Truck

Rex the T Rex Bachoe Loader

Ladina the Traction Engine

Larry and Pete the Crane

Shark the Shark Truck

Special the Bus

Payo the Bus

Robyn the Fire Truck

Gator the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Chrissie the Coach

Melinda the Milk Float

Bertie the Van

Treet the Truck

Volver the Scania Truck

Evil Scoop the Bachoe Loader

Evil Thomas the Tank Locomotive

Treed the Monster Truck

Hot the Hot Dog Van

Ball the Football Car

Coco the Helicopter

D1 D2 and D3 The Dragon Cars

Owl the Owl Truck

Dani the Bus

Hani the Bus

Wendy the Garbage Truck

Rebecca the Tender Locomotive

Adam the American Tender Locomotive

Rachel the Diesel Locomotive

Jake the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Conira the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Sheffield the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Dabby the Fire Dept Ambulance

Zippy the Bee Monster Truck

Portle the Fire Truck

Sammy the Street Sweeper

Scat the Cat Sweeper (With Added Scat Cats Face From Aristocats)

Hit the Cat Mobile Crane (With Added Hit Cats Face From Aristocats)

Shun The Cat VW Bus (With Added Shuns Face From Aristocats)

Base the Cat Hauler (With Added Billy Bases Face From Aristocats)

Omars the Russian Excavator (With Added Eds Face With Yellow Cap He Speaks Russian and Identical to Poco)

Speeder the Quadbike

Slow the Steam Roller

Kerry the Mobile Crane

Cappy the Dump Truck

Gogi the Bus

Dayo the Bus

Bonkers the Dino Cargo Car

Rody the Minitruck

Sunflower Construction Vehicles

Dropper the Dropside Crane

Garby the Garbage Excavator

Taia the TV Truck

Nelson the Camera Car

Plain the Plane (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Krane the Claw Mobile Crane

Sens the Magnet Mobile Crane

Honey the Dropside Crane

Smashy the Wreaking Ball Mobile Crane

Gech the Bachoe Forklift

Grabbo the Dropside Crane

Hamsley the Electric Scissor

Damsel the Cherry Picker

Drillo the Skid Steer Drilling Truck

Greggy the Skid Steer Forklift

Easy Eddie the Excavator

Marion the Railway Steam Shovel

Firestorm the Monster Truck

Jani the Bus

Aani the Bus

Survy the Monster Bus

Trucker the Monster Tractor Truck

Len the Lorry

Finley the Green Fire truck

Carrier the Military Transport Plane

Heavy the Heavy Lift Helicopter

Birdo the Dino Car (This Vehicle Does not Talk)

Smaiship the Helicopter (This Vehicle Does not Talk)

Yoshi the Dino Car (This Vehicle Does not Talk)

Boaten the Boat

Riley the Steam Roller

Hazard the Fire Truck

Tyrone the Fire Truck

Macta the Tractor (He is Based on Tractor From Engie Benjy and Voiced by Paul Dobson)

Squawkrotor the Parrot Police Chinook Helicopter (With Added Squawks Face From Timbuctoo But Orange Hat)

John the Mouse Fire Truck (With Added Squeaks Face From Timbuctoo But Wihh Blue and Red Cap)

Sam the Fire Tank Locomotive

Joker the Fire Break Van

Zack the Narrow Gauge Fire Diesel

Sally the Fire Tank Locomotive

Jamesfan the Tender Locomotive

Jarrod the Tank Locomotive

Captain Bob the Fire Plane

Belle the Helicopter (With Magnet)

Andy the Ambulance

Bulgy the Airport Control Tower

Eoin the Italian Tow Truck

Alex the Security Van

Lenloid the Tanker Truck

Meteor the Fire Truck

Rosie the Fire Truck

Sammy the Fire Truck

Billy the Bullying Vintage Fire Truck

Alvin the Fire Truck

Molly the Fire Truck

Fastbottom the Combine Harvestor

Old Dusty the Tractor

Mateow the Mountain Buggy (With Added Wide awake Wesleys Face From Little Monsters)

Squad the Fire Locomotive (Seen in Chug Patrol Song)

Tom the Flatbed Tow Truck

Ray the Car

Other Sooty Puppets

Snoozer the Snow Cat (With Added Mr Sneezes Face From Mr Men But With Orange Wolly Hat)

Gup R the Sailfish Submarine

Shy Red the American Fire Truck (From Cars) (This Vehicle Does Not Talk Only Cries)

Stanley the Vintage Truck

Benny the Small Sized Truck

Jackie the Front Loader

Donnor the Streamlined Locomotive

Alicia the Satelite Ambulance

Digsy the Fire Digger

Brian the Baler

Adam the British Ambulance

Sneezer the Stephensons Rocket

Loggy the Log Truck

Tompson the Truck

Double Tow the Fire Tow Truck (With Added Double Ds Face From Ed Edd n Eddy)

Grank the Fire Cherry Picker (With Added Eddys Face)

Pongu the KTX High Speed Train (With Added Pingus Face)

Gunnar the Swedish Plane

Judge Javis the Plane

Slower the Steam Locomotive

Rikishi the Taxi

Seymour the Garbage Truck (With Added Smelly Seymours Face From Little Monsters His Voice Sounds Like Aldo from Sitting Ducks)

Saira the Wooden Crane (With Added Sairas Face From Zelda)

Fire Chuck the Fire Truck

Fire Chuckie the Fire Truck

Caitlyn the Tank Locomotive

Duchess the Streamlined Locomotive

Rickety the Steam Locomotive

Tom the Navy Locomotive

Sir Ralph the Mallard Locomotive

Ryan the Rude Steam Locomotive

Mitch the Steam locomotive

Oddjob the Tank Locomotive

Sam the Skip

Taya the Bus (Tayo's Mother)

Dumbo the Excavator (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Mickey the Cement Mixer

Elmer the Excavator

Piper the Pipe Layer

Phillip the Bus (Rogis Uncle)

Digso the Digger

Hen The Helicopter

Jacku the Bachoe Loader

Matt Z the Mobile Crane

Randy the Pickup Truck

Coachy the Coach (From Magazine Stories Clarabels New Friend)

Danu the Parrot Car (Dosent Speak With Added Squawks Face But Purple With Crane Yellow Glove and Identical to Shine)

Tommy the Lorry

Mars the Police Car

Pluto the Doctors Car

Simon the Illness Green Car

Cutter the Saw Mill

Saw the Saw Machine

Blader the Cutting Tool

Cut the Cutting Tool

Krolik the Rabbit Bus (With Added Rabbits Face From Winnie the Pooh and Hes Identical to Bertie But Green)

Frou Frou the Horse School Bus (With Added Frou Frous Face From Aristocats)

S Cargo the Snail Truck

Pufferty the Dog Train

Gravel the Gravel Machine

Bricker the Brick Mill

Mobel the Bulldozer

Bober the Bulldozer

Diggo the Bachoe Loader

Spike the Digger Dumper (With Added Spikes Face From Little Monsters

Arturo the Italian Plane

Lenny the Liner

Percy the Police Car

Amy the Ambulance

Frankie the Fire Truck

Jenny the Jet Plane

Reg the Crane

RPD the Tow Truck

Piggytruck the Pig Fire Truck

Stinker the Bee Missle Car

Bumbsle the Bumper Car

Maxine the Blue Max Steel Car

Rodney the Rodzilla

Loading the Flatbed Truck

Dops the Funny Car

Tanks the Vinatge Tanker Truck

Dirtyo the Special Paver

Tarty the Tar Tanker Truck

Dopsy the Clown Car

Elvis the Airport Fire Truck (With Added Elviss Face From Fireman Sam)

Hiway Lorrys

Trevor the West Indian Bus (With Added Trevors Face From Fireman Sam)

Sharkruise the Shark Car

Fangster the Lizard Car

Turret the Gun Car

Dozer and Dizer the Bulldozers

Big the Cat Lorry (with Added Bigs Face From Sonic)

Amy the Excavator (With Added Amys Face From Sonic)

Tony the Tractor (From Thomas and His New Friends Book)

Sodor Line the Boat

Sky Cam 1 The Helicopter

Morto the Space Cement Truck

Cleano the Garbage Machine

Gus the Bus (From Little Engine Board Book)

Henry the Helicopter (From Hear My Sounds Board Book)

Zilla the Banana Car

Charlie the Ambulance Car

Robbie the Robot Vehicle (From Heros of the City)

Zoofi the Jamaican Zoo Truck (From Heros of the City)

Sten the Matchbox Super Lift Fire Truck

Toad the Frog Fire Truck

Roger the Fire Truck

Jam the Truck (With Added Jams Face From Snowboard Kids)

Ruby the Truck (With Added Rubys Face From Snowboard Kids)

Freddy the Forklift

Fisherman Fred the Fishing Boat

Zoo the Zoo Truck (Zoofis Twin)

Tracy the Dump Truck

Hector the Helicopter

Percy the Postvan

Troy the Tractor (From Heroes of the city)

Tilly the Steam Locomotive

Jessie the Airport Tanker Truck

Arlo the Apatosaurus Bus

Lactor the Jet Plane

Lambert the Lifeguard Jet Ski

Gary the Garbage Truck

Mayday the Fire Truck (Freds Twin)

Tommy the Tow Truck

Old Mac the Tow Truck

Paulie the Police Car

Fiona the Fire Truck

Harry the Hotrod Car

Wheelie the Motorbike

Digsy the Excavator

Luke the Lifeguard Loaction

Alice the Megaphone

Rocky Malone the Police Car

Frankie the Fruit Truck

Benny the French Baking Truck

Iris the Ice Cream Truck

Wacky Wayne the Car

Cindy the Seaplane

Mr Mayor the Car

Betty Bloom the Pickup Truck

Cara the Quadbike

Terry the Steam Locomotive (From Hear My Sounds Board Book)

Ollie the Off Loader Truck

Billy 2 the Bulldozer (Little Engine Board Book)

Gus the Red Bus

Terry the Taxi

Roger the Racer Car

Harriet the Helicopter

Sally the Ferry

Freddy the Fire Truck

Ednol the Stobart Lorry

Edboy the Stobart Lorry

Edsun the Stobart Lorry

Freddie the Forklift (From Steady Eddie)

Steady Eddie the Stobart Lorry (From Steady Eddie)

Lorretta the Welsh Lorry (From Steady Eddie)

Ellie the Claw Excavator

Toby the Dump Truck

Timo the Stobart Lorry

Tess the Stobart Lorry

Terry the Stobart Diesel Locomotive

Belcher the American Lorry

Harvey the Harvester

Chuffie the Steam Locomotive

Thunder the Thunder Truck

Jack the Turtle Vehicle

Giant the Container Truck (Bigs Brother hes Orange With Purple Container)

Dimpy the Dump Truck

Mr Chief the Fire Truck

Henry the Fire Truck

Chief Tyrone the Fire Truck

Chief Hank the Fire Truck

Presto the Search and Rescue Truck

Gusher the Fire Truck

Daxi the Search and Rescue Truck

Big Red the Fire Hauler

Hampster the Cargo Heliplane

Coaster the Coastguard Helicopter

30 the Fire Truck

Artino the Plane

Super the Super Bus

Charley the Mobile Crane

Stella the UFO

Bulla the Excavator

Ollie the Ox Truck

Digger Dumpers

Rosi the Robot

Critch and Diddy the Police Motorcycle with Side Car

Bobby the Police Car

Sprint the Police Car

Legar the Police Car

Pinker the Clumsy Pink Car

Roto the Police Helicopter

Pelle the Police Car

Gratass (Fergie) the Tractor

Pony the Tractor

Tailo the Trailer (Gratass Trailer)

Clankey the Scarecrow

Tempo the Magical Car

Torsi the Ambulance

Tango the Trailer (Spookys Trailer)

Dandy the Digger Hauler

Speedy the Ambulance

Mile High the Hook and Ladder Truck

Annia the Ambulance

Whirly the Helicopter

Monkeytruck the Monkey Pickup Truck

Elecopter the Elephant Helicopter

Dillo the Arctic Driller

Craner the Arctic Helicrane

Mick the Mammoth Arctic Digger

Tayno the Arctic Truck

3 Freddie the Arctic Fire Truck

Professor Tirewire the Arctic Truck

Crawly the Ice Crawler

Campter the Arctic Tow Truck

Cany the Bachoe Crane

Dave the Bachoe Loader

Clanky the Police Clock

Cranky the Fire Dept Clock

Danny the Danger Decector

Hydro the Hydrent

Daniella and Shelley the Pitties

Ludwig the Car

Geartrude the Car

Carsper the Car

9 The Racing Car

Taniono the Taxi Car

Pex the Police Car

Buck the Dump Truck

Timbo the Tractor

Bach the Bachoe Loader

Coopy the Mini Cooper Car

Freezer the Estinguisher

Cargo Pete the Cargo Truck (From Finley the Fire Engine)

Het the Fire Lorry

Capto the Fire Ampfibious Vehicle

Parrator The Parrot Helicopter (With Feet and Shoes)

Bessie the Sheep Transport (With Sheep Face)

Miner the Mining Locomotive

Clark the Tow Truck

Whip the Loader

Cameron the Mini Cooper

Jimbo the Blue Jet Plane (From Baby Driver)

Coaster the Boat

Nurse Tree the Tree

Diggedy the Bulldozer

Tyrone the Dump truck

Sammy the Earth Scraper

Billy the Bachoe Loader

Ned the Nightlight Truck

Sally the Ambulance (From Pelle Politibil)

MBX the Fire Van

Amelia the Ambulance

Mux the Fire Jeep

Water the Fire Tanker Truck

Skamper the Safari Plane

Spront the Police Car

Nancy the Street Sweeper (With Added Nancys Face From Snowboard Kids) (Fergies Girlfriend)

Other Vehicles (From Firehouse Tales Tayo the Little Bus Budgie the Little Helicopter Chuck and Friends Tonka Town Finley the Fire Engine Trucktown and Heroes of the city) (They Appeared as Cameos)

Missy the Airport Street Sweeper

Swiper the Airport Cleaner

Dobs and Diso the Half Bachoe and Half Excavator

Shover and Truckto the Half Shovel and Half Truck

Maxio the Mini Cement Truck (Chriss Nephew)

Rolldumper the Dump Steam Roller

Mighty the Parrot Mighty Crane (With Added Squawks Face But Green Hat)

Stanley the Excavator

Gampton the Grab Crane

Honorsun the Grab Excavator

Stonly the Excavator

Shacker the Shock Car

Tony the Tow Truck

Rally the Wheeled Roller

Ditto the Drilling Car

Goey the Grab Bachoe Loader

Joey GT The Bachoe Loader

Items Signs Traffic Lights Computers and Locations (They Appeared as Cameos)

Dandy the Dump Truck (He Loves Feathers)

DT the Computar

Cow The Cow Wooden Truck

Bobs the Bus

Splashing the Water Sweeper

Melon the Watermelon Truck

Woddo the Wooden Truck

Tackin the Tractor

Whillo the Three Wheeled Tractor

Glasco the Speedboat

Panko the Trailer Car

Becky the Barge

Lilly the Laundrey Van

Picky the Pickup Truck

Mover the Lawn Mower

Beg the School Bus

Bob the School Bus

Logger the Log Truck

Tugs the Tugboat

Tuggo the Tugboat

Green Meadows Boats

Lala the Lighthouse

Hansy the Speedboat

Dansy the Speedboat

Tire the Semi Truck

Super Truck the Fire Truck

Tandy the Delivery Truck

Tomser the Caterpillar Tractor

Savino the Suv Car (Identical to Suv But Red)

Royal Suv Cars (Seen in Lani the Princess Wannabe) (All 4 of them)

Kyle the Mobile Crane

Bertie the Turbo Car

Tasha the Car

Cruz the jet Fighter

Wonnie and Donnie the Quadbikes

Dirk the Racing Car

Betsy the Bumper Car

Max the Lorry

Berties Friends

Lisa the Limousine

Ruby the Helicopter

Henler the Helicopter

Freddie the Fire Truck

Tireler the Car (Harrys Mother)

Crono the Harbour Crane

Harrys Friends

Bongy the Burgler Car

Dubba the Bulldozer (Bubbas Brother)

Tom the Tractor (From Brown Watson Board Books)

Danny the Digger (From Brown Watson Board Books)

Tainer the Train (Seen in Train Trouble)

Linde the Forklift

Dirk the Submarine

Sidney the jet Ski

Robs the Crane

Olly the Submarine

Beth the Submarine

Skid the Sea Scooter

Uma the Sea Robot

Suzie the Seaplane

Subteen the Submarine

Shankly the Scottish Harbour Crane

Diesel the Truck (From Johnson and Friends)

Tony the Dump Truck

Mcduff the Tow Truck

Pat 3 the Post Helicopter

Betilda the Bus

Rock the Lorry

Shaggy the Rabbit Catcher Machine Car

Flagogo the Flamingo Bike

Tweeter the Flamingo Bike

Snaker the Snake Train

Giraffeexpress the Giraffe Locomotive

Liontractor the Lion Tractor

Tigermail the Lorry

Ostritchbike the Ostritch Motorbike

Dansk the Fire Truck

Wildebeest Soldier Vans

Anteatercar the Anteater Car

Cabmonkey the Monkey Taxi

Dabs the Steam Roller

Jus the Bus

TMST the Airport Fire Truck

Puss the Cat Airport Fire Truck

Ducky the Duck Boat Bus

Goldy the Fish Car

Miss Bug the Volkswagon Beetle

Ruster the Rusty Vintage Truck

Owlplane the Owl Plane

Bilder the Green Tractor

Purple the Helicopter

Warthogdumptruck the Warthog Dumptruck

Traffic Birds the Bird Tanker Trucks

Cheetahgarage the Cheetah Tow Truck

Peacocky the Peacock Van

Vulturefly the Vulture Plane

Gazellespeed the Gazelle Car

Lizardhop the Lizard Car

Scruffy the Rat Dump Truck

Fire the Dragon Fire Truck

JJ Twitter the Bird Car

Leafy the Leaf Cart

Jungle the Jungle Boat

Roller the Gorilla Steam Roller

Dodger the Horse Bus

Manny the Bulldog Truck

Rusty the Fox Digger

Antylope the Anterlope Truck

Duncan the Buffalo Van


Emmanuel the French Bus

Zooter the Pig Scooter

Ellyvan the Elephant Van

Bungo the Rabbit Car

Hippobus the Hippo Bus

Dozer the Bull Bulldozer

Miss Jolly the Zebra Car

Carla the Koala Car

Lance the Rhino Ambulance

Tricky the Triceratops Hauler

Pat 10 the Post Boat

Pat 9 the Postcar

Pat 11 the Royal Mail Train

Pat 12 the Postbus

Pat 4 the Post Van

Pat 1 the Post Van

Pat 2 the Post Van

Pat 5 the Post Motorbike With Side Car

Pat 6 the Post Forklift

Pat 8 the Post Snowmobile

Sam 1 the Mobile Shop Van

Dertram the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Mildred the Car

Kowalski the Polish Plane

Sun Wing the Chinese Plane

Crash the Demolition Truck (From The Adventures of Chuck & Friends) (He is Identical to Poco From Tayo the Little Bus But Eyes on Window Human Mouth Painted Yellow with Red Stripes Green Wheels and Blue Hard Hat)

Annie the Ambulance

Bozer the Yellow Bulldozer

Chuppie the Steam Locomotive

Lizardon the Caledonian Sleeper Train (Based on Brtiish Rail Class 90 With Lizardons Face)

Sonia the Excavator (With Added Sonias Face from Sonic)

Mr Wilson The Truck

Shear the Shear Excavator

Katy the Scottish Excavator

Gander the Truck

Ross the Bachoe Loader

Kym the School Bus

Bugs the Rabbit Truck

Homer the Lorry

Man the Japanese Bus

Koller the Bus

Taxo the Taxi Bus

Hami the Ambulance Bus

Rachelle the French Plane

Pete the Police Car

Tsubasa the Japanese Plane

Tsubasa 2 the Japanese Plane

Yellow Bird the Plane

Joey Dundee the Australian Plane

Antonio the Spanish Plane

Gloomtail the Dragon Lorry

Mark the Steam Roller

Scorchy the Forest Tractor

Cormac the Emerald Hauler Locomotive

Julie the Vintage Car

Harvey the Super jet

Sharkey the Aircraft Carrior

Other Super Jets

Ernest the Tractor

Nosey the Drill Excavator

Bachoe the Bachoe Loader

Gimbus the Cement Mixer

Patsy the Stunt Plane

Gus Guppy the Transport Plane

Arpy the Aircraft Carrior Helicopter

Harry the Inflatable Boat

Ted the Intercity Train

Wally the Supermarine Walrus

Mini Plane

Wally Jr the Supermarine Walrus

Sonia the Limousine

Amelia the Ambulance

Clark the Tow Truck

Holly the Vintage Car

French Super Jets

Arthur the Airship

Evil Pippa the Piper Plane

Dougie the Police Traffic Helicopter

Jade the Traffic Helicopter

Buddy the Helicrane

James the Boeing Jet Plane

Jasper the Jeer Jet Plane

Bobby the Helicopter

British Royal the Diesel Locomotive

Monsieur the French Helicopter

Western the Mexican Plane

Eddie the Jet Plane

Daniel the Helicopter

Tuggy the Tugboat

Jolly the Pirate Ship

Anton and jake the Steam Locomotive Twins

Henley the 3 Propller Plane

Olivia the Edgley Plane

Gloria the Other Gliders

Cubey the Stuck Up Submarine

VW the VW Bus

Clown Cars

Y the Tanker Truck

Z the Flower Lorry

Dumpelo the Dump Truck

Tito the Dump Truck

Yellow the Car

Tugsy the Bridge Tugboat

Minny the Car

Clarence the British Rail Train

Bird the Falcon Locomotive

Crimey the Beach Buggy

Old Moe the Ditch Digger

Tommy (Bernie) the Tow Truck

Matty the Mountain Rescue Truck

Danny the Desert Rescue Truck

Minkie the Motorbike

Colin the Cement Mixer

Larry the Mini School Bus

Sasha the Strange Truck

Sharon the Excavator

Bobba the Vegetable Double Decker Bus

Emmet the Construction Mech

Charlie the Mobile Crane

Craig the Crusher Crane

Janet the Front Loader

Cange the Tender Locomotive

Trevor the One Eyed Tractor

Mixerot the Parrot Cement Mixer

Simon the Seaplane

Forby the Forklift Monster Truck

Green the Forklift Crane

Thredder the Caterpillar Monster Truck

Mercury the Rescue Quadbike

Tombser the Lorry

Jealous the Bus

Rollie the Steam Roller

Steamy the Excavator

Tracker the Fire Pick Up Truck

PC Tug the Police Tugboat

Vladimir the Soviot Union Tugboat

Badger the Lorry

Rascal the Lorry

Diesel the Tanker Truck

Bulldog the Lorry

Archibald the Australian Steam Locomotive

Bertie the Bulldozer

Pete the Paver

Dougie the Loader

Rodmet (Robby) the Steam Roller

Steve the Earth Scraper

Dave the Dump Truck

John the Lorry

Molly the Lorry

Mr Royal the Royal Van

Freeda the Forklift

Red White and Blue the Minis

Brummie the Freight Train

Bristol the Van

Xel the Ambulance

Dolono the Dragon Car

Propsy the Plane

Rouge the Cutter Car

Drummie the High Speed Train

Placky the Jet Plane

Taggy the Tugboat

Sprocket the Robotic Dog

Simon Z the Robotic Human

Bobsel the Preschool Bus

Buzz the Buzz Saw (From Diggin Rigs)

Lynx the Mobile Crane (Billys Father He is Mentioned By Billy in The Bully He is Seen in Washfull)

Salty the Ocean Rig

Badly Bumpers the Rig

Smutchy the Bachoe Loader

119 the Fire Truck

Danny the Dump Truck

Rad Taillight the Monster Truck

Snow the Snow Machine

Other Depot Lorries

Samuel the Ferry

Joel the Limousine

Jippo the Land Rover

Museum Motorbikes

Tomson the Tanker Truck

Tommy the Tanker Truck (Seen in Boom Boom Budgie From Budgie the Little Helicopter But With a Face Lime Green Ocean Tanker With Blue Cap)

Tim the Van (Seen in Budgie's Opening Goal)

Topsy the Tow Truck

Vanny the Van

Croyt the One Eyed Steam Truck

Kevina the Coach

Derek the Digger

Colin the Cement Mixer 2

Brian the Brick Wagon

Terry the Dump Truck

Pandora the Police Car

Ango the Ambulance

Scotty the Scottish Crane

Pinknose the Steam Locomotive

Fiona the Steam Locomotive

Antwan the Steam Locomotive

Burdette the Bird Locomotive

Splat the Paint Lorry

Crano the Strange Crane

Grandpa Tim the Bus (Tayos Grandfather)

Coal the Coal Truck

Dickson the Lorry

Denzo the Lorry

Krystyna the Boat

Winston the Cat Tar locomotive

Koalakeet the Koala Bird Crane Truck

Careless the All Goes Wrong Digger

Doco the Mini Excavator (Poco's Nephew)

Hook the Monster Tow Truck

VWX the Vw Bus (Seen in Tayo the Little Bus Season 3)

Dinky the Car (Seen in Tayo Season 3)

Juv the Suv Car (Seen in Tayo Season 3) (Suv's Twin)

Medan the Sedan Car (Seen in Tayo Season 2 and 3)

Hearts the Car (Seen in Season 3 (Hana's Car)

Ajay the Greendale Rocket

Toyota the Bus (He is Identical to Tayo But Red)

Catto the Steam Truck

247 the Tow Truck

Stacker the Container Stacker

Jack the Junkyard

Garret the Rude Tram Locomotive (Tobys Brother)

Senor the Mexican Tender Locomotive

Carl the Camelback Locomotive

Stopgo the Traffic Lights Tank Locomotive

Sharker the Shark Car

Wazzup the Sparks Car

Golder the Van

Bugger the Beach Buggy

Shako the Bone Shaker Car

31 and 32 the Racing Cars

Komber the VW Bus

Frankie the Flatbed Truck

Randu the Racing Truck

Rallo the Container Truck

Cranker the Crane Truck

Linner the Heli Mobile

Ferb the Steam Locomotive

Theodore the Steam Locomotive (Henrys Brother)

Nova the Bus

Dumps the Dump Truck

Catchy the Claw Excavator

Petey the Police Van

Frankie the Fire Truck

Abby the Ambulance

Hayley the Helicopter

Scoot the Police Scooter

Bonnie the Lifeboat

Orange the Elevator Truck

Clever the Light Repair Truck

Granny May the Steam Locomotive

Marina the Mute Steam Locomotive (This Vehicle Does Not Talk)

Zoomy the Snowmobile

Harley the Helicopter

Snit the Snowmobile

Buzzy the Arcitc Buggy

Lifta the Repair Lift

Harry the Arctic Helicopter

Bobber the Arctic Boat

Alison the Ambulance

Patrick the Police Car

Frankie the Fire Truck (From Engie Benjy)

Rowder the Steam Pumper

Geppetto the Mining 4X4

Grander the Grabd Prix Lorry

Raldo the Racing Car

Darry the Car Transporter

Prinks the Dump Truck

Monica the Mobile Crane

Squeaper the Mouse Street Sweeper

Peggy the Vet Car

Rick the Vet Quadbike

Jax the Mini Dump Truck

Scrapy the Golden Locomotive

Thistle the Steam Locomotive

Bruner Jr the Robot Digger Dumper (Bruners Son)

Campto the Mini Camper Truck

Folko the Forklift

Holly the Container Stacker

Robert the Container Forklift

Jase Zack and Zicky the Tank Locomotives (Thomass Brothers and Sister)

Family the Car

Family 2 the Car

Lola the Rabbit Truck

Rosie the Rodster

Katie the Shopping Car

Josh the Excavator

Terry the Front Loader

Harry the Bulldozer

Lindi the Steam Lorry

Ester the Excavator

Ted the Clumsy Steam Shovel

Pattie the Crane

Peter and Sam the Dump Truck Twins

Gofty the Crane Car

Livvy the Mobile Crane

Sir Hiss the Snake Cement Mixer

Stella the Grader

Bella the Ballast Tractor

Ginger the Cat Payloader

Nick the Flatbed Truck

Alan the Bucket Wheel Excavator

Eddie the Excavator

Chuck the Forklift

Dadran the Russian Excavator

Stupid the Cement Mixer

Suiryu the Dragon Excavator

Slime the Rig

Maldo the Mail Plane

Maldi the Mailvan

Tructo the Lorry

Folki the Forklift

Carlgo the Cargo Plane

Timmer the Baggage Truck

Curious the Excavator

Caveman The Caterpillar Track Truck

Ice the Ice Cream Truck

Creamy the Ice Cream Truck

Ted the Tractor

Toby the 4WD Tractor

Boxy the Box Spreader

Bradley and Clarkson the Sugar Cane Harvesters

Deer the Farm Dump Truck

Boris the Tractor

Martha Jones the Tank Locomotive

Taj the Excavator

Buzz the Diesel Locomotive

Kaiser the Fireless Locomotive

Vermat the Mountain Diesel Railcar

Nero the Gurrat Locomotive

Billy the Tow Locomotive

Friar Tuck the Badger Strange Flying Vehicle

RD the Truck

Alan a Dale the Rooster Submarine

Purplenose the Steam Locomotive

Ernie the Meow Mix Steam Locomotive

Agustas Gloop the Fat Steam Locomotive

Donvito and Awdry the French Steam Locomotives

Jamjars the Steam Locomotive

Hedgy the Hedgecutter Tractor

Frankie the Big Rig Lorry

Tracks the Red Road Train

Henrietta the Diesel Locomotive

Dyfan the Welsh Diesel Locomotive

Sammy the Samson Locomotive

Cranko the Crane Locomotive

Pipa the Steam Locomotive

Martha the Steam Roller

Madeline the Truck

Scout the Monster Truck

Coach the Truck

2 the News Truck

Rani the Bus (Lanis Father)

Foco the Golden Bus

Matty the Subway Train (Mets Twin Brother, Seen at the End of the Episode Rogis Hiccups)

Dave the Orange Digger

Diesel the Cowboy Rig

Diesels Sidekicks

Steve and Del e Copter the American Lorry Twins

Dr Peacock the Pickup Truck

Police Trucks

3 Stadium Monster Trucks

Biggers the Rig

Dr Mudflap the Rig

Adam the Oil Spill Rig

Tyre the Dump Truck

Smutcher the Garbage Truck

Phillipy the Front Loader

Mixer Mikey the Cement Mixer

Travo the Tractor

Julia the Gator Truck

Wheeler the Dump Truck

Baggage the baggage Cart

Sokus Parents

Kurt Camshaft the Muddy Car

Sweeper the Football Street Sweeper

Greg the Christmas Van

Jessie the Car

Miss Ella the Car

Taiaia the School Day Car (Seen in Tayo Season 3)

Harry the Jungle Hospital Helicopter

Johnny the Jungle Plane

Porters the Cement Mixer

Flato the Flatbed Truck

Sabu the Eagle Uncle Sam Mobile

Millie the Fishing Trawler

Lucy the Tugboat

Mattas the Tractor

Bulla the Mini Bulldozer

Flyer the Jet Plane

Heldy the Helicopter

Opsy the Quadbike

Danny the Orange and Blue Dump Truck

Stulbrode the Barge

Ricky the Troublesome Truck

Mina the Mongoose Truck

Billy Cranston the Tank Locomotive

Old Smokey the Tender Locomotive

Lorry Pete the Towing Lorry

Tony Turbo the Car

Barney the Tank Locomotive

Eddie the Diesel Locomotive

Ava Wilkinson the Road Train

Barner the Tender Locomotive

Churlin the Crane Barge

Ryker the Forklift

Banner the Land Rover

Winnie and Harvey the Camper Vans

Intorior the Land Rover

Nick the Police Helicopter

Pete the Police Plane

Chuckson the Monster Truck

Workin Chuck the Pick Up Truck

Kira the Japanese Tender Locomotive

Cemonty the Cement Mixer

Craneder the Mobile Crane

Anado the Kettle Locomotive

Gary and Steve the Diesel Shunters

Leslie the Steam Locomotive

Pat the Eurotunnel Train

Julian the Southern Class 377

Bernie the Tow Truck

Finley and Fliner the Fire Trucks

Archie and Rober the Ambulances

Louis and Lois the Lifeboats

Paddy and Patrick the Police Cars

Henry the Yellow Helicopter

Roddy the Steam Roller

Jackson the Bachoe Loader

Arez the Race Ambulance

Dander the Bulldozer

Corer the Convertible Car

Edwin the Dump Truck

Maize the Grass Combine Harvestor

Jake the Excavator

Dan the Bachoe Loader

Clay the Cement Mixer

Prince John the Lion Steam Locomotive

Chris the Tall Crane

Rossie the Fire Boat

Ronnor the Racing Car

Lil Launcher the Space Buggy

Jetter the Spaceship

Scapper the Bicycle

Frickso the Fire Truck

Troy Trey Truy and Tray the Tractors

Garby the Underground Garbage Locomotive

Undy the Underground Diesel Shunter

Yelly the Yellow Underground Diesel

Handry the Underground Steam Locomotive

Ernie 1 the Undergound Shunter

Bronwer the Brown Diesel Shunter

Brownie the Diesel Tender Locomotive

Mary and Mark the Green Tender Locomotive Twins

Roy the Police Ape Truck

Stevin the Steam Locomotive

Bender the Saddle Tank Locomotive

Denny (Den) the Saddle Porter Tank Locomotive

Archibald the Tender Locomotive

Rustic the Rail Car Traction Engine (Fergus,s Cousin)

C3PO the Tender Locomotive

Connie the Tender Locomotive (Thomas,s Baby Sister)

Julie the Tank Locomotive (Thomas,s Older Sister)

Terry the Rig

Trevor the Tractor Unit Truck

Fergus the Ferry

Bullydozer the Bulldozer

Screech the Pick up Truck

Tim the Tipper Truck

Theo the Tipper Truck

Nozzle the Moving Gas Pumper

Craig the Crusher Machine

Ace the Racing Car

Izzy the Racing Car

Blaze the Fire Truck

Jojo the Ambulance

Funky the Forklift (With Leopolds face and Green Cap)

Stanley the Blue Faced Red Nose Tow Truck Wth 2 Tows

Freddy the Fire Truck

Ronnie the Spaceship

Mackie the Truck

Sweepo the Snowmobile Locomotive

Lofter the Crane

Musha the Baggage Truck (Dells Girlfriend)

Dumpy the Dump Truck

Larry the Hauler

Callum the Mobile Crane

Archie the Fire Helicopter

ANA the Japanese Plane

Jack the Bulldozer

Stozzy the Plane

Amelia the Ambulance

PC Percy the Polcie Car

Livvy Lou the Seaplane

Megan Foley the Police Seaplane

Budge the Ambulance Helicopter

SGT Ronald the Army Cargo Plane

Forky the Forklift

Quarter the Quadbike

Tony the Bus

Bubbles the Clown Helicopter

Rocky the Wright Flyer

William the Red Arrow Jet

Luppo the Bi Plane

Cameron the Combine Harvester

Sid the Skip Carrier

Ronnie the Steam Roller

Tipper the Tipper Truck

Ollie the Flatbed Lorry

Bluey the Brick Wagon

Stan the Steam Shovel

Diggy the Excavator

Top Hat the Excavator

Hercules the Airport Tugboat

Earl the Earth Scraper

Charlie the Tall Crane

Gorgy the Grader

Chopper the Bucket Wheel Excavator

Simon the Snowplough Truck

Bob the Frieght Train

Stinky Stanley the Garbage Truck

Mark the Monster Truck

Gerald the Cooking Van

Mick the Milk Float

Sammy the Space Shuttle

Dyfan the Welsh Plane

Jock the Scottish Plane

Splash the Amphibious Vehicle

Mini the Van

Lenny the Space Buggy

Budgie Jr the Helicopter (Budgie,s Son)

Timmy the School Bus

Cargo the Container Ship

Harpy the Harbour Crane

Enivieve the French Bi Plane

Guppo the Sea Plane

Slikk the German Bi Plane

James the German Bi Plane

Duncan the Sopwith Camel

Charlk the Helicopter

Gordon the Car Transporter

Al the Goodyear Blimp

Grace the Airport Towing Truck

Terry the Taxi Car

Nuri the Motorbike

Icy the Ice Cream Truck

Katie the Camper Van

Picky the Pickup Truck

Johnny the Cool Plane

Bully Jr the Space Pirate (Seen in Tayo Season 3)

Goldon the Racing Car (Seen in Tayo Season 3)

Buddy the Turquoise Tow Truck

Mr Throat the Truck

Lee the Scientist Car

Baja the Baja Car

07 the Seaplane

Gladis the Tender Locomotive

Larry the American Locomotive

Victor the Steam Diesel

Pippa Jr the Helicopter

Swipper the Street Sweeper

Victor the Paint Truck

Mick the Container Truck

Helga the New Zealand Helicopter

Captain Bobs the Fire Plane

Shell the Racing Car

VW the VW Bus

Pumper the Fire Truck (Smokey,s Brother)

Golfy the Golf Cary

Swoosh the Plane

Leopoldbus the Preschool Bus

Rex the Sports Car

Franzer the German Aerocar

Pantu the Baja Truck

Nibbler the Forklift

Kevi the Tall Crane

Wheely Popper the Quad Bike

Lugnet the Tractor

Squeaks the Trailer

Bertrand the Bus

Dorter the Flatbed Lorry

Otis the Break Down Car (From Cars 2)

Lucy the Orange Loadal

Big Dipper the JCB Truck

Junior the Tipper Digger

Sidley the JCB Van

Stamper the Mini Loadal

Stomper the JCB Mini Truck

Stilts the JCB Lorry

Jannie the Green Coach (Annie and Clarebel,s Cousin)

Joe the Camper Bus

Fletchy the Green Excavator

Zackie the Blue Shear Excavator

Tie the Orange Magnet Excavator

Hinker the 5 Wheeled Farm Tanker Truck

Brewsto the Street Sweeper

Junkie the Garbage Skip Carrier

Bender the Garbage Bulldozer

Fudge the Truck

Mightist the Monster Truck

Cranky the Pick Up Truck

Larry the Lawn Mower

Impact Slick Racthet and Tommy the Tools and Toolbench

Big Momma the Pick Up Truck

Grim Reaper the Monster Truck

Night Train the Caterpillar Monster Truck

Locomon the Steam Locomotive

Granlocomon the Steam Locomotive

Trailmon the Angler Fish Locomotive

Dominic the Sky Knife Helicopter

Timbo the Tractor (Fergie,s Best Friend)

Voice Actors

Michael Daingerfield

Chris Johnson

Sophie Aldred

Gabe Knouth

Paul Dobson

Matt Hill

Peter Kelamis

Kathleen Barr

Cathy Weseluck

Alex Ferris

Mel Brooks

Dave Ward

Cam Clarke

Janyse Jaud

Michael Donovan

Dale Wilson

Colin Murdock

Blu Mankuma

Nicole Oliver

Scott Macneil

Ellen Kennedy

Ian James Corlett

Ronnie Corbett 

Tabitha St Germain

Lalainia Lindbjerg

Samuel Vincent

Tony Sampson

Brian Dobson

Erin Fitzgerald

Julie Lemieux 

French Tickner

Richard Ian Cox

Jesse Moss

Michael Adamthwaite

Ron Halder

David Kaye

Maurice Lamarche

Frank Welker

Michael Dobson

Britt Mckillip

Trevor Devall

Doron Bell Jr

Tara Strong

Andrea Libman

Danny Antonucci

Terry Klassen

Garry Chalk

Brad Swalie

Long John Baldry

Ashleigh Ball

David Paul Grove

Keenan Christenson

Noel Callahan

Marjor Malpass

Ross Douglas

Richard Newman

Kirby Morrow

Venus Terzo

Chantal Strand

Lenore Zann

Rhys Huber

Allesandro Juliani

Ted Cole

Maggie Blue O Hara

Reese Thompson

Doug Parker

Don Brown

Brian Drummond

Lee Tocker

Sarah Strange

Dane Cook

Ving Rhames

Rob Williams

Jenn Forgie

Jocelyne Loewen

Brent Chapman

Sarah Edmondson

Ellie Harvie

Chiara Zanni

Danny Mckinnon

Ty Olsson

James Arnold Taylor

Dean Smith

Andrew Francis

Teryl Ruthary

Michelle Crober

Phillip Corlett

Claire Corlett

Madeline Peters

Vincent Tongs

Brent Miller


Len Carlson

Robert Loggia

Tegan Moss

Louise Vallance

Jim Conrod

Alvin Sanders

Mark Schiff

Brad Garret

Carrie Mullan

Les Dennis

Jimmy Hibbert

Lucas Neff

Rob Rackstraw

Kerry Shale

Zachary Gordon

David Holt

James D Arcy

Alison Brie

Maria Darling

Michael Coleman


Season 1 (78 Episodes) (2012 to 2013)

Season 2 (28 Episodes) (2013)

Season 3 (90 Episodes) (September 6th 2013)

Season 4 (50 Episodes) (November 8th 2013)

Season 5 (80 Episodes) (January 10th 2014)

Season 6 (45 Episodes) (January 31st 2014)

Season 7 (62 Episodes) (February 28th 2014)


Challengers The Movie The Big Dig

Spills and Thrills (Direct to DVD)


The Series is Made By Saban Entertainment Marvista Entertainment Chapman and Cosgrove Hall Films

Disability Challengers Farnham Theme tune is Wheres Wally

This Show Was Produced By Ocean Group, Hit Entertainment, Entertainment One, and Iconix,

This Show is Related to Budgie the Little Helicopter and Roary the Racing Car

Chris Johnson Ronnie Corbett Sophie Aldred Rob Rackstraw and Jimmy Hibbert Are The Only British Actors But Others are Canadians

The Learning Segment for Season 4 Onwards are Voiced By Children

In Season 5 Its Called the Rescue Patrol, Diggineers, and Chug a Sonic (Trains Team),

In Korean and Some Countrys Red Crabby Poco Tech Newsie Bumper Cars Speedy (Speedboat) Kindy Conrod (Preschool Bus) Gordon (Bus) Carry Ruby Mark Omars Alfie Robbie and Bobsel Were Voiced By Women

In Korean Speedy is Voiced By Male In English He Is Voiced By Female

In Season 4 Onwards Max Got a Really Deep Voice

Peppo and Loadel Never Speaks Until Leopold and the Kite and Season 5 Onwards He Will Be Voiced By Jimmy Hibbert, and Loadels Still Voiced by Blu Mankuma

This TV Show Will Not Contain Strong Language and Sexual Things, This is a Childrens Show.

This Show Can Have Stock Footages From Any Programs Includes Firehouse Tales, Tayo the Little Bus, Timbuctoo, Olly the Little White Van, Thomas and Friends, TUGS, Engie Benjy, Angry German Kid, Robocar Poli, Sooty, Ed Edd n Eddy, Roary the Racing Car, and Many More

This Show Has Only Broadcast On Fridays Only

There are Merchandise Includes toys Action Figures Die cast Vehicles Playsets and Books

It Will Be Released On DVD Called Complete Series All Seasons

This is Childrens Television Show Soap Opera Comedy and Slaptick


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Great Villain Sequel - Electro (2014) made by BrawlGuy23