Digimon Elements is an online Doujinshi available on Drunk Duck, published may 2007 till october 2008. An earlier version was started sometime around 2004. The author and artist is Takeshi G.




Digimon are creatures who live and evolve in the communications network of the earth.

The World

The Digital World
World Tree Yggdrasil

The world wich was created in the communications network of the earth.

The Story

The Legend

When the darkness covers the world warriors from another world will appear. In order to save the digital world the elements must be united. With the elemental powers a legendary digimon will appear and vanquish the evil.

The Darkness

Demon is the source of evil in the digital world. Once a protector of the weak, he has lived to see many terrible things. Now he has risen as a demon lord and will not stop until the digital world lies in rubble.

Chosen Children


Children have been chosen to carry the elemental powers and to unite them somehow.


The Digiviceses of the elemental children are called D-Store. Unlike the normal v-pets, they have a symbol printed on them and carry an element.


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