Diamond Tiara: ME WANT KIRBY ABC VHS!!!! Kirby: NEVER! YOU HAVE A LOT OF KIRBY VHSs at home!!! Tuff: and its g+y~ Tiff: your right mah friend its g+y* Diamond Tiara: GRRRRRRRRRRR! ME WANT KIRBY DVD NOW!!!! Tuff: NO DIAMOND! AND YOU HAVE MANY KIRBY STUFF AT HOME!!! Diamond: BUT I WANT IT A LOT!!! Kirby & Tiff: AND ALSO YOU P00P, DIAMOND!!!! Narrator: Diamond Tiara got locked in her dark room for punishment. Diamond Tiara: OH DANG!!!!!! IT'S TOO LATE TO BUY THE KIRBY ABC VHS!!!! TOO late!!!!! Then Silver Spoon's Parents consoled Diamond Tiara. Silver spoons parents: No Diamond. you can get it for christmas! Diamond: That's next year! I'll NEVER get it!!! Silver spoons parents: You can get it if you act nice to Silver Spoon. 8 hours later.... Diamond tiara: awwww!!! an owen doll!!! can i have it? Kirby: NO! Tuff: Never. Anais: It's also g+y! Tuff: Your right its g+y! Diamond: D'AWWWW!!! I WANT IT NOW!!! Kirby: YOU BETTER STOP ACTING LIKE A YOUNG TODDLER OR I WILL GET RID OF ALL YOUR OWN KIRBY VHS VIDEOS!!!!! Diamond: NEVER YOU JERK!!! I WANT THE KIRBY ABC VHS AND OWEN DOLL NOW!!!! Narrator: But the other fillies started laughing at her, she ranto the fillies and attacked them. Before Kirby and The mazing world of Gumball characters called the cops, 3 F1 cars came into the toy store, Total Drama Jumbo jet almost came. Then Barnaby & Otto were so verry mad at diamond tiara! Barnaby & Otto: Hey! what are YOU Doing? Diamond Tiara: STOOOOPP! me not gonna get&see total drama stuf!!! Kawasaki: CUT IT OUT!!!! Wrap her in toilet paper and dip her in mayonnaise! Kirby, NOW! Kirby: Your right, my buddy. Diamond Tiara: HEYYYYYY!!! I'M THE ZOMBIE!!! Anais: Who's zombie? WHOOOOOO?!!!???! Diamond Tiara: I am! Kirby & Silver Spoon: OKI DOKI LOKI!!! KILL DIAMOND TIARA!!!! (BIG GREEN BALL HITS DIAMOND TIARA! BUT SHE INFLATES! NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!) Barnaby: Oh, noooo! Otto: What? Kirby: Notthing happens! (Otto flys outta CANNON and HITS Barnaby!) Barnaby: OUCH!!! YOU LIVE IN BARNABY TOWN AND SO DO I! WHAT WAS IT FOR?? NEVER DO IT AGAIN!! Otto: I'm so sorry! (The Mademoiselle flys outta CANNON and HITS Diamond Tiara!) Everybody: EEYUP!!! WE KILLED DIAMOND TIARA! Tiff: YOU! You will be arrested! Gotta call the cops! Diamond Tiara: NO! Tiff: Oh, hi cops, I have an earth pony girl named Diamond Tiara, who talks on bad language, uses bombs & slam people to a ground! Take her now! Diamond Tiara: YOU ARE G+Y, TIFF!!!! Officer: DIAMOND TIARA!! WATCH YOUR DICTIONARY!! Diamond Tiara: NEVER!!! Officer: ALWAYS! DONT TELL ME NEVER! Officer: we need rear off! Diamond Tiara: What rear off? Officer: F+++ OFF!!! Narrator: That night, the Kirby and gumball characters watched Kirby ABC VHS and played with owen plush! Everyone: WOW! THIS IS FUN!!! Diamond Tiara: I WANNA GO HOME!!!!! Narrator: Diamond Tiara kicked & screamed for a whole life! THE END!!!