DesktopX utilizes the power of VBScript in an interactive desktop environment!


The overall goal of this Wiki is to provide DesktopX coders with a resource from which to draw on pre-made code snippets and tutorials. Theres no need to be trying to remember how to properly assemble an XmlHTTP object, or a basic File System Object. Instead, we offer a place to grab quick assemblies of code to be used in whatever projects necessary. Please feel free to contribute with tutorials and script segments!

If you are here, we presume you have at least a basic understanding of DesktopX scripting (which, by the way, is all just VBScript or Javascript). If not, we recommend that you drop by w3schools tutorials on VBScript and JScript. Over time, as this Wiki improves, we hope to have guides for beginner users, but right now the focus is more on providing experienced DesktopX coders an easy guide for commonly used code. We do encourage new users to learn about VBScript or JScript and look around here.

If you are contributing to the Wiki, please read the proper sections on creating new pages. Also, look at the discussion page for the Overview, in order to know how to edit it and keep it up-to-date.

Script Segments

Feel free to contribute any useful bits of script that you find yourself using repetitively in your work. Complex functions are certainly welcome as well, but try to make sure you give an accurate and descriptive definition of what it does. Comments in your code are extremely encouraged, and try to keep things as simple as possible. The goal is to give usable chunks of code that other developers can integrate easily into their existing projects. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions to the segments in the appropriately labeled section of the page.

Script Tutorials

Of course, sometimes its not very easy for someone to just come along and figure out how to effectively create objects using VBScript, JScript and DesktopX. Thats why we are encouraging the submission of tutorials. Series of tutorials are also welcome, as long as its clearly marked that they are progressions from one to another. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, and can be added by editing the Comments/Suggestions section of the tutorials.

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The Page Generator

You can use the box below to create new Segments and Tutorials on this wiki.

  • Add {{DesktopX Menu}} to the bottom to create a link back to this main page.
  • Make sure you type [[Category:DesktopX]] on the page before you save it to make it part of the DesktopX wiki.
  • Please remember that the names of Tutorials should be "Tutorial: NameOfTutorial" and Segments should be "Segments: NameOfSegment".
Read the contribution sections for tutorials and segments before making new pages!

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