Piratoran Demusnoc, hater of the mercenary, Peku and his sister, Gratcia, first met up with the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An before a mercenary battle in Po-Terros. It was he who prompted the Brotherhood members he was with to attack the mercs. He soon regretted this, because in the course of the battle he got several slivers of glass into him and a few severe burns.

He trudged painfully along with this group of BoA members for some time until they got to a pool of Energized Protodermis hidden in a cave. There was a beast livng in the cave, but the Brotherhood managed to fight it off. It was Verak Sunslayer who pushed Demusnoc into the EP pool, while he was testing for transformation. Fortunately for both of them, though mostly Demusnoc, the Protodermis healed the Piratoran and transformed him into a full-grown Piraka with hallucination vision.

After Verak, whom he despised, took him to get sworn in with Ak'Rei'An, he then attempted to earn his undead control. He had been told Ak'Rei'An liked explosions, but the now-Piraka had a better idea. He went into the heart of Onu-Kata, where he caused the Matoran to see an illusionary monster. He then set about "fighting" his illusion, changing it to appear to have wounds as he went. When he had finished "killing" it, he proclaimed himself their hero. "But," he siad, "there is one greater than I. Go, give your homage to the Great Ak'Rei'An."

Soon after he received undead power, Demusnoc was sent on a mission to Ga-Terros to find out why there was an Ak'Rei'An temple in that area. A sorrowful moment of Aegis's life was brought back when they arrived there. Aegis soon found a way to undo his first evil action. Then, he and his comrades started to explore, the first BlackWave! (at that time he'd been at two out of three temple buildings/discoveries)

He is now content living and opperating from the new Nuva BlackWave. He managed to survive the capture of Aegis and the destruction of the temple. Most recently, he's gone on a self-assigned mission to Po-Terros where he encountered beings called SpiritBreakers. He's followed them to Zwalheider in the hopes of a victorious battle with them.

He managed to catch Norjhiko, but he himself was captured by the others SpiritBreakers. He wasn't held in captivity for long, as the SBs had to rescue some of their friends. He escaped during this time to Blackwave. When he returned the SpiritBreakers were in hot pursuit. Demusnoc was talking to his captive when one appeared. He and several other BoA members did their best to keep their captive, and harm the others. This went unsuccesful.

After a time in Blackwave, Demusnoc spent time in Bloodflow, working on a project approved by Lyse, to kill the SpiritBreakers. The idea was to give certain undead his illusion powers, zamor launchers he made, and special Zamor filled with a Black Lightstone and liquid that slightly neutralized the effects of the Black Lightstone. These undead could trick enemies into thinking they saw something they wanted badly, in order to lure them closer, then fire the Zamor into them. Once inside their bodies, the liquid would drain, allowing the Black Lightstone to affect the being fully, thus killing it.

The project failed when the Piraka mysteriously disappeared. He reappeared during the BoD's tournament at Bloodflow's arena. He helped fight off the attacking Cult of Ak'Rei'An and was afterward promoted to Brig. General of the Army.

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