Name: Demi-Jon
First Appearance: Belch Dimension Comics #19, 2006 ("Demi-Jon").
Abilities: super strength, flight, super speed, telescopic vision, heat vision, shapeshifting, telepathy, superhuman intelligence
Aliases: Damian Jones [1]; Joe Kuhr [2]
Affiliations: The Nefarious Four

Demi-Jon is a Smoking Cat Productions supervillain. Created by Jonathan M. Sweet, he first appeared in The Belch Dimension Comics (November 2006) as a cloned evil twin and foil for Jon.

Fictional character biography

Hiss Hole and Prof. Fruitcake created a clone of Jonathan Sweet using a mass of raw stem cells. The cells were infused with Jon's DNA (using a device that read, ionized and transferred a copy of his genetic code onto special disks). They morphed into an exact double of Jon, which they dubbed "Demi-Jon" and trained as a soldier (as well as Hiss Hole's adoptive son).

Demi-Jon--after causing some minor vandalism and violence about town and getting his twin in trouble--infiltrated the group and began to act rude and abusive towards Jon's friends. Josh and Angela wondered if maybe Jon was starting to crack under the strain of leadership. Josh even suggested the chemicals that had given him his powers five years before could be affecting his mind.

Demi-Jon then put the second half of his plan into action. He sent two forged notes--one to Jon, one to Angela and Josh--requesting to meet in the junkyard outside town. When Josh and Angela showed up, Demi-Jon (as Jon) met them. However, the real Jon then showed up, and Demi-Jon immediately claimed that he was a fake created to fool them. Josh, however, had brought with him a weapon that would temporarily nullify Jon's powers (he had anticipated to use it on their leader as a last resort). He elected to use it on the fake; however, Josh and Angela couldn't decide which was which. Moreover, Josh said the weapon might even kill Jon, and he would rather, if anyone died, it be the impostor. After some deliberation--and some punches thrown between the two Jons--Josh decided he had no choice but to shoot them both. Angela then realized the fake Jon wouldn't be circumscised and ordered them both to "drop trou" (though, suddenly overcome by girlish modesty, she chickened out, instead pointing out Demi-Jon's lack of a bellybutton (as he wasn't "born"). Josh shot Demi-Jon with the neutralizer, knocking him unconscious.

Demi-Jon's next appearance was as field leader of his "father" 's handpicked team of ne'er-do-wells, along with with Ichabod P. Freely, Captain Maggot, and Dung Tung Wu. He pretended to be Jon and attacked his sister Marcie, knocking her cold, then, with his three associates, kidnapping her. In the Black Labyrinth he attacked Jon, using a special ring that allows him to use his powers despite Hiss Hole's placing of a barrier that blocks all magical or supernatural abilities. The ring was later used against him when Jimmo transmogrified the band into lead, weakening him.

Demi-Jon appeared two issues later in "Double Trouble". He had returned to America, disguising himself as Jon and committing a series of crimes all over town in order to ruin his reputation. Jon raced to stop his twin, but Demi-Jon cleverly put Jon to sleep with a toxic lead bomb, saying "For Father". He planted stolen money on Jon while he was passed out. Jon woke up later to find himself in the custody of the police, with incriminating evidence on his person and no alibi. He was placed in the county jail. However, his friends paid his bail, and he was released on probation. Jon cleared his name by luring Demi-Jon into a building--by claiming it to be the temporary home of a large shipment of gold bricks on its way to the next town--which had electrified lead bars on the doors and windows and lead pipes in the walls. However, when Demi-Jon broke free by punching through a rear wall (a newer add-on to the older structure and, thus, lead-free), Jon stopped his twin cold by tearing up a grounded electrical cable and inserting it up Demi-Jon's rectum. (This action is not seen on-panel; Jon talks about it later while at at his dead ex's grave.) Demi-Jon was caught, exposed as the true criminal, and sent to Apex Asylum for rehabilitation.

In the "Up the Demi-Jon Staircase", Demi-Jon--now "Damian Jones"--was introduced as Carbuncle High's newest student. Dr. Alvin Cole had personally arranged Demi-Jon's enrollment, believing it would be a good experience for him to be around fellow teenagers in an academic environment. Though initially wary, Jon finally accepted Demi-Jon as a fellow Carbuncle.

However, it was all revealed to be a ploy. Demi-Jon spent seven months ingratiating himself into the school and winning the trust of the mostly-black student body. With his enforcers Iceberg Beckett, Suntae Rodgers, and Pooka Jenkins, he captured the Warriors and held them hostage in the school auditorium. They were confined to a cage, and special devices strapped to Jon's neck and around Jimmo's wrists nullified their powers. Demi gave a fiery oratory lasting several hours, revealing his scheme. He planned to lead the students in a massive race riot, looting and destroying the a bomb in Jon's collar would go off five minutes after the 1:30 class bell, killing and burying the remaining student hostages who wouldn't go along with the master plan.

With help from Jeanne Stonehart and Tony Moneran, the Warriors broke out and fought back. Jon got the bomb out of the building, but Demi-Jon revealed he had a second planted in Jimmo's cuffs. When Iceberg realized just how insane Demi was by being willing to kill even his own men in the name of ultimate power, he attempted to stop him. Demi punished him for his treachery by burning him alive with his eye-beams. Molina stopped Demi cold by touching his forehead and absorbing all his powers and memories--leaving him comatose--then using his abilities to redirect the force of the blast to a (fairly) harmless location. Demi, now inert, was presumably returned to the asylum for treatment and confinement.

In "A Flip of the Coin" he was released from the asylum, with no explanation given for how he emerged from his coma, and returned to the city. In his possession was a lucky silver half-dollar that Dr. Cole had given him upon his release from the institution, and it was this than inspired Demi-Jon's new scheme. In the months thereafter several armored car drivers turned up brutally murdered and their cargoes of money purloined. Shortly before a man answering to the name "Joseph Kuhr" had purchased two decommissioned coin presses from a government auction. Jon realized Demi-Jon's plan was to press his face upon every silver coin in the city. This display of egoism would render millions of dollars insoluble. Using a special trick coin with a tracer inside, Jon and his friends found and infiltrated Demi-Jon's hideout; however, they were captured. Demi-Jon sealed Jon in a leaded plastic cage which was slowly filled with water, and placed his friends on the coin-making press, where they would be seared alive by superheated metal being poured into the molds and pressed into coin planchets. However, using Demi-Jon's obsessive inability to make even simple decisions without flipping his coin, Jon secretly had Josh steal it from his pocket while they were being restrained. Upon seeing Jon had the silver piece, Demi-Jon shattered the cage, releasing Jon and a torrent of water, to retrieve it. In the confused melee that resulted, Demi-Jon eluded capture.

Demi-Jon resurfaced two issues later in "Zapped". Several unusual thefts had occurred in the city, and the only connections were the pattern, which resembled a pair of glasses when looked at on an arial map, and a series of riddles at each crime location. It turned out the pieces stolen could be configured into a miniature laser gun resembling a giant version on the cover of a comic book. When Jon, Josh, Angela, Ben, Billy, Timmy, Flunger, and Gort followed the clue to final location, a junkyard, Demi-Jon's goons ambushed them and zapped them with the ray.

Demi-Jon at first believed his enemies were finally dead, but soon learned that had just been molecularly reconfigured so that the Flungarians had become human and vice versa. He then sent them another series of riddles, all using words--"delighted", "Ceasar", "elbow", and "ivy"-- which, if you took the first letter of each, spelled out the Roman numeral DCLIV, or 654. This was the address of an abandoned house, where Demi-Jon was headquartered and where another boobytrap awaited the Warriors. To make matters worse, Demi-Jon kidnapped Flunger as a hostage so that they would have no choice but to sacrifice themselves to get him back.

Demi-Jon posed a final riddle: "How many sides does a circle have?" Two doors, one emblazoned with O and one with 2 stood before them. If they guessed right, they would all be reunited, restored, and released. If they guessed wrong, they could only watch as the molecular disintegration ray was destroyed. However, Demi-Jon didn't tell them that neither door was, in fact, the correct answer, so, whichever door they guessed meant certain doom. Angela realized they had been given the answer early on by the drawing on the map: an infinity symbol (a circle actually has an infinite number of sides), but Demi-Jon activated the laser before they could do much about it.

Demi-Jon's gloating was premature, however. Although the weapon itself had worked, Jon revealed himself and his friends to be alive and well. They had pulled off an elaborate bluff, leaving an empty cage that only made it seem they had been disintegrated, as a distraction while they freed their captive alien friend. The Warriors were soon returned to normal. Demi-Jon was left stuck in his own leaded trap, weakened, to wait for the police.

Demi-Jon returned again in "Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation". His newest plan to kill his twin, far less elaborate than the usual scheme, was to wire heavy explosives to a bridge he was about to cross and send him falling to his death in the river (quite forgetting that both Jon and the CB2 are able to fly). When this plan failed he set a fire outside a filling station while Jon and his friends were getting gas, triggering a huge explosion. Enraged, Jon finally has it out with Demi-Jon, beating him nearly senseless with his fists and then getting his hands around his throat. Demi-Jon is surprisingly saved from being choked to death when The Artist inadvertently opens up a "plot hole" that our heroes fall into. Demi-Jon then decides to steal the Crook Buster 2.0, as well as the script Jon and company had been on their way to Hollywood with (reasoning that movie-making pays much better than crime). He is soon forced to abandon it, however, when he realizes the police are looking for a group of suspects that fits the description of himself and his accomplices: a boy between 16-18 years of age, dressed in a cape and travelling with a young woman, at least two male companions, and several dumb animals".

After a series of misadventures, including unwisely getting a ride from Toonces the Driving Cat, Demi-Jon and crew finally make their way to Hollywood. They soon meet up with Jon and his friends once again. During the ensuing fight on a studio backlot, Demi-Jon is about to pay Jon back for the beating he took earlier. However, when Harley Davidson slips on a rickety catwalk and is about to fall to her doom, the Teen of Terror shows a surprising side of himself, passing up his chance to kill Jon and putting his own life at risk to save Harley. Jon wonders if maybe this isn't a bit of his old foe's "human side" peering through.


Demi-Jon travels often with a battery of minions known as "the goon squad" or "goons"--usually petty criminals, gangstas, and high-school dropouts. They presumably join his ranks looking for a big score or just to belong. Almost all are African-American. Most are anonymous and only seen once, but a few are named:

  • "Baby-Face" Finley ("A Flip of the Coin"). Described by Demi-Jon as the "top art forger" in the tri-county area ( "A Flip of the Coin".) A master craftsman, Finley designed the plaster mold for the Demi-Jon coins. His look is based on Finster from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Burleigh ("Zapped!"). A bald goon with a Carbuncle High School jacket.
  • Harley Davidson ("Belch Dimensional Lampoon's Cross-Country Vacation"). Demi-Jon's girlfriend. She essentially is the series' version of Harley Quinn , in name and demeanor. She is noted for her screechy voice and biker/punk attire, consisting of a motorcycle jacket, tanktop, skirt, heavy boots, and rainbow-colored hair. She was modeled after Sarah Nade, a henchman from Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? She is perhaps the only person Demi-Jon truly cares for other than himself.
  • Iceberg (deceased). Demi-Jon's second lieutenant from "Up the Demi-Jon Staircase". A chain-smoker with an anarchy tattoo carved on his right bicep. After he refused to follow a direct order so as to spare Pooka's life, Demi-Jon set him on fire with his laser eyebeams.
  • Harry ("Zapped!"). A goon with stringy dreadlocks.
  • Monroe ("A Flip of the Coin"). A flattopped goon with a diamond chip in his nose. In early drafts he was was the leader of the squad. His original name was "Mojo", and a running gag was constantly mispronouncing his name (e.g. "Bobo", "Flo-Jo", "Kokomo").
  • Pooka ("Up the Demi-Jon Staircase"). One of the Carbuncle High School R.O.T.C. members. One of Demi-Jon's guards during his takeover of the school. Is led to reconsider where lie his loyalties after being locked in the leaded cage with the imprisoned Warriors and Demi-Jon orders it to be fired upon by the guards. Name for a monster in the Dig Dug video game.
  • Smoove. A light-complected goon with cornrows and his cargo pants hanging half off the crack of his butt.
  • Spencer Spearmint. Demi-Jon's second lieutenant beginning in "A Flip of the Coin" (though an unnamed, but very different-looking, prototype of the character is briefly seen in ("Up the Demi-Jon Staircase"). Dresses in the manner of a pimp in a blaxploitation film, carries an ornate walking-stick, and sports luxurious dreadlocks. Argues frequently with Demi-Jon, thinks he is immature and incompetent as a leader, and longs to take over the gang. The name is an homage to Deathstroke's manservant William Wintergeen from the Teen Titans comics.
  • Suntae Rogers  ("Up the Demi-Jon Staircase"). Another of the CHS R.O.T.C. members. A childhood friend of Larry's. Suntae takes a certain pride in his membership in R.O.T.C, of which Larry reminds him. Pressed into service as one of Demi-Jon's guards during his takeover of the school, but not really a bad guy.

Character Inspiration and Design


Since a number of superhero characters in comics and cartoons have evil twins, or doppelgangers, creator Jonathan Sweet felt it only natural to give his character one. He named the new character "Demi-Jon", after demijohn, a large bottle with a narrow neck ("demi-" also means "half"). Much of Demi-Jon's attitude, voice, and mannerisms are Darkwing Duck villain Negaduck; also, both characters head a group of villains and malcontents (Negaduck has his Fearsome Five; Demi-Jon the Nefarious Four) dedicated to destroying the hero. Sweet also says Demi-Jon is "a lot of The Joker to him, which you'll see more as the series goes on". He describes the character as "an overgrown and severely disturbed child, with no morals or remorse and an utter lack of self-control". He also says, "Where Jon would be a staunch conservative, Demi-Jon is even more liberal than John Murtha. He's a huge troublemaker. He's actually my favorite villain to write for because I really get to explore my darker side with him. He's me without brakes."


Demi-Jon looks exactly like Jon, but wears a black cape, lined with blood-red, and a black cap with no buttons. His shoes and the frames of his glasses are also black.


Since Demi-Jon was infused with Jon's DNA, he has the same battery of superhuman powers. He also has the gift of "dark magic" in his blood (in a cut panel from Demi-Jon, it is shown that Hiss Hole added a drop of his own blood to the experiment). In his debut appearance, he demonstrates strength and endurance equal to Jon's, as they fight for a good long while with neither giving in despite being covered in bruises (their fists seeming to be the only thing that can hurt one another, assuming all is equal). In "The Nefarious Four!" Demi-Jon uses his powers of flight, morphing, and superspeed, and mentions his telescopic sight. He is also highly intelligent, and very canny at devising schemes to harm or embarass his twin. However, like Jon he is weak against magic, toxic lead, and electricity. In both "Demi-Jon" and "Nefarious Four" he is rendered helpless or unconcious through the use of a device or object that strips him of his powers for a time.


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