Surgery for DSRCT is often a complicated procedure since the primary tumor is generally large and the disease widespred. Every case is different but in general a patient is diagnosed with a large abdominal tumor usually via xray or CT

1. Debulking surgery

A major operation where the surgeon removes as many tumours as he can without disturbing/harming surrounding organs and tissue. In DSRCT the objective should be 90-100% surgical removal, if possible. This often requires 2 or more operations.

2. Cytoreductive surgery and Intraperitoneal Hyperthermic chemoperfusion

The total removal of all visible tumor, removal of all diseased organs (hysterectomy, colostomy, splenectomy, etc) followed by heating chemicals and pumping it into the abdomen for a 90 minute wash. One of the more common chemicals used is high dosage of heated Mitomycin C (which has the ability to penetrate through six cell layers) delivered directly to the diseased area. Another chemical used is Doxirubicin (which has the ability to penetrate through five cell layers). At the moment there isn't any standard procedure to determine which patient should undergo this type of treatment. Check with your own physician.

In order to be effective this procedure is best done as early on in the course of treatment as possible. The reasoning for this is that prior surgeries or radiation can create scar tissue or pockets, even the incisional area can be affected, and end up harboring the microscopic seeding of the cancer cells. The overall health of the patient, location of the tumors, stage, and size of tumors are also factored. Patients should discuss this issue thoroughly with their physicians to determine the best treatment for their specific situation.

PubMed Journal: Peritoneal Surface Malignancy

Webcast of IPHC Procedure : Cytoreductive Surgery with Intra-Peritoneal Hyperthermic Chemotherapy - Graphic surgical video provides look into the removal of all abdominal tumor and the 90 minutes abdominal bath for one patient. Caution - this is a real operation, so be prepared! Not a DSRCT page, but procedure is the same.

Roswell Park video about Hyperthermic chemoperfusion

3. List of Physicians and Facilites offering Peritoneal Hyperthermic Chemoperfusion.

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