DSRCT - CIRCLE OF HOPE Wristbands and Stress Relievers

These wristbands and stress relievers raise awareness as well as much-needed money for DSRCT research at the Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research. You can read more about this fundraising project at (Circle of Hope Wristbands site offline). The cost is $2.00/ea. Contact information available.

DSRCT - Gift To Cure Corporation - Visit us at http://www.gifttocure.org/

The mission of GiftToCure is to

  • Support individuals with DSRCT and their immediate families by providing information and emotional & financial support
  • Raise public awareness
  • Sponsor research towards more effective treatment and ultimately a cure for DSRCT

We achieve the above through the support of our many Volunteers and Board of Directors. Our activities include

  • Provide support to, and exchange information with, other Professional Cancer Programs
  • Sales of Awareness Merchandise
  • Public Fundraisers and Community Awareness Events
  • Request Corporate Grants and Private Donations

We will never give up!


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