Contacts: (425-487-3550)

History of RNC Efforts


  • Met w/Fred to understand RNC work
  • Conducted online research on regional community networks
  • Created RNC HUB
  • Met with Laird to explore ways to contribute to movement


  • Met with Vince to discuss participation in Ozark Regional Community Congress
  • Facilitated with Vince 2 IC open space sessions at Ozark Regional Community Congress
  • Sold books (Community Bookshelf) at Ozark Regional Community Congress


  • FIC Org at LA Ecovillage
  • Met with Raines to discuss RNC work


  • Met with Fred on agenda planning
  • Started scratchpad RNC wiki, ported content into wiki from past meetings, etc.


  • Continued some editing work
  • Begun thinking about how this FIC effort will synch with Coho/US, which Craig just joined and will be focusing on regional networking, with Raines Cohen, among others
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