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Cleo is the beautiful and feisty girlfriend of RiffRaff, leader of the Cadillac Cats. She lives in a music store in the city. Cleo can be a bit vain about her looks but when the other Cadillac Cats are in trouble she's there for them. She also has a tendency to get jealous especially if Riff Raff gets interested in other girls.

In one episode, for example, She decides to go steady with RiffRaff. That turned out badly when she discovered RiffRaff was stepping out on her with a new girl cat named Roxie. Cleo went to fight the new girl who became angry as well when Cleo attacked her "new boyfriend." Roxie, when finding out Cleo was RiffRaff's girl, told her she's not the enemy and that she didn't know.

Both girls then decided to teach RiffRaff a lesson by making him think they were fighting over him. Riffraff excitedly goes to watch them. Cleo opens the door to their clubhouse and he runs in to find they've trashed the place. The girls walk off laughing followed by the rest of the Cadillac Cats.

Cleo also likes music and dancing.


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