Chacha/Carla Manson was Ikki Tenryou's girlfriend and lead off character of The Riding Hood Warrior voiced by Carly McKillip in the 2000 Kodansha/Nelvana anime dub.


  • At 10 years old of age, she and Ikki Tenryou from Medabots form a couple. She has been morphing into Magical Princess (same voice as her) with help from Ringo Burghs and Darryl Parsons. She also competes over Ikki with Yolanda Harrison, suspects Marina Barton admiring Ringo and meets Charlene Langley. Adults include, Simon, Dorothy, Rascal, Maya, Bunsen and Snowy.


  • She has blonde hair and red eyes and wore a pink and red long sleeved dress and brown boots.
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