This category contains Scratchpad essaysproject pages on Scratchpad-related topics, but with no official status. Pages tagged with {{essay}} categorize here if they are in the Scratchpad namespace and into Category:Scratchpad user essays if they are in userspace. Please use more specific templates where appropriate:

Essays in the Scratchpad namespace may be edited by anyone. Essays in the User namespace are normally edited only by the user that hosts the page and are categorized into Category:Scratchpad user essays, usually via use of the {{user essay}} template. User essays may be moved categorically into the Scratchpad namespace (and this category) if they are frequently referenced, as evidenced by becoming an evolving expression of multiple editors. Scratchpad essays may be moved into userspace (or deleted) if they are found to be unhelpful or to contradict a settled point of policy.

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