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This is the first, experimental PIRA (Physics Instructional Resource Association)

Lecture Demonstration Wiki

What a trip! Have a blast, Piranistas!

Thanks to Steven Irons, Yale University, for conceiving this idea. Currently, I am installing a wiki engine in the official PIRA website. This will allow us to restrict editing to PIRA members and to improve the indexing of demos by DCS (Digital Classification Scheme) codes.

Starting the titles of new pages with the DCS code, as in the 5D40.63 example below, will keep the pages indexed in order. When adding a new demo page, also add new pages for that demo's concept, subarea, and area, if they don't already exist, as in the 5D40, 5D, and 5 example pages below. This way the headings and subheadings of the DCS will gradually fill in as well.

Anyone can edit, comment on, elaborate, or add limitless parallel versions and variations of any of the pages in this wiki.

May 16, 2007 Michael Thomason --Thomason 07:15, 16 May 2007 (UTC)

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