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Candidates for speedy deletion

Blue Glass Arrow See also categories: Candidates for speedy deletion, contested and Candidates for deletion
See the deletion log for all deleted pages.

This category contains pages tagged with the speedy deletion template. Before speedily deleting a page, take the time to ensure that it meets the criteria for speedy deletion, check the links, the history, and (for images) the file links. If there is any doubt at all, switch the article to the regular deletion process that allows time for others to review the proposal.

Speedy does not mean immediate. Although most speedy-deletion candidates are processed quickly, more complicated pages may remain in the list for several days.

Attack pages: When deleting attack pages, be careful that you do not quote any of the content in your deletion summary. In some cases, MediaWiki will offer a prefilled deletion summary that includes some of the content being deleted; make sure you replace the summary with something more appropriate (such as "[[SP:CSD#G10]] - Attack page") before clicking the delete button. If you do, by accident, quote the content, then you should undelete the page and redelete it with the correct deletion reason, before deleting the log entry for the first deletion.

Pages with attack titles: If you think these titles need redaction, please also check the patrol log, since the page may have been patrolled. Please also note that the author may have been given a warning about this page which s/he may have removed; and that there may be other incoming links (such as the tagger’s own CSD tagging log).

To categorize a page into this category — place {{speedy|1=deletion reason}} at the top of the page.

Ambox important Important: Please read the documentation at Template:Speedy and SP:SPEEDY first.

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