Calling All Engines!

Calling All Engines is a sequel to Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It's about a new airport being built on the Island Of Sodor, and its construction leads to the rivalry between the steam engines and diesel engines reaching boiling point. However, a storm slows work down, and soon the steam engines and diesels have no choice but to work together to complete the airport. Of course, this is not an easy task, and the engines must work hard to fix the many damages caused by the storm, especially at the airport construction site, where the most damage was made.

There is speculation among fans as to whether this film can be considered canonical with the TV series. It was released between seasons 8 and 9 of the TV Series, but few of the events of the film have had any bearing on the TV series. Tidmouth Sheds are rebuilt in this film, to having seven spaces (where there were six previously). The "rebuilt" Tidmouth Sheds were seen in the TV series from Season 9 onwards. The Sodor Airport, constructed in this episode later appeared in Season 10. However, the so-called "return" of characters such as Daisy and Derek does not appear to have had any effect on the TV series, and nor did the treaty between the steam and diesel engines until Season 10.

Characters of the feature length special



Other Characters

Rolling Stock

Non Rail Characters


  • Bill and Ben (music video cameo)
  • Derek(music video cameo)
  • Henrietta(cameo)
  • Harold
  • Caroline(music video cameo)
  • Cranky (cameo)
  • Butch(cameo)
  • Toad (His "Scrap" model from the episode "Escape" is seen in the scrap yard when Diesel 10 is seen for the first time)



  • The songs featured are "Busy", "Try To Do Things Better", "Together We Made It Happen", "The Dream Song", and the "New Engine Roll Call".
  • Lady is now a "special engine who works high in the mountains". No magical qualities are mentioned.
  • First appearance of The Sodor Suspension Bridge, The New Tidmouth Sheds, and The Sodor Airport (including Terminal, Tower, and Runway).
  • Despite not speaking, Harvey plays an important role in the film and has numerous 'background' cameos.
  • Despite not speaking, George plays an important role in the film, his first since "Bye George!" in Season 5.
  • Toby is the second engine to go up the tipper's loading ramp. (The first was Percy in "Middle Engine" in Season 6).
  • A seventh space is added to Tidmouth Sheds, for Emily. This set change carries on into Season 9.
  • Even though Lady and Diesel 10 appear in the film, Splatter and Dodge are still absent.
  • This film marks the return appearances[1] of the small and older model of Rusty (last seen in season 7), Daisy (last seen in season 4), George (last featured in season 8), Lady and Diesel 10, (last seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad), Derek (last seen in season 5), and Bill and Ben (last seen in season 7).
  • We see Emily eyes-shut face for the first time in this film.
  • Diesel 10 is neither mean nor evil in this movie!
  • This film features the last appearances of Daisy, Derek and Lady.
  • Arry and Bert have their first accidents in this movie.

Deleted scenes

  • Thomas and Percy being bumped by ’Arry and Bert a second time at the airport construction site.
  • Thomas being teased by ’Arry and Bert whilst waiting at a signal with the bridge section.
  • Thomas discovering the damaged windmill in the morning after the storm.

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